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Classic Arcade Games?

Im an old school arcade gamer and Im feeling pretty nostalgic at the moment.(maybe its the quarantine getting to me, idk), it would be nice to go back and revisit some 'old but great' arcade classics.  Mostly from the 90's like "Total Carnage", "Gauntlet 1&2", but most importantly "SMASH TV".  There was nothing like hearing the announcer say "I'd buy that for a dollar" when I walked into the arcade and going through a game show of the future where the contestants kill as many hoards of grunts to win gameshow prizes....nothin beats that.  Or some side scroll/adventure games from SnK like "Ninja Combat" or "Sengoku".  How about Capcom''s "Magic Sword", "Alien vs Predator", "Captain Commando" and we best not forget about the "Dungeons and Dragons" series.  Games like  "Combatribes" or "BRap Boys" were very underrated and almost unheard of by the newer generations which I think would have a lot of fun playing those especially since both of those games were ahead of their time with so many character combat options. I miss that.  Every system to date has had Double Dragon or Ninja Gaiden on their arcade list because they were so popular and my gawd Im just so over them cause there were so much more at the arcade to choose from.  And remember before the whole Mortal Kombat/ESRB making and well before GTA we had games like NARC from Midway.  Man that game scared the S*&^ out of parents well before fatalities.  Or Revolution X...horrible HORRIBLE game but I still miss it, and last but not least Time Killer....the list could go on and on. And to have those with no load times just like the arcade and streamed directly from Stadia ....that would be the closest thing to video game heaven for my old @$*. Just a few among the many games that made the industry push forward back in the day, kind of like the way Stadia is pushing the industry forward right now.  I'd definitely buy that for more than a dollar.  Just a thought...-_-

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