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I tried GeForce Now and i’m afraid there is no going back.

I tried geforce now and OMG. It'severything I have been hoping stadia would be. A lot more games,  not only old ones.  60fps and max settings!   Ray tracing! The only thing I miss is 4K, but for some reason I think Geforce is more likely to add this than stadia is to improve their service.

Sorry stadia, I've  lost faith in you. But I would have loved you too prove me wrong. 

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

I mean it would be expensive to run both services, but if you are not happy with Stadia anymore and want to play GFN instead, then you can cancel Stadia Pro at any time and you could still play your purchased games further on Stadia (or only play on GFN now).

Google always mentioned that they create products for everyone, those products are specific of course and different, but everyone always have the choice to use it or not. Stadia follows a specific principle: It's easy to handle and it works on multiple devices. Of course there might be some issues, especially at the beginning, but yeah I guess every new product has those. Also there are not many games yet on the platform, but I assume that Google also works together with the developers to bring a game to the platform when the game is ready and (so far) works without problems. If all the games would be available directly on Stadia, there could be multiple issues with them and it's very hard to control those, when there are thousands of games from different developers. From my perspective I understand that Google wants to bring one game after the other to the platform to make sure they run well.

But yeah, I still believe in Stadia, but if you do not, that's okay! Everyone can do whatever they want regarding playing games.

Wish you all the best!

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Hi @Pondussen 

Stadia and GeForce Now are quite different services for a lot of reasons.

I'll try to show them all, from the information that is on the web.

Platform itself:

GeForce Now is not a gaming platform, I understand it as a Remote PC were you can pay the games you have in other Playgirls like Steam, etc (a quote clever approach, I must say). It works with a cue, so when you want to play you're added in the cue and when it's your turn you start playing. The service also works by sessions that end once the time has been consumed. GFN cannot add features to the ones the games providers have, as it's "only" a intermediary

Stadia is a more classical gaming platform, that means that you only can play the game published for Stadia, or doesn't work with cues, what means immediate access to your games and had no time limit for the sessions. Being a classical platforms means you'll have unique features not possible in other platforms, like the future YouTube integration, etc.

Free version

GeForce Now limits the free version to sessions of 1 hour a day, of you want to play more you'll have to pay. The free version adds you to the end of the cue, what means waiting times. You can play the games you bought.

Quality is HD, although they never day what resolution do they offer, and their website gives no information about sound.

Stadia Base (still not available AFAIK) has no time limit for the sessions, you can play the games you bought.

Graphics quality is 1080p with stereo sound.


As of now GeForce Now only explains a limited time offer, not giving us the final price for is subscription, what would be a good comparison data. If my memory doesn't fall, the offer asks for 5$ a month, and gives you 6-hour long session time (no limit on sessions per day), and puts you in front of the cue when you want to play. No offers in games.

Graphical quality isn't specified, just says it's better and now, as an aprecian offer, gives rautracing. No data on sound quality.

Stadia, as we all know asks 10$per month, with no cues not session time limit, sand gives free games and discounts on other games.

Graphics are promised in 4K and even 8K on a future with 5.1 sound.


GeForce Now only needs dedicated hardware to play in a TV, in that case you'll need a shield TV, that is worth around 160$

Stadia only needs dedicated hardware to play on a TV, too, where you would need a Chromecast Ultra and a Stadia Controller (around 150$ out of the premiére edition offer)

Both services are interesting, but they're really different, depending on what you need you'll prefer one or the other,

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Oh no, not another one of those threads..

Can you folks pls stop that and use the service you prefer. Or write google a message on your disappointment about stadia. Otherwise i've to go grap some popcorn before "Sho" comes up, starting the ragetrain again! 🙏

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I too have dipped into GeForce Now. 

I like it, it works very well and opens up a new gaming avenue to me. 

However for me personally it doesn't work as smoothly as Stadia. It certainly wont overtake Stadia as my main gaming platform but I will certainly use GeForce Now alongside Stadia. 

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@ChronosP 😝 thanks man, glad I'm getting some recognition in the Stadia community (be it positive or negative) but like @GraceFromGoogle said be all "respectful" blah blah. Already got a post "removed" not trying to get banned just for defending Stadia.


PS: @Pondussen enjoy GeForce now 👍

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It wasn't in any means meant negative. To be honest, it was quite amusing! But yeah, better we stay all civilized here do to an overall mature community and the fact that forums are not here for such things. 👍

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@ChronosP agreed also the point of all those "rants" wasn't meant to hate on any service. I hope they all become successful and cloud streaming just becomes the future. My issue was simply just why come on to one services forums, to just "promote" another service while bash on, or say negative things towards the other. As long as you keep it civil (which plenty have, and why I'm not commenting/raging at "everyone" trying out xcloud or GeForce now) n you're not just coming here hating on Stadia (like plenty have been doing) then it's all good.

Enjoy whatever service you want. Have fun. Just if you're going to do nothing but hate on Stadia, I'm sorry like I said, there are proud founders out there, some of us will speak out. Other than that no hate. But trying to make the Stadia community look negative either. Just tires I'd hearing all the hate and on OUR forums lol.


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1080p :V

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I will choose the one that can give me  the best  gameplay both from my TV my tablet and my  phone.

We will also probably  be able to use stadia controller on both solutions ( when stadia finally becomes wireless and or Bluetooth)


Stadia name Nightcrow#9757 🙂
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So my big question would be what is GeForce Now offering that Steam Link or Rainway aren't already offering and are free?

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Well I have tried Geforce now a bit more extensively now so I can give an opinion.

I liked the service overall, especially the fact it lets me play PC games on my Imac.

It does look better on GFN than on Stadia, probably because the Nvidia GPU used are better than the AMD Vega GPU used by Stadia currently.

However :

- I had to wait in the queue to play a game

- you can't play on TV unless you have a shield TV

- Launching a game requires to load something (I am guessing it boots a server or tries to find a server in the datacenter or something), it is actually long when you're used to Stadia

- Yes you can modify the settings in a game, however some games need to be restarted after you changed the settings. And there you are back in the queue LOL

- It did stutter a few times on my 1gb/s connexion. When Stadia finds an internet traffic, instead of stutters it will usually compress the image so your gameplay isn't ruined. I prefer the Stadia

- my controllers aren't working. I had a look and it seems the controllers required are the nvidia shield controller, or some Razer stuffs. I would have expected the Stadia controller would be recognized as a generic but it didn't.

In the end I am glad it exists because I can now play a few more PC games on my Imac but I think it has to improve on many levels. I'm excited about the future of cloud gaming, hopefully by the end of the year we have a dream service, whoever it comes from. For now I think Stadia is a lot better and convenient to use, except of the small library of games and GPU in the system.

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Agree GFN probably have alot of things that must become better.

But think about this...can we actually compare them at current time?

GFN out two days

Stadia 3 + month ( which 40 days was completely radio silence and or updates)

I have more and more felt that the stadia release was rushed ( wireless and app for most devices  are still missing)

And I think  GFN is why..... 


I personally just will wait until the end of the month until I decide on my choice


I do wish Stadia will prevail, but It is my experience and gameplay I do cherish the most.

iI I need to spend more money on controller and possibly on shield I will do just that..

After all I just want to game easiest way possible 


Stadia name Nightcrow#9757 🙂
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@Pondussen 4k was availible in the beta, My guess is they wanted to limit it at launch to reduce stress on their servers and so they can work out what sort of demand Geforce Now has, I would give it a few months and Im sure we will see a 4k subscription teir with longer play session.

@Nilas Nvidia Now is availible on other android tv boxes and the app can be downloaded and installed on things like the Fire TV stick via sideloading, I have it running on a xioami mi box s just downloaded the apk fron nvidia's site, I'm using an xbox one s controller with no issue's really not sure why people seem to be having issue's with controllers.

I keep seeing people pointing out that Nvidia is not giving away games with their subscription I guess thats why its half the cost but that being said its the PC eco system for example Epicgames gives away free games every month today I claim farming sim 2019 free from them and can play it on Nvidia Now and there are many more publishers and sites that give away games each month far more than the two you get on Stadia.... Not to mention the cost of games on PC/Nvidia Now is 30-80% cheaper.

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I also want to contribute to the discussion.
I'm trying GeForce Now I have a huge amount of games on Steam and Epic and I love Stadia on which I purchased several games.
I won't talk about 4k because I don't have 4k monitors or TV so I don't care at all.

It is clear by using both systems that have a different vocation and purpose. and paradoxically the two platforms are not mutually exclusive but "complete"

Here are the things I noticed:

- Stadia is a replacement for the console: the games are developed and adapted specifically for stadia, this means that potential developers will focus on optimizing the game specifically for the hardware that can be found on stadia a bit like it happens for PS consoles and Xbox. And this undoubtedly brings advantages.
- No graphical option .. think of everything as it is in a home console.
- Stadia has no waiting lines to play games and that's it.
- Stadia has its own and in my opinion well structured data center structure
- The Stadia interface is extremely simple and clear and playing with a purchased game is extremely simple and clear. a bit like consoles.
- Special features specially created for Stadia can be developed
- Google has on its side services such as Youtube and google searches that if integrated with the games will give an extra edge to the experience (find solutions, advice from the network, publish live gameplay on youtube without weighing down your internet line etc. .)
- Those who play online play, for now, with those who have the same game on Stadia. the lag is comparable.

- High price of games compared to the average.
- More monthly subscription cost than GeForce Now
- It is disconnected from online stores so you will never be able to play games you already have .. exactly like a new console
- The controller doesn't drive me crazy
- Very limited amount of games .. I am feverishly waiting for certain specific announcements that I hope sooner or later they will give.
- cannot be used on generic mobile phones and without 5G.
- requires own controller on TV


- It is a service that integrates your PC experience. with the games we purchased on the various online stores.
- It manages better the amount of data, I was able to "play" Batman Arkham Night in maximum details even with the 4g of my generic mobile phone. and even without a controller (obviously it's unplayable but the possibility is provided).
- Large amount of games and at very affordable prices.
- It has RTX for subscribers and this may make a difference in some games.
- Subscription rather cheap and in any case also the free allows to play well.

- Geforce now relies, as far as I know, on Azur datacenters, not on its own. In Italy, for example, it has no detacenter and I have to connect with a detacenter in Europe.
- Requires Shield TV
- There are waiting queues to enter the server if you don't pay the monthly subscription.
- You will use the PC version of the games, therefore often not optimized and subject to problems. There will never be an exclusive feature of Geforce Now.
- The interface and management of the various stores on Geforce Now is very complicated and brainy in my opinion. Until they get better, finding a compatible game is a long thing.
- I managed to play only after many attempts to understand how it is done. On the other hand, everything is simpler, cleaner and faster.
The multiplayer is more complex because if you play with GeforceNow it is very likely that you will meet opponents who play from PC and with a lower lag. The ping that the PC server you are playing from will appear on the screen, not the one you have once the image has arrived.

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@Pondussen what you playing over there, any games left? 😉

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Meh I have them both. I prefer stadia more, my son prefers playing on my nvidia shield TV. Both have strengths and weakness and (BOTH) are cheap :D. So whatever floats your boat. 

Stadia is for those who want more functionality within the house. Just like the google home sound etc. It fits, PERFECTLY for those people. 

¸¸.•*¨ What you walk by is the standard you accept¸¸.•*¨*•
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i guess there may be going back after all

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I'm just glad didn't believe all the BS articles about GeForce killing Stadia, it was obvious to me that it was too complex and the legal side of things would be too much to just put everything on there and charge money and expect to not pay out, I frequent the forums and I'd like to see it do well but it's messy, very messy.

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Does GeForce Now support mobile data (playing on your phone without needing wifi?) Stadia doesn't really, and nobody from Stadia answers any questions on this point (ie will it be rolled out any time soon?)

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I tried both, and while GeForce now has way more game thanks to their PC catalog, I play stadia way more... To play on tv on GeForce now, you have to buy an expensive shield tv, the app is also slow.


Now why people always feel the need to make everything a war... Sony va Microsoft, Google vs Nvidia... No, I like both but prefer Stadia, feel more responsive. I have watchdog on GeForce now, I would love to play on tv but simply can't... I did try a tray tracing game but it was an old Duke Nukem... 

So I enjoy both but prefer Stadia... If grieve can fix their library I will keep both since GeForce is only like $5


Stadia and GeForce now are not console, there is no upfront investment that justify that mindset of either this or that. You simply can just monitor the progress and when there is something you like, you just buy that product, no need to invest like $500... This mindset is broke and needs to change.


Look, my tv is not truly 4k, I tried RDR 2 in both settings and could not see the differences so unless I upgrade my tv, I do not need the 4k I can just go free base and just buy the game I like... People need to shift from that software buying mindset and see what advantages Cloud gaming offer you

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I use both. 

They are different but both work pretty well. Really like the game catalog and the fact I can use my Steam account on Nvidia (need my Warhammer Vermitide 2 fix).  But Stadia has better graphics and a smoother experience.

Will keep them both for now. 🙂

Stadia bring some Warhammer games to the store! 😉

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Stadia is dope streaming tech completely kneecapped by the worst business model in video game history; you can roll your own setup (, GFN, Moonlight, Parsec, Rainway, SteamLink, etc) that smokes Stadia and it's embarrassment of a game store

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@UofAnoff "Worst business model"...?

On consoles, you pay an upfront fee to have a platform to play games (buying the console) then buy the games right...?

Even on Geforce now you buy the games right...? I mean I do not have a gaming PC nor steam, so can I simply go on Geforce Now and simply play any game without buying...?

If anything, Stadia has the best business model... I just buy the game without having to pay a flat fee just to be able to play them

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PlayStation, Microsoft, Ubisoft and EA all have all you can eat services for the same or lower price than Stadia, yet include hundreds of games instead of a half dozen.  Every online store sells the same games as Stadia, plus thousands not available on Stadia, for substantially lower prices, and they're not permanently locked into an ecosystem run by a company notorious for arbitrarily dropping projects and hanging users out to dry.  Worst. Business. Model.

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umm i have geforce now...they have old and new games just like stadia...also geforce now has wait times stadia dose not...also 1080p is max for geforce now....

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I have both Geforce through Shield and Stadia running side by side. Dependent on the game I interchange them and they do coexist nicley. Geforce now does have a massive library but it has been in beta for a couple of years prior to launch. Stadia is building its liabary and has some great titles coming. The only way I would stop using any of the above is if the Xbox X blows them out of the water it terms of graphics and then I'd switch. If its not a game changer I think Stadia has me for life with a little bit of Geforce on the side. 

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