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Extend free pro subscrption

If you guys thought about keeping your subscription up just for Destiny 2, just think a minute about it and you'll realize how not smart it can be : you already thought the population in game was kind of short to be playable so far but what will it be at the end of the month if Stadia loses 80% of subscribers ? Yes, D2 will be dead.


Seriously. Google needs to extend the free pro subscription in February. It is the only move Google can do to not face a massive load of leavers by the end of the month. At this point they might as well leave it free until December 31st because charging people in a month when the service is not delivering is suicidal, it isn't wise either to start it during the summer, but starting to charge at the end of the year when the competitiors are here isn't the best idea either. If Stadia goes free in 2020, build and extend the user base instead of losing it, takes time to build the service as it should have been, with the features promised and a ton of games to buy, it has a chance to be there next year and many people will gladly pay for it.

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Stadia Guide

@Nilas Make sure to submit feedback through the Stadia app. That's the only way so that your feedback will be known to Google.

Otherwise, vote with your wallet. If you don't think it's worth it, don't extend once the 3 months period ends. Resub when you think the service is worth the money. Personally I won't be extending my 3 months trial period, but I'll be monitoring the Pro games month by month. If I think it's worth the money, I'll resub, if not, I'll just skip it for that particular month (no 4K TV here)

Please @mention when replying to me, so I can get notified
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I play mainly on PC and was looking forward to playing RDR2 at 1440p 60fps but after paying for Stadia and £60 for the game (again) I find myself playing at what will soon be the free membership quality. It would be a good move by Google if they realise they sold us a false bill of goods and extend our membership as a good will gesture. I love Stadia so far but we're essentially paying for a beta service.
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I thought about it for a little bit and yeah two extra free months for anyone that created their account during the first three month period would be nice. Maybe to kick off those extra two months send out another batch of Buddy Passes for Founders to try and get them to keep their sub for at least a third month to continue playing with their friends new to the service.

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@mcnichoj I agree. At first I was like... There's no way. They're giving away 2 games a month, they gave away a ton of buddy passes, they probably think that's more than enough and that they're not going to extend anything. But... There have been a lot of delays, a lot of glitches in games, and not enough communication. I think 2 extra months would be a good gesture while they still work on adding missing features and they keep working with developers to fix gaming issues. I still don't think they will, but I think they should. 

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I think if we look on the market as a whole, Stadia actually does not need to be a full service yet. They have until the end of the year to launch all crucial features like Stadia Base and get some games until the new consoles arrive. Right now they have a technical proof of concept where they can stream with a level of visual quality and low input lag which is currently not met by any other streaming competition. So basically they can take their time to make things right.


there is only a huge with problem with this: They promised otherwise. They promised us a bunch of features only to clarify them as missing only a few weeks before launch. After that, they gave us the impression of daily fast updates for nearly a month only to reduce it drastically in 2020. It‘s the communication which is the problem. 

I think they should do an honest blog entry in which they admit, it takes longer then communicated to build a full fledged service and they expand the free Pro subscription to account for this. Most of the people on the rant right now love stadia but hate the communication. We pay 130 bucks to get a first look into the unknown. Most of us can wait for some feature, but not if treated like everything is already here/right around the corner.

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I will be continuing with my Pro Membership. 

For me  I have found the Pro Game additions very good value as well as the pro discounts. 

Also both CC Ultra's are connected to 4K screens so I am also happy to continue to pay for access to 4K Gaming. 

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Thanks for your thoughts guys, I’ll try to reply to everything.



  • Pro free games offered monthly are fine ?



In March there will be very few games which were not discounted or claimed : Xenoverse 2, FM2020, AOT2, Kine and Darksiders genesis (which i already bought, personally).

Also, Monster energy supercross is going to be released on April 4th. Assuming there’s no other game in February, this is really short. Honestly the games remaining will not keep me subscribed. The chance to have a game offered you already bought when it was discounte is actually huge. If you didn’t buy before, it’s probably because you weren’t interested anyways.



I mean so far the offer has been valuable, however with games barely ever added to the store, there is not enough backlog to hold it any longer.


As I said in first post, Destiny 2 was the main game played so far, however with most subscribers losing it when they go off by the end of the month, the game will be dead and lose most of its value.



  • 2 extra month is enough ?



Only if the store sees suddenly a ton of games added and if the features required are included within 2 months.

It will not happen guys. Stadia has been sleeping litterally for 2 months, we have zero news about 4K on chrome, youtube integration or Stadia base (which is expected to bring a lot of appeal and user base to the service).

We will be in beta for another 6 months at least and you know it. Getting charged in this state is simply suicidal, a ton of people will unsubscribe.



  • Unsubscribing is fine then we can subscribe later



No, the Pro service is dead if it loses 80% of its user base. The developers will cancel their partnerships, you’ll never see new games and Google will quit working on Stadia, you might as well move on if that happens. Stadia is in a critical situation by now and new consoles are right around the corner, preorders will start soon. I mean a new generation of console is beginning and Google is missing an opportunity if they do not make an important move now.



  • Things that won’t save stadia



Doom eternal will eventually launch with a pro discount, however it launches on March 20, and Google failed to send everyone their bundles on November 19, that means most of us activated our code after Nov 19 and we are subscribed for the most part of us up to a few days after March 20. Consequence : we will buy Doom eternal with a discount if it has it, but it won’t keep the most part of the user base into the Pro sub.



Buddy pass are completely irrelevant, we are already subscribed and we can’t use pass for ourselves so why should we care for a buddy pass ? I mean they might as well give us an extension pass than a buddy pass which has a chance to barely ever be used by the new user.



  • Only thing that will save stadia (altogether)


Let us play on ANY screen ASAP, in 4K.

Add a freaking store on the CCU interface NOW.

Add family sharing now.

Let us play with a wireless controller on chrome now.

Announce NOW a Stadia connect now to be cast later in February to reveal a part of the 120 games coming to Stadia this year and the timed exclusives coming 2019S1.

Launch Base in March, include demos playable so people can just try the service. Add youtube integration : ability to buy games directly from youtube when watching a video. Launch the feature with youtube streams playable sometimes by E3.


And charge us only when everything has finally been adressed.


Anything else : you will lose user base massively in February, and lose another half in March. Will remain a few dudes who aren’t following news much and barely ever play (btw these people don’t buy games very often). Cancel now the project to charge us in February so at least everyone remains a user until it’s fixed. It is way more difficult to convince back a disappointed user than just let him be free until he is happy.

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It’s £9 a month. Loads of features to be added but also loads of positives already....don’t think this is worth getting so worked up about.

Personally I’d rather see Google say something like all founders / early pro members who maintain subscription will see an extra A-title game (WDL, Doom or something similar) added to your free to claim games in June/July as an extra thank you for sticking with us through launch.

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It’s not viable. Look the february games are great but we’ll complete them and unsubscribe. What is viable is to have features added asap and lots of games constantly added to the service, and certitude that our favorite upcoming games will be on stadia. Explain why namco didn’t release dbz kakarot on stadia when they already have games available there like attack on titan 2? We are in the dark, we don’t know what’s coming or when and we’re soon getting fully charged for half of what the service is supposed to be.

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