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Data usage??

Luckily I have no data cap on home internet. But I know some places apparently have . If you do what kind of limits do you have . What kind of usage is everyone getting ? I started tracking mine 5 days ago. I'm close to 150 GB and I only play maybe. Couple hours a day. Watching instant network stats. I can see if your screen has few changes. Data use is minimal. As soon as you have an action scene the spikes are crazy . However never even close to using my data speed limit of 200Mbps/s . How is everyone else doing ?

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hi @ShaneAnderson 

Following this support page (, if you have a 4k 60fps game it could take up to 20GB an hour.

that means your 150 GB are at least 7 hours of Stadia game play. 🙂

Data usage options



Data usage

Limited data usage

Up to 720p

Up to 4.5 GB/hr


Up to 1080p

Up to 12.6 GB/hr

Best visual quality (Stadia Pro only)

Up to 4K

Up to 20 GB/hr


You can change the streaming quality in the Stadia mobile app.

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@Tobonaut Lol thanks . But i understand how the math works. Just looking for some real world numbers. I'm definitely over 7 hours. And I'm set to 4k on my CCU and only 720p on my laptop. Just curious to see how i stack up. Just for a reference. I played the crew 2 on my CCU on highest setting and my traffic was around 12.6GB downo for 1 hour. So not bad. But what your really saying is i don't play enough ... I agree. But two young children and a wife that hates the thought of me playing at all. It's tough to sneak that much time in haha.

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I had this tweet last December when I tracked my data after getting Stadia and playing on the limited data usage setting. I was playing in average 10 hours a day, which is a lot compared to most people. However, even at half those hours, folks without an unlimited data plan are in for a big surprise. 


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