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Controller microphone

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Edit, I want to make it clear that I am talking about Stadia on the Chromecast Ultra, I could use my OnePlus 8 pro, but that would just be insane when I have 2 CCUs plugged into a 43 inch TV in the bedroom and a 55 in my front room, both with very good sounding Dolby Atmos speakers. 


I just hit what I would call the first major problem with Stadia. 

I was invited to join a party, thought I'd chat with some fellow gamers and accepted the invite. 

I remember reading back in January that you'd eventually be able to use the in built mic or a wireless headset for party chat, so I quickly checked, and found that I needed a 3.5mm headset to use the mic, this is a problem for 2 reasons. 

1, I don't own a wired headset 

2, Far more importantly, I didn't pay over £1000 on a soundbar to play games on a headset.


I'm now left with 3 options.

1, Simply forget about voice chat (not an option) 

2, Buy a £5 headset with terrible sound (also not an option) 

3, Buy a decent wired headset, that will only be used for Stadia (this is an obscene waste of money, I already bought the Jaybird Tarah Pros, and the echo buds, both of which have excellent sound quality)


What we need is option 4!

Use the headset jack for mic only, and let us chose the sound output. 


If I'm wrong in any way, or have incorrect / out of date info, please correct me. 


Come on Google, make Stadia the benchmark for the future of gaming, and get rid of bugs like this! 


Add me ClassicRando#6222 

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Community Specialist

Hey all, thanks for the great discussion. This is valuable feedback. Please make sure to submit this feedback through the Stadia app! The team reviews every submission.

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