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Help me sell an honest narrative about stadia

Hi I'm a rookie. Video game developer, military vet, avid gamer, and YouTuber. I'm looking to give my followers and others a true review of stadia. I've played daily on 11 titles, used. Stadia in 4 cities, on 4 different service providers, Andi want your exp as well to give people an honest review of stadia. If interested, please say rather you like or dislike stadia in a title response and then tell me what you like or don't like about it. Try and stick to 3 pros and cons. I'll use your responses and data to make a graph that sells a honest review from actual gamers that have used the service for at least 30 days. So no worries if you haven't just give me an idea of how long you've been using it as well. Thanks guys and hopefully we can get the truth out there.

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