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Best home internet plan in MI (US)

I have XFINITY 20MB and it works perfectly if I am playing through the CCU but when my wife starts with YouTube the connection starts going bad so I am thinking to upgrade my connection but I think that is better if I go with no data cap home internet but unfortunately in XFINITY you have to pay $50 fee for it or pay $75 for the unlimited... which one do you have here in MI (US)? Thank you!

BTW - Internet providers should think to withdraw the data caps in 2020, this is insane!

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I'm not from the US but guys have still data caps on "home" internet connection contracts? I pay 35 E für 200/20 connection and this is rather expensive.

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Yes at least in one of the most extended internet provider in the US. I'm from Spain but living in the US and there we don't have data caps neither. Now due the coronavirus pandemid, they have withdrawed the data caps until the 30th of June, but I think that they will put in place again after this date.

My concern is if after this date, I won't have enough MB for playing STADIA sharing my plan with my wife's Youtube and the rest of usual uses.

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I live in the downriver area, and in a Comcast only city.  I felt your pain, but here's what I did.  I setup a new account (this is a new customer only plan, so get creative) then I signed up for the Xfi Advantage plan. In short the plan gives you unlimited data for renting their new wifi router, but you must get at least a 300 mbps plan. I got the 600 mbps plan at $85/month for 24 months, I believe the 300 mbps plan is $60ish. The plans 24 month period is for price point not features, so the unlimited is not at risk for now.

I'll tell you this though, some Stadia games still have issues (Trials Rising always lags) regardless of connection speed. I changed my internet plan solely for Stadia a few weeks after launch and nothing has changed to better my issues. That being said,  the "you only need 30 mbps to play at 4k" is pretty much bs in the end. This isn't Netflix, buffering won't help gaming, so any connection hiccup is instantly felt, and a 10 gigabit connection won't help that. So unlike my other Stadia grievances that could some day be addressed, connection issues are the camping elephant in the roo

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