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Ideas and Suggestions for Stadia

Ideas and Suggestions for Stadia:

Does anyone on the Google Stadia team see this forum? if yes give feedback

1 : The Stadia controller should have gyroscope to aim:
the mouse of the desktop version could be simulated by the gyro when the person presses the button to aim (configuration disabled or enabled in the game or in the Stadia system) and may have other interactions besides this
if you don't have it today, in the future you have to have a version with Gyroscope

would help in the difficult task of unifying the users and functionalities of those who use M and K with those who use Controller

2 : Making games using Google Seurat technology will save you on CPU and GPU features, but you'll spend more storage (which is cheaper)
The images created by the technology do not need to be stored in SSD, they can be stored in normal HD, only the base of the game would be stored in SSD, so there would be much more storage available at a much lower price (since the technology should consume up to terabytes per game)
And anything that was static (or far away) would be rendered with Seurat, and anything that was movable (or close) would be rendered normal. would save a lot of server processing by switching to higher storage usage
This technology was created for virtual reality, but I believe it can be adapted for general use in games
some types of adaptations would be: use to render the terrain and not for the sky, or to use only to render places of medium to long distance

3 : Stadia has to be pre-installed on SmarTVs with Tizen, WebOS, Android TV, and TVs could be sold with the control of Stadia, or a version of some cheaper control on the market
And Stadia needs to be in the store of these systems for SmarTVS that are already on the market

4 : Possibility of mods, developers would manage mod receipt and in-game placement, mods could be for free and paid too, (mod shop, who would gain from that would be the mod developer, google and the game developer) the creator of the mod decides if it will be free or not

5 : Google could create a competitor for Discord (game communication application) and it would be integrated with Stadia (within the Stadia Overlay) and other google services.
Something essential for Stadia , and could also be used outside of Stadia (a plus)
It would have version: WEB, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS.
And it would sell Stadia Games inside it (in a discreet way)

Discord is sometimes confusing! It would be great if you had a better application and if possible even lighter!
Today Discord is being used for even more than games, and would be the ideal partner for Stadia.

This Game Chat (good name) can be integrated into the Stadia overlay, and Stadia would be integrated into the Game Chat application

: I recommend a new subscription for the future (different from Stadia PRO)
where there are hundreds of old games, free to play and indie games and every now and then a standout exclusive game
And this service doesn't even have to be 4k, 1080p is enough!

8 :  use technologies: Radeon Image Sharpening and Variable Rate Shading (VRS) to improve game performance, both are implemented by software
and some AI technology like DLSS using an AMD GPU from Stadia (software)

9 : Google should make a device that combines: Stadia, Android TV, Google Nest mini, ChromeCast (with the stadia controller) and resource AI Upscaling
for the price of the Premier Edition of Stadia (or cheaper as $ 100)
With devices manufactured by several companies

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Not too sure about most of these ideas. 

All of this has probably been considered by Google in the making, and choices have been made. I mean it is probably a decision made to not include gyroscope or a google technology in Stadia.

About SmartTVs, it is also a concept choice. At some point yes it will be included. But will it be a "Stadia" app ? Or will you click a button "Play with Stadia" in the Youtube app that everyone already has and uses ? It is too early to tell. 

Subscription model has been considered as well. It isn't there for various reasons including the price and the global expansion. Google aren't stupid, if there wasn't something that would ultimately be a major barrier in the concept, it would have been made.

Making a device that combines: Stadia, Android TV, Google Nest mini, ChromeCast (with the stadia controller) and resource AI Upscaling for the price of the Premier Edition of Stadia (or cheaper as $ 100) ? Lol sure you're suggesting someone at Google should invent something that will kill all the other hardware divisions in Google ?

Discord alternative app suggestion : they may be partner with discord directly at some point. I'd like to access discord with the Stadia button on the controller, and eventually use the assistant to write what i say. This is the things that we will see mid term or long term in Stadia.

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