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Game performance (input lag), Destiny, AC, GRIND, DIVISION 2, Metro


Been playing on stadia since launch. Casual gaming, perhaps 50-100 hours. 

Would be interesting to here what you other guys think on game performance. 

I play in chromecast with stadia controller. 

Since up till division two I’ve always felt input lag which lessens the gaming experience. One game that plays worse than all the others is metro, I played through it but it was a pain, aiming was really hard, especially in hectic situations. 

Grind also has input lag which makes you have to turn “before the turn” but of course you can’t do that in unexpected situations which often result in problems.

Destiny had less input lag but you could still feel it.

assassins creed the same, making parrying especially hard. 

Serious Sam also.

All of these are still playable but often when playing they make me think that I should by a new PC rig or get the new Xbox when it is released  

However Division 2 is different. While playing it I never notice any lag. It plays fine! 

But what does that mean! I would like to think that Devision 2 is better optimised to Stadia, which could mean that coming releases will work better. I really hope so. Since Devision 2 works so well that would make connection, bandwidth, geographically location a non issue.

So what do you other guys think, have you had similar experiences? 


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My experience is completly different, I had completly no problem with assassins creed, serious sam or grid, they are totally perfect. 


Worst input lag I've ever noticed was in doom eternal, after game update its much better or my brain plays me xd

I'm playing on chromecast as well, wired. 

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Tried Devision 2?

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I've been trying out Stadia since the 16th of May and I've had a great experience so far. Been playing on pc with PS4 controller for GRID and mouse and keyboard for Destiny 2. 

I've had one bad experience where I booted up the pc and immediately started playing Destiny and noticed some input lag but I reckon windows was maybe installing some updates in the background. 

I quit out and started again and it was ok again. 

With the pc it's connected via lan through a powerline. I've gotten a WiFi extender and see if that works better. I also ordered the premiere edition to try Stadia on the 4k tv. 

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I have to assume I am really close to some data centers for Stadia since I never seem to have any issues with input lag on any game. Either that, or I am way too easy to please when it comes to latency.

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Ok I hear what yall saying. 

To sum up my experience, noticeable input lag on every game I’ve tried, metro worst, except The Devision 2 which plays fine! Same experience on both pc and cc (but input lag more noticeable which mouse keyboard) tried two locations with two different isp:s. 

Any similar experience from you guys, that The Devision 2 plays better. 

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What I found out by reading lot of reviews and forums, the thing is, it have to be, in perfect case, wired or, if not possible, connected on 5ghz wifi straight to router. Any extenders, repeaters, second routers etc may make things only worse as signal quality is going lower and latency, of course, going up. 


But definetly there are problems with keyboard and mouse, and the division plays the best. As doom became better after update(latency), maybe its up to developers? 

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Noticed it for the first time in a race on the crew 2, timing was off by split second and caused me to have a death wobble like experience. 300kph a slight lag caused quite the slalom disaster. Exited the game and restarted race and it was fine. Figured it was just a bad ping on my end. But **bleep** it was the first instance of stadia performance hindering my gameplay . 

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