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Android app version 2.32 freezing video only

Ever since the app updated to 2.32 I've been having this annoying problem where the video stream just seems to freeze, however the stream itself is clearly still running because I can hear the audio perfectly and through sound I can tell it's responding to my button presses but it's just the video feed that freezes.

If I leave it on the freeze frame after a while it will give the me the "This game might stop, you need a better connection." and eventually give the "Please check your connection" dialogue box and then go back to the Home screen.

I tried the obvious solution of uninstalling the app and installing an apk of the prior version and that version of the app just crashes instantly no matter what I do, which wasn't its normal behavior before.

My connection on the phone is 5GHz and I'm getting 400down/400up

Anyone else experience this and have any idea how to fix it?

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