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How is Stadia actually doing? Can we get some Dev updates?

I was just wondering if anyone knew who to talk to about feedback for the Stadia? Because honestly I have no idea what's happening. I would love for it to be a success, I want it to be. But right now it just kind of feels like we are all in the dark. I hope the devs see this, hopefully they understand (especially since it was such a small launch) that if this is going to be a success, it is the community that will help build it, not the "next big thing." Just look at riot for example Google, they started with nothing and are now one of the biggest mobas in the world because they focused on the community. Man, I really want this to work, the idea is amazing and can make life so much better for so many people. 


Main takeaways: 

- A place to quickly and easily provide feedback.

-A weekly or bi-weekly (even monthly) personalized update.

-FOCUS ON US - Word of mouth spreads faster then anything else google, we care and want this to work. Hear us and CONSIDER our feedback. You don't have to listen to everything, just hear us. 

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It will succeed... Just people do not like changes... Most people refuse change until they actually try it and / or the world they are living in does no longer exist...

I remember people being against movie streaming, against MP3 (preferred CDs).

Also most of those haters are against the fact that you do not actually own the game but more an access to it... Because some people needs to realize it is what you can do with one thing rather owning just to own.

I own an Xbox one S and many games but keep deleting them to make space for new game... 


And that digital foundry video... They seemed very biased, first the latency they claimed, it is not that big on Doom eternal, I just tried myself... They claim 24 frame added delay...  Since the game is 60, that mean half a second...? I did a video I will upload to youtube just to show.

And they are also comparing a 4 months old service to the most expensive console that has been there for years... Omitting the fact that devs do not really know how to fully optimize for the new service and when done properly it feels better (faster loading time, better graphics, can play with a mouse and keyboard when you can), look at The division 2, Gylt, Steamworld dig 2...


Once more people try Stadia as it is now, more will be convinced, I mean I was about to buy a next gen console until I got Stadia and now no PS5 now Series X for me


And also LOL at those who claim that Stadia is a flop because it did not have 100M users within 4 months of being in early access...

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