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Are PSA's allowed? Just picked up Red Dead for free through a *hack*

Not so much a question, but a suggestion/PSA.  Hopefully this doesnt violate a term of this community, as I'm not advertising for myself.

There are a growing number of apps available that will allow you to pick up rewards.

One such app is Googles own play rewards, which offers small chunks of Google play credit for small quick surveys.

Another would be mistplay, which over time accumulates points which again, can go to an Google play credit.

All of these have privacy and data implications to use, and it's very much a personal thing as to whether you use them, but it doesnt take a mass of time to build to a few dollars credit that can be redeemed against a game on Stadia.

With some of the great Stadia pro sales offers, its surprising how these can stack up, and allow you to buy a title, without spending a penny.

(Or you can be like me and hoard for a year).


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How does it work? Do you have to spend time answering questionnaires etc? Or is it an app that fills out things for you and just accumulates points? If so, what app, I want it!!

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Google opinion rewards is downloadable from the play store on any android, and yes you have to answer the surveys, but they are typically about 3 to 4 questions long and will credit you about 10p (roughly) per questionnaire, which pop up over time.

It means around 100 questionnaires would get you around £10 in credit.  (Roughly)  they automatically pop up on your phone after a little while.

Which of course, can be redeemed against Stadia games.

Mistplay  is third party, so I'll let you investigate that one!

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I used Mistplay and earned a £10 voucher which was accepted but took so so so long to earn that I couldn't face doing it again. 

Not used google rewards but if they offer credit or vouchers cant see why there would be an issue. 

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I've personally used Google Rewards a lot, and have bought things all over the map using the money I've earned there.

Just a tip: don't lie in your surveys! Google will start paying attention if you lie when they ask "have you been to this place" and you say "yes" if you actually haven't been there. You can be banned from using GR if you lie.

My husband and I are enrolled in the Receipt Tasks, where is asks us to upload an image of our receipt, and sometimes supplement with a photo of an item found on the receipt. He usually gets 20 or 30¢ and I get only 10¢ each time (Google is tired of my WalMart receipts xD)

So, it isn't a hack, but Rewards is a great tool to use! Who doesn't love free money, even if it takes a couple months to accumulate $10?

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