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Marvel Avengers - Cross play across platforms?


Saw the trailers posted by Stadia yesterday for Marvel Avengers and it looks like the game is releasing on the 4th of September. Just wondering if anyone knows if cross play across platforms like PS4 would be supported? (Would love to play this game with my friends who have consoles). Thanks!  

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No news yet, but I'm sure many people are hoping for the same thing!

"It will also support both cross-platform and cross-generation multiplayer, allowing PS4 users to play with those on the PS5 as well has the current and next-gen Xbox consoles. However, there is no news at this point about cross-play on the game’s Google Stadia version."


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Cheers Scarlet! Yea fingers crossed! Did read about cross generation but hope they enable cross play with Stadia too! Game looks pretty awesome. Hope it's worth the hype, haha. 

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