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After 3 months....

So I came to the party late. I joined towards the end of December so still have some way to go on the 3 months free.

Now at the moment, I'm on the fence what to do.

Do I stick with 9 quid a month for some random old games I've probably played on Steam or Xbox already or do I cancel (no 4K TV) and just stick with my purchases RDR2 and Rage2?

Both of these purchases were on offer and I've no real intention of paying full-fat prices at the current Stadia prices.

So here's the dilemma, cancel and stick to 1080 and have to go buying at full price (gasp!) or possibly just dip in on sub from time to time and take a PRO offer if anything I fancy is on offer, and the random freebies.

Essentially what I'd be paying for is £4.50 for 2 games free a month currently, but really only renting them, and because they are random and there's the possibility I'm not interested in the selections, then 9 quid a month becomes a bit pointless.

For me, Stadia has some way to go to persuade me to cough up 9 quid p/m. At present the only benefit is to hold out for Pro deals and get your 9 quid back on the savings there...but then again, the Pro deals are random and they should be up all the time for subscribers. That's another story though.

Likely I'll cancel when the time comes and come back to the party when there's life in the service, or a good Pro deal on. That's the only thing that'll entice me at the moment.

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@Shadowdarck :

That is the good thing with this subscription model.  You can dive in and out when it suits you.  The subscription price isn't too bad at 30p a day.  But if there are no titles that are of any interest beyond the few that you have purchased then there really is no point in spending more for just 4K/5.1.

However, there are those that wouldn't want to play a game in anything less than 4K/5.1 so it comes down to what you want and how you want to spend your money.    But back to the subscription model, it's not that bad, just let down to a larger degree by the current limited library, and as we all know with a limited number of titles available, it still isn't to everyone's liking.

Kudos appreciated if deserved.
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Thanks for the reply. What would be good is to see offers perm.

We went an age recently without offers and now a mere drip of titles on offer. I'd like to see more and regular sales but I guess Stadia have their model how they want it.

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