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Accesories Stadia


Anyone can explain me if there is some accesories for stadia or that can work on It? I'm searching for a steering whel that can work on stadia... 

I think it's very important for stadia to have some accesories like a steering whel to play Grid and also if you want to put the F1 Game... Also GTA 5 or Call of surt war zone would bé very good investment🙏🙏☺️

Thanks for everything!! 



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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hi @Lanister97 

unfortunately, there is no public roadmap related to a introducing new accesories for Stadia. You might want to follow the Stadia team on Twitter to stay up to date. (

Nevertheless, if you want a steering wheel, maybe you want to checkout this Reddit thread:


Happy driving!

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