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Communication and ETA for Missing Stadia Features?

I'm probably going to get some hate for this post, but w/e. I really want to get this off my chest.

I'm honestly confused as to why I'm trying to love Stadia at this point. It's so bare bones ATM, and now with more competition in cloud gaming coming, I honestly am thinking about moving on. 

So PLEASE. Google, please communicate with us. Why haven't we at least gotten an ETA on features that are missing on release?

1. Stadia Controller Wireless Connectivity (with other devices other than the Ultra) 

2. Family Sharing

3. Google Assistant in game

4. Stream Connect

5. Crowd Play

I really don't mind waiting, but I can't stand waiting in the dark. Please give us something. We all want this platform to succeed, but if you're going to stay silent, why should I continue to stick around? Why should I recommend Stadia to my friends and family?

Please Google, talk to us.



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@gammas I agree with you. It might not be the case behind the scenes, but it feels like the initial excitement Google has shown for this project is not longer the same. I do understand that we are no longer in the honeymoon phase, but this "meh" attitude leaves little to be desired. Communication, and a lot of those small (but important) features that you mentioned seem to be lacking behind (also, c'mon, let's us share screenshots and videos stored in the Stadia app).

It's no longer up to debate whether the tech works or not. I'd give Stadia an A+ in that area. Everything else, however, leaves me mostly disappointed. I don't plan on cancelling my subscription anytime soon, but Stadia needs to step up, especially in regards to its interaction with its community (and I don't mean the quirky tweets...). 

TL;DR: Get your Spark back, Stadia.

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Stream Connect is a game specific feature and is already live in one game. It's setup this way because you have to account for things like the HUD overlay and maybe some devs don't want to allow players to see others screens.

Crowd Play will most likely launch after the Base model goes public.

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In a world where sharing has been a thing and one that Google should know all about there really ought to be a way to message others and upload clips etc. straight to YouTube without the workaround, they are absolute basics and can't believe still not happened.

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It's depressing when i see the SAME exact people responding all the time, i think personally stadia at the moment is a failure and it shouldn't be so vigorously defended by these people, STADIA has been terrible, I don't care about "Oh this is how this launch" man you'd think they'd learn from their peers in this case they've had YEARS  to get this right.  This stuff is baffling.

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Yeah, we are anxiously waiting for Family Sharing. Especially since renewal is coming up and we don't want to pay double. They have account sharing for their mobile games, music, YouTube, One, and Fi. So, this is super frustrating. We just want to know something ... any updates.

I can't imagine what people with three or four people are going to do about it. 

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Isn’t there a family section on the app where you can manage family members, payment methods, limits etc?

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@Matt1 : Yes there is, but it isn't family sharing.  For example you would have to buy pro subscriptions for every family member that wants to play Stadia, you would have to purchase the same game X times depending on how many family members wanted to play that title.   It's not a practical approach for a family setup.  So that is why we are waiting for family sharing, where you can buy a title once and then permit family members access to those titles and to play them without having to buy another subscription or buy multiple copies of the same title.

Although we were informed early on that family sharing was a high priority feature, it doesn't sound as though it is coming in Q1 of 2020.  Hopefully, since Q1 is coming to a close in 6 weeks, we will get the opportunity to see what is coming in Q2 soon thereafter.

Kudos appreciated if deserved.
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