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Doom Eternal - Can't find players for online mode

Just got Doom Eternal and the game is great. It's just bad that nobody is playing the game on Stadia... It makes it almost impossible to find 2 players to play the online battle mode...

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Oh lol, many people are playing this game on stadia. Its just that the battle mode.. how do i call it the gentle way?

Sucks *ss, big times!  I played it, a couple of times on stadia..


Seriously this mode isn't even well played on steam for obvious reasons. Its boring, senseless and in my opinion its only in the game to show somehow, that this game has some kind of an multiplayer mode after they killed the invasion mode for launch, for some reason..

I hope they will deliver the invasion mode at some point, that we can play a decent mp, with which they advertised the game before btw.

But the SP was so good, that i can say it was worth the money even just for that.

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I've tried countless times. Not once have I been able to find a match. WTH???

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Same issue...super frustrating 

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I have buyed the game just jet for the multiplayer arena style gameplay.... and I cant find anyone!!!! I want my fkn money back! Hopefully stadia comes with a cool arena shooter like quake, unreal or cod

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