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June 25th is go time

So my internet gets upgraded on June 25th and my Chromecast and controller should also arrive around the same time. 

I saw all these older notes and news about pro pricing discounts and other game sales but I am a bit disappointed that I'm almost ready to roll and there are zero sales or discounts. Old news and posts showed some nice game savings if you had the pro account.

I'll still pay pay for the Division 2 and AC Odessey to go along with the free pro Destiny 2 which is fine for now. 

But an upcoming sale, maybe with the ESO release wouldn't hurt getting some of my hard earned cash ......

Regardless, clench those cheeks cause I'm coming in!

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There's a rumor around the 18th (reddit) for new sales but take this with a grain of salt pls. Im waiting too for them to arrive. Not gonna lie, this feels like a freakin eternity!

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I'm actually overwhelmed with games currently. ESO launch will just make that worse lol

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