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Can we get some clarification on 4k60/4k120/8k120? Will Stadia render these resolutions natively?

I like many others am disappointed by the promises of 4k60 gaming and future promises of 4k120/8k120 but reviews have revealed games are rendering at 1440p or 1080p sometimes at 30 fps and being upscaled. A lot of Google's marketing implied that games would run at 4k60 at launch so long as your internet speed was adequate. Is Google's goal to ultimately render games at 4k120 and 8k120? If so, how is this technically possible when even the most powerful GPUs cannot do this?
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Visual fidelity is disappointing and the value of 'pro', in regards to visuals, is almost worthless at this time. 


I made a similar post here to avoid getting buried:

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