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Founder edition +3 controllers - Want to set up family but buddy passes expired

I bought the founder edition plus 3 controllers for a family gift. I saved it in the box for a few months (Kids were grounded for videogames)  and now that I am setting it up to give it to my wife and kids -  the buddy passes have expired (Technical support told me this). Their advice is to buy another premier pass for my 11 yr. old son - so the solution is to pay for another monthly account??? and if I need my wife and daughter to pay for 2 more accounts.

You should have a family plan!!! No wonder having a console makes more sense  (We have had Xbox and PlayStation. and each has a profile and not charged extra!!!!)

How can I set up 4 profiles in stadia for my family???



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I agree with you wholeheartedly, @Baird000 . All we know is that Family Sharing is coming soon. As the @StadiaTeam never seems to provide any frequent update on this, and many other features, we just have to keep waiting until they are finally implemented.

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