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Digital foundry strike again

But this time, the victim is the new PS5...

Apparently most games were not 4k but dynamic, meaning upscaling and also capped at 30fps... Talk about next gen

That leads me to Stadia, the world bashed Stadia for upscaling but we have here a next gen machine that also do upscale... This is an opportunity for Stadia to shine (and Xbox) because while Sony has the IPs, the power is lacklustre (as for now) and that 30fps thing is gaining momentum thus offering a good opportunity for Google (and Microsoft who promise 120 fps). Once the Sony even hype cooled down, critics came.


Now I really hope google is being silent because they are baking something big. They can easily convince a lot of people by simply flexing their muscles with crazy graphics and now I am comfortable by saying that there is a great chance Cyberpunk 2077 run better on Stadia than on PS5 (not so sure about the Xbox because it looks like a monster).

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I dont trust Digital Foundary at all.  They state their in house performance as a worldwide fact.  I think every user here knows the 'metrics' they state as fact for Stadia are far from facts.

The entire PS Event was broadcast in a native 1080p, and advertised as such.  Many of these games are early, early in development and are not representative of finished quality (cough, Killzone 2).

The PS5 can run 4k, 60fps, no question (I can start blathering on about data rates across the full 16 lanes of PCIe gen 4 if you really want).

The PS5, will, I'm afraid, outperform Stadia in almost all metrics, but to play say, Cyberpunk 2077 you will need to spend somewhere in the region of £500 on a console, £50 on the game and have a marginally better experience than just paying £50 +£8 to get it in 4K on Stadia.

Stadia major selling point here is when it comes to the new generation of games, it can simply scale at no additional cost to the user.  If marketed, that will be very, very appealing to many consumers.

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