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I'm such a fangirl

I really got my gaming on tonight. 46 year old mom. Haven't played this much since my Atari 2600.

Furthered my campaign on Metro Exodus (omg), did some car racing in Grid, played some Thumper, and did a couple of Turing Test levels. How cool to be able say goodnight to my son, and then jump into a solid 4 hours of gaming FUN. So much better than watching a couple of movies, or 5 episodes of a show.

I'm so excited about this tech! I joined in early April with the free offer. So of everything I did tonight, the only money spent was on Metro (on sale) and a Stadia controller I bought used just to treat myself. Could have carried on with the Logitech F310 I bought cheap. I played on a 6 year old PC that has been gathering dust, but when I joined Stadia, I moved it to the living room TV.

Anyway, I'm just happy to have such a fun pastime now. Much needed in this time of Covid. Thanks, Google!

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Yep, as an *ahem* older gamer (39) who has never, and will never grow out of games, theres something about the simplicity of Stadia, press a button, and there it is on screen.  No need to worry about upgrades, hardware configuration, optimisation or whether my PS4 needs yet another update.

Thrilled to hear your experience is like mine!

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Thanks! It really is cheap and convenient! Just the thing for busy adults. And as a bonus, my son LOVES driving all the vehicles in The Crew 2 which I picked up on sale.

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For me, it's the ability to buy another CCU and expand it to another TV, or throw one in the overnight bag for when I travel.

It does feel a really grown up system.  Now, back to Stacks on Stacks on Stacks....

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When you get into coop missions in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, playing with 3 others and chatting over a headset about tactical decisions, or just shooting the breeze. Mind blown.

My first and last co-op before this was playing Swat 3 elite edition circa 2001.

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You single? *slicks remaining hair back* *puts out the vibe dumb and dumber style*

Bahahahah jk.

In all seriousness the platform fits my household lifestyle. Plus I like the fact that I can just jump on without any invasive software at any of my 3 offices for a few quick game session.

I owned metro on steam with a 2,300$ rig. Stadia on a 1 gig line looks far better. That's honestly what sold me. 

Also just knowing it's only going to improve over time. 

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