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Good mouse for gaming

Like many of us we were not PC gamers, with stadia that changed, however, PC gaming is better with a mouse and not all mouse are equals, I want to give you a advice for a good cheap gaming mouse.



This mouse is around $40 and all the buttons are programmable.

It is great because of Games like doom where you have to press kit of buttons that can confuse you or even hard to reach you just forget about them. I found it better to just use your thumbs with the side buttons to perform action like grenade, crouch, weapon upgrade... Also this mouse has 3 to buttons.


Logitech G600

I had a regular mouse but this one is so much better

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cool nice thanks, didn't know logitech had a 12 button mouse.

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Yup, I forgot to mention you can also change DPI on the fly

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Hello, @jayo2k 

Fps Mouse: (Logitech MX518) best mouse for fps games! Altough its an old mouse but mostly used by old "CS 1.6" and "Source" Esports players, still lit and cheap to buy now. At launch mouse was expensive at 100-150 bucks. Now its 30-40 at some shops.

For MMOS: (Utech Smart Venus) 30$/€ price tag, its my current mouse, great with 12 button sidebar easy to reach, did some raids with this mouse in SWTOR and works great! Still waiting to use it for ESO on stadia when this game drops! ;D




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I have to admit that I'm still using a Logitech G9x wired laser and have been for many many years, they just seem to keep going.  I've also been using Nova's Killer mouse pad for just as long as I can remember and that has a truly great surface for laser mice and low friction.

I also use a G13 keypad too, I never really liked the G15 keyboard so I'm still bouncing between 4 keyboards that I've used for gaming but still have yet to find one that really ticks all the boxes for me.


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