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When the hell is stadia going to start rolling out some decent games ?? 

love stadia but getting bored because there’s nothing great to play or buy. 

Stadia get your game list going ASAP! 

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I'd dispute all of that @Chriswill81 

Doom Eternal is great to play, and 20 hours outside of online.

The Division 2 takes around 40 hours of campaign, not including online.

Red Dead Redeption 2 is 40 odd hours, before Red Dead Online

Borderlands 3 is another 20+ hours for the campaign.


All of those have scores of over 85 on Metacritic, have significant online components and are less than 7% of the games available on Stadia.

This is a new service, and games are getting added at a significant rate.  Do we want more content, yes, but to suggest there is nothing good or great to buy or play misses the mark.

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Apart from doom the rest of the games are all old and I have them on other platforms. 

ive even brought some of the old games on stadia and tbh. Bored! 

Just think Stadia should be Smashing it before PS5 and Xbox X comes out to show off how great it is but it’s hiding in the background with old games. Shame really 

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The problem is all of the new games are being developed alongside the new consoles, so we won't see them before their release.

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