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Keep ALL YOUR STUFF! (Warranty process rant... and warning)

Just some advice for anyone who still has their original packaging, or anybody who is ordering Stadia hardware. Make sure you keep the Stadia box and take note of ALL your serial numbers and keep them. 
Google makes the warranty replacement process retarded. And before anybody gets offended, I mean retarded in the literal sense, the way fire retardant is supposed to slow down or prevent a fire, Google tries to slow down or prevent your replacement!

Yo... my R1 button stopped working on my Founder's controller! Try playing AC Odyssey (or a lot of other games) with a broken R1 button... smh. Anyway, I contacted Google Store support. They confirmed it was still under warranty. Then it got crazy... they made me send them a video of me trying to play, to prove the button wasn't working. I had already given them my original order number, the "Bundle ID" that is in the original order email, my gmail address, home address, etc. 

So I sent the video. Then they asked me for all the information I gave them before, plus they wanted the serial number from the White Stadia box, the serial off the Chromecast Ultra, and the serial off the Stadia controller. They also wanted a picture of the controller (even though I already sent them a VIDEO??!!). 

At this point I was feeling bad for a lot of people whose controllers probably gave them trouble. I know there's a LOT of people who don't have their original order email or the original Stadia box.

Also, if you haven't TRIED yet... try viewing the serial number on your Stadia controller. It's TINY! I used my phone to take a picture and enlarge it. Same with the Chromecast, but at least the Chromecast serial is a tiny bit bigger. 

Anyway, my point is... keep as much of the information as you can because they make getting a warranty replacement really difficult. Oh yeah... And you have to return everything, which is another ridiculous piece of this. So my Chromecast which was working perfectly had to be replaced even though my only problem was the controller button. 

Your best bet is to make a record of your order number, your bundle ID, and your 3 serials (box, ChromeCast, Stadia controller). Especially make a note of your Stadia controller serial before it gets scratched or worn down, otherwise you will never be able to make it out.

I got my replacement today and sent back my original. But the process is really stupid. 

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Yep, I had to go through the same hoops when I got my founder's controller replaced for a sticking analog stick. I actually didn't have the original packaging material anymore but I guess providing macro photos of the serial numbers on all the hardware was sufficient to convince them I wasn't running a scam. It was kind of annoying to have to send off the fully-functioning Chromecast, but I kind of get it since the hardware was a part of a bundle. 

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Yep. the whole process is bad. It's time for them to separate the bundle too. I guess the idea is that the whole package gets a new 1 year warranty in case something goes wrong. But it's far more likely the controller dies within a year and the chromecast doesn't. 

Something is wrong with my new controller btw, lol. It doesn't seem to have the same response time as the original, so it's kind of annoying. I'm pretty sure they replaced my broken one with a refurbished one, and they didn't refurbish it well. If that's what they're doing I would've preferred to choose a new one even if I couldn't get my Founder color back. 

It's just not the kind of service I expect from Google. I think they can do a lot better.

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Well I followed the proces because of a broken right trigger while playing F1.

Also went on the support chat and was asked tot make a vid. No problem. Received the email with alle the questions.

I dont own the box of my Wasabi controller but this is not stopping the proces.

So overall:

  • Chat with support
  • Provide vid with defect while in the chat
  • Received email 
  • Make picture with serial nummer and piece of paper with the casenumber presented in the email.
  • Put personal info and ordernumber in the email and replay.
  • Received new email with replacement order
  • Order new controller (you dont het charges)
  • Wait die the replacement tot arrive
  • Return defect controller

Ok it is not the most customer friendly proces but the support is great.

Friendly people and I am getting a new controller. 🙂

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@RXShorty That sounds great, now imagine you could just go to a shop and get a replacement.

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@ARGAH I understand your point of view.

But when you are buying stuff online this is the way to handle warranty... Sure the process itself feels sluggish but prevents some fake claims.

The whole process is designed for enterprises and business support.

Customer care should be easier.  

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I came across this problem, rubbish controller and nowhere to return tried dealing with customer service they wanted pictures and stuff I chose to sell it instead of hassle, I now play on PC using whatever controller is lying about, they going direct with sales penny pinching instead of dealing with retail you would think google was a start up with that business model....


I will however get the CC ultra 2 ONLY if it has bluetooth and able to use any controller OR local shops have a return policy to take my stadia one back.

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