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So i seen an ad for A very odd but very interesting type of Battle Royale game. Reminds me of MXC on Spike TV could be a good addition for quick game seconds on stadia especially if they can pull off cross play.


What do you guys think? 

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Isn't my type of a game but make sure to give the devs a twitter message or an email with your request for a possible stadia port (a humble request pls 😊). I emailed the makers of "Those who remain" If they consider giving stadia a shot with their game. Making sure there is some kind of demand for their games on stadia! Cheers: 👍

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I didn't buy any game on Stadia so far, but THAT game Fall Guys I would instantly buy - of course it has to comes with cross-play.

That's the kind of game I feel about casually playing anywhere, even if just for few minutes.

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