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Android Bluetooth Input Lag

Hi guys,

I'm really enjoying Stadia, but unfortunately the experience is being let down by my own Bluetooth connectivity between an Xbox One controller and my Note 9, causing input lag. This often sends the camera control into a spin, quickly putting an end to my play session out of frustration.

I've tried multiple things to remedy the problem:

- The good old fashioned reboot (Bluetooth and the phone)

- Using the "Bluetooth Auto Connect" app as recommended in various forums

- Reducing any 2.4ghz polution where possible (and obviously using 5ghz)

- Updating the phone (currently running One UI 2.0, Android version 10)

Strangely, my issue does not appear to be that common when hunting online suggesting it's a bit unique to me, however with the uptake in Stadia users of late, I thought I'd check in here to see if anyone in the community has similar woes.

This is 100% an issue between my phone and the controller, as I've flicked between app icons in the app draw and see the input delay occur, sometimes queing several inputs on occasions. Playing Stadia on a PC via Chrome using the same internet connection and controller works beautifully, again adding more proof to it being a specific Android problem.

If anyone has had any similar experiences or has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them!


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I have the same issue.

It’s smooth when play in the touchscreen, but as soon as I pair the Glap controller then it starts to lag on both visual and audio.


Thought lowering the performance to 720 would help, but no go.

Any fix?   

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