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Known Games

Why do we get some games for pro that are unknown like the Steam World Series and yes I get that you have given us games such as PUBG, Superhot, and Metro but please add games like Rainbow 6 (not quarantine) and Apex Legends because those games are good and known and really fun so, if you are reading this please replace those games with the August 2020 pro games please they are really bad.

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@Biggiecheddar I imagine that the Stadia team has worked out deals with indie developers to help promote their games whiel promoting the platform at the same time, which may explain why so many of the Pro games are "unknown" (to you, at least). 

I'm actually really enjoying the August Pro games. "Just Shapes & Beats" is great for zoning out, "KONA" is an extremely polished adventure game, "Strange Brigade" plays a bit like a faster-paced "Tomb Raider", and "Metro 2033 Redux" is a solid shooter. 

In any case, I'm sure the team would love to hear more about the games you'd like to see. Let them know via the in-app Feedback option.

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