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Duplicate HDR

Disable HDR in the Stadia app ... If your TV has active HDR, it is already running the game with HDR Activating HDR in the app will give you control of nits, but for some reason you are doubling HDR. So you lose colors, blacks, whites and fps. I don't see any notice from Google as a known issue or if it is going to be repaired. I understand that you do not want to give us a lot of information and are working hard to give us a prompt update of the service and firmware. If only Stadia had launched in Beta mode, users would buy the service the same and happy to participate in the improvements. People ... know what they hate when they pay for something Google? To lie to them, the consumer can understand mistakes and expect solutions. But Google stated that Stadia did not need Beta mode. And here we are with poor service. -No Ultra Graphics -Not good HDR -No 4k -No Communication -Cheap Stadia Controller -Bad control configuration -No games I only hope that at least next month I can complete the tomb raider trilogy ... although I have the entire Stadia catalog in Steam and Origin premium access. Of all your catalog, you are giving away the cheapest and oldest games for Pro subscription. Cheers.
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