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Destiny 2’s Google Stadia Population Has Dropped By More Than Half Since Launch

just some of the comments - talk about getting hammered


179 points · 18 hours ago

Everyone knew from day 1 that this product would end up on the pile of abandoned Google projects within a year. However, everyone involved in spearheading it has moved on to more lucrative positions within the company

All free launchers are PC Gaming
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Phil Harrison somehow keeps managing to Fail Upwards with the consoles he's involved in.

In charge of overseeing the PS3 during its disastrous launch.

In charge of the Xbox One during its disastrous launch.

In charge of Stadia during its disastrous launch.

Silicon Valley still hasn't learned, don't let Phil Harrison oversee your console launches. It wont go well.




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341 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

Of course it did, think about the type of people that jump on the bandwagon for new tech. I imagine most people bought it because they like gadgets and it is new.

The first month of the stadia subreddit was just pictures of people playing destiny 2 at cafes and airports. Pretty much every photo showed them in the tutorial area of D2.

No one is going to import their 960 light level characters to a platform that can't matchmake.

Feedback below from stadia sub on matchmaking, just doesn't work for any games.


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140 points · 21 hours ago

The first month of the stadia subreddit was just pictures of people playing destiny 2 at cafes and airports. Pretty much every photo showed them in the tutorial area of D2.

It sill is. "look at me holding a controller in front of a TV".



Stadia had a defender? Who was he?


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gander on over to r/stadia ; have some fun, treat yourself.


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422 points · 23 hours ago

Such a shill subreddit, 3 google employees as moderators.

Really shouldn't be allowed on Reddit.


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I like to watch 😉
166 points · 20 hours ago · edited 16 hours ago

Isn't it illegal against Reddit TOS for moderators of a company to be employees of said company?

Isn't that what happened in r/Roll20 a while back?

Edit: Apparently not! That's pretty dumb

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@Girafficpark : In my case, I took a look at D2 the moment that I got Stadia up and running, wasn't particularly keen on D2 and invested money and time in games that my kids would like to play and for myself I took a dive back into Tomb Raider which I've not played for a while.   So that will be why I've stopped playing D2,  I guess I might take a look at D2 again in the future, but for now I've 3 Tomb Raider games to play, and a number of other titles that look as though they will keep my attention for the next couple of months at least.

Kudos appreciated if deserved.
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I think the community will start increasing when the app starts supports bluetooth and more devices Accessabilty will probably become Stadia advantage towards other services. But i also agree with mad dog, i just played other games then just destiny since launch 🙂

Stadia name Nightcrow#9757 🙂
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I enjoyed returning to D2 - and invested quite a bit of time into it on Stadia ... but I hit a wall, where I needed to consistently find other players to run pve or pvp content ... that became untenable due to the clearly low player base.  I thus walked away from it, which was a real shame as its come on quite a way since I last played the game.

I am sure there are a lot of people in my situation too.    If ever there was a game calling out for cross play, this was it.


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Me too. I was really enjoying D2 on Stadia. It's becoming more difficult to match on the things I want to complete.
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Playing PvP on Stadia now days is a disaster. It often takes a long time to find 12 ppl. Switching to my PS4 Pro, I find matches instantly...


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Long story short, the falling population doesn't simply point towards dwindling interest in Stadia IMHO. It just points out that D2 perhaps wasnt the ideal "launch title". Picking a game that requires an active player base ... and limiting our population to founders and early-adopters was a bad idea. Those that werent interested in D2 walked away. That that WERE interested in D2 run out of things to do due to the low player base
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Yes, it better to promote years old TR and AC series that (almost) everybody already played. 😂

Jokes aside, I do think D2 is one of the better games for Stadia to have at release since it put the system to test. If they only would launch with TR (and the other old games they had at launch) they wouldn’t have see how multiplayer etc. worked and “stressed” the system. CoD MW would maybe have been a better game it’s a bigger player base but with Stadia latency “issue” with a more precise game like CoD wouldn’t have been good for Stadia I guess. D2 is a slowe game and you probably don’t notice the extra time that much. I have a good experience paying D2 when I find matches. PvE is working very well and I have only had a few issues.

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I currently playing other games. Already finished FF 15 and AC. Now iam playing RD2 and Tomb raider.

I think most of the people play other games. I like stadia so far and hope many more games will come

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That’s the thing with Stadia. You probably aren’t a gamer since you haven’t already played those older games. Most of us have and therefor Stadia is a “cold” system and having and paying for one game (D2) isn’t an option for most ppl, I would think.

*EDIT* I don’t say that you shouldn’t enjoy you time with Stadia but for the majority of gamers, Stadia didn’t provide that much right now.

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Whilst I enjoyed playing a bit of Destiny 2,it was never a big selling point for me,  far more interested in playing games like Tomb Raider (and really I'm just biding my time until Doom Eternal comes out!)


It's bizarre that people are equating a drop in players for one game with a drop in overall use of the platform, especially since literally everyone playing it right now has at least 3 months of access plus a slowly growing pile of free games!


I do agree with the poster quoted about Phil Harrison though, he must be brilliant behind the scenes, but I've never got the impression he had a clue what he was really doing!

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LOL Destiny has ALWAYS had this issue. Remember when Destiny first launched in 13? After 3 months they stopped reporting active players because attrition was insane! Me personally... i logged into the lobby and let my kids walk the dude around. Thats it. Game is boring AF.
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