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Stadia Community Blog - Page 2

Blast your way to victory with action games coming soon to Stadia

Take on new adventures that will send you through the landscapes of World War 2, across remarkable and magical ruins, and a world where time only moves when you do. We’re excited to announce SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete and Sniper Elite 4 as new action games arriving soon on the Stadia store - plus... Read More
in Stadia Community Blog 07-24-2020

This Week on Stadia: Embrace your own Crayta-ivity

 Great stuff is happening on Stadia, with amazing user creations in Crayta, a new season of PUBG on the horizon, and big savings for Pro members. Here’s what you’ve been creating!Crayta has been out on Stadia for a few weeks and gamers are already creating some incredible new games and experiences. ... Read More
in Stadia Community Blog 07-21-2020

This Week on Stadia: GREAT NEWS FOR GAMERS

The latest Stadia Connect dropped yesterday, and there’s a lot to play! If you missed it, here’s a quick three-minute recap.Let’s hit the highlights of what you can start playing on Stadia right now.Stadia Games & Entertainment launches Orcs Must Die! 3The first game from Stadia Games & Entertainmen... Read More
in Stadia Community Blog 07-15-2020

Explore emotional journeys with narrative games coming soon to Stadia

 Some of the best games weave powerful stories and narratives that stir up our own emotions as players - and we’re excited to announce two new narrative games coming soon to the Stadia store for purchase. Search for your mother across the dangerous lands of the Wild West while staying hidden in El H... Read More
in Stadia Community Blog 07-09-2020

This Week on Stadia: Blaze your way to Formula 1 glory!

Strap yourself in, embrace your inner driver, and shift gears into intense Formula 1® competition. Feel the roar of the engine as you thunder down the track at 220 mph, the open wheels of your F1® racer spinning mere inches from your rivals! F1® 2020 lets you create a team from the bottom up, recrui... Read More
in Stadia Community Blog 07-08-2020