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Honest Question. Where is Google?

The Google Community Team is dropping the ball. This Whole site is full of people asking about their codes. It's now been nearly an hour and a lot of people haven't gotten their codes. These are people who ordered stadia the MINUTE the preorder went live.  The Sub-reddit is also full of people posting about it. 


Not a good look. It's clear to me that No one on the Community team has Ever worked in Retail. You need to assure customers that they are still valued. ANY UPDATE, Google is the largest Email platform in the world. It really shouldn't be hard to send the founders their email. 

The lack of communication along with all the lukewarm reviews from your preview outlets.  This is not looking good guys. It's not about providing solutions. Just let us know there is a problem and it will get sorted....

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

If I understand correctly, it was mentioned that eligible orders will be starting getting the codes starting at 9am Pacific, and the official launch of the platform is 10am Pacific. It didn't say it will be sent promptly at 9am.

I understand it's a bit frustrating, but Google is probably trying to sort that out right now, to make sure we can get our codes ASAP. Hopefully we can hear from them once they're able to sort things out.

Please @mention when replying to me, so I can get notified
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Completely agree. Their support has also been less than helpful. I've reached out to support multiple times with questions, and no matter what questions I ask all they have to say is the parroted answer of "orders will begin shipping November 19th". It's one thing to drop the ball on the preorders, it's another to completely ignore the issue and bypass any questions about it.
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