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Game Wishlist Thread

Lets get this started, hopefully Stadia dev's and google will listen to us! 


Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Planet Coaster

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Grand Theft Auto V

The Sims 4


Resident Evil Collection


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Minecraft is a game for all ages. Children especially use MC to define the world through their eyes and that's important for adults to see. Schools and classrooms are using MC to expand interest in all academic areas. MC needs stadia to launch the game into the lives of poor kids who don't have enough money to buy an Xbox and pay for monthly fees. The stadia platform could easily level the bar for kids of abstruse circumstances.

For me, MS agenda and platform is complex and it doesn't need to be as restricting as it is. I have had technical issues with MS authorization processes and account systems from day one. 

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  • All Assassins Creed games (including Origins)
  • All NFS games (starting from NFS Hot Pursuit 2, NFS Underground 1/2 and Most Wanter (2005))
  • All GTA games (starting from GTA 3)
  • All Witcher games


Also, off-topic but achievements update so we can check them out on app or in-game. Also, somehow track overall achievements progress. Something like "This user has earned 135 achievements of 4,563 available") 🙂

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