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Game Chat

I find it frustrating that every time I launch a game and start a game, for example PUBG, the Game Chat automatically connects me. So I have to manually disable the Game Chat for that round if I do not want to hear or participate with the others playing.

Even more frustrating, when the round is over and you start a new round, again the Game Chat is automatically turned on.

@StadiaTeam Stadia needs to change this and change it to something like an Opt Into the Game Chat. Very frustrating and annoying the way it is setup today. I should be able to start a game, any game, continue to play round after round, and not have to take action every single time disabling the Game Chat.

Not sure if others also find this annoying, but for me, I really hope @StadiaTeam  Stadia changes this soon and gives the users more consistent control over this Game Chat.

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I'm always either in a party or using game chat. This is very bizarre if this was intentional, you definitely will want to send this in as feedback through the stadia app.

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

I believe you can turn party volume to 0 in the PUBG settings and that should remove any sound coming out of your party. At that point just turn off your mic and you're golden.

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I have to do the same with RDR2 as well. Every time I start the game it automatically connects me and I have to remember to turn it off. It would be nice if it was the other way around, only connect me if I manually set it or have a global setting to either enable or disable chat.

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