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Any stadia eso guilds

looking to join one, i'm a casual player and mostly do solo stuff, but would like a guild to join. Currently level 18.

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hi @Babaganuche7 

you can also try to connect to the official Stadia Discord server and have a look in the #lfg channel 🙂

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Unfortunately nobody ever got back to me on discord. I may have to make my own.

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Stadia is a casual co-op PVE (with some folks who also love AD PVP) guild on PC-NA, we're actively recruiting both PC and Stadia players since ESO Launched on Stadia on June 16th! Anyone who would like to join is free to join, Stadia or not - we have console refugees and lots of returning players also!

You'll find us frequently doing dungeons, world bosses, delves, many of us also run trials, and are helping gear up new ESO players on Stadia for Vet dungeons and trials content, if you're looking for a helpful community with some experienced leaders, give us a shot. Launching raffles and other guild events during this recruitment period.

You can join up to 5 guilds in ESO, maybe this should be one of them!

Primary Focus: PVE/Social
Discord: (please change your nickname to your ESO UserID@ESO upon joining the discord), hop in and let us know you'd like an invite and we'll add you!
Faction: AD

  • Or you can send a mail or in game whisper to @balal, @eradre, or @Meowz445@ESO , Meowz@Stadia if online in ESO

We'll see you out there!

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