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GSuite accounts with Stadia

Hey there Google,

Due to strange decisions, that have never been explained, GSuite accounts are being treated as second class citizens - Nest, Google Assistant on Pixel 4 and now Stadia..Is there a chance you will allow to use Gsuite account with Stadia? And no, not only businesses are using GSuite - it's my primary, only and family account. There are literally dozens of domain admins in the same position as me. Just look here:

Any human written response will be much appreciated (please do not reply with marketing prefab).

Kind regards,



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If I was you I wouldn't do it even if it's possible now. It's better to stay as a regular user if you want to use all the google services.

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This is so frustrating. I ordered Stadia on launch and cancelled my order for this reason.
I am now considering to move over to an i-phone as apple won't restrict my services for paying them money. Also looking to move my family domain over to a Microsoft account. When I've done all of this it is unlikely I will ever return to Google and will probably replace all my google devices with Apple and Amazon. I have been using a G-suiete account for over 12 years now so refuse to set up a new email address.

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I actually pre-ordered Stadia as well although I had to cancel my order for the same reason. I was super excited about concept of streaming games and I honestly believed that Google is perfectly positioned to get this done correctly. I guess I was wrong. Stadia decided just to target different demographic, customer base. I am, as someone would say, hardcore gamer. I own PC, Xbox and PS4 - so I can play any game I want in superior quality. Stadia does not deliver any of that (lack of AAA games from major publishers, more expensive games, graphical quality cannot match PC and often Xbox One X). 

As as I see it Stadia is targeted for casual customers that often play games on their phones, and looking at Reddit also with limited budget, I'm not one of them and as such, at this point in time I don't see myself using service even if it was available for my GSuite account. That being said, I wish Stadia Team all the best and hopefully in couple of years I will be able to revisit  and enjoy the service.

In regards to migration. That's a tricky one. A lot of movies, apps, music, books etc, etc is pretty much stuck on my Gsuite account, not only for me but members of my family as well. I also like Android and was using Nexus phones almost exclusively (with small adventure with Essential PH1:) from very beginning so switching to Apple ecosystem might be hard for me to accept. Although I do like stability and predictability of iOS. Apple also looks more privacy friendly and definitely is more transparent than Google. Currently I'm evaluating option of migrating to Office 365 but I'm not entirely sure yet. Microsoft changed for the better over the last couple of years - let's say it looks way less 'evil' then Google (side note: that's actually something that would be hard to believe about 10 years ago). From the other perspective you are still being locked to one vendor. I'm not sure if it would not be more beneficial to build my own mail cluster in AWS. 

PS. I do have gmail account, which was created years ago, but it is completely sanitized from any information and not being used at all. Created Stadia account and 15 minutes later submitted request for the Stadia account to be deleted. Sadly there was nothing interesting to play. 

Stay healthy! 

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