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Where to find Stadia news

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hey everybody,

We’re back with a bit of a meta-update. There has been a little confusion about where to find certain pieces of information, so we’re here to clear that up. Here are the places you can go for news on Stadia:

Stadia Community Blog -- This blog is home to This Week on Stadia along with occasional product updates or fun pieces from the Stadia Team. As a reminder, This Week on Stadia is a series for Stadia-related updates (e.g., Stadia Pro deals) that we’ll aim to post every week, usually on Tuesdays.

The Keyword -- This blog hosts the monthly Stadia Savepoint series, which focuses on providing a recap of all the happenings at Stadia over the last month, along with other big-picture updates.

Community Forum and Reddit -- Best place for discussions and insights from other gamers.


We also publish updates as they happen to our Twitter and Facebook pages.

We’ll be actively working with our developer and publisher partners case-by-case on the best way to share the news about new games. In other words, you might sometimes see game announcements happen on their channels and sometimes on ours. Outside of game announcements, things like game-specific updates, issues, and outage reports will come from our partners. You can find patch notes for your favorite Stadia games on our partners’ official channels, as well.

As always, we’re here to listen, so if you have any questions or feedback for us, please feel free to leave a comment below or to file feedback through the Stadia app. Thanks for tuning in!


The Stadia Community Team

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Thx for the info
Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide
TIL the Stadia savepoint series blog has a name. The keyword. 😮
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Sinon, quand est ce que vous allez commencer a travailler sur stadia au lieu d'écrire une note qui ne sert pas a grand chose. Ont attend des dates concrètes avec des chiffres des mois et non pas un petit poste pour expliquer que vous essayé de vous dédouané de votre fiasco vous avez perdu plus de 50% de vos abonnés et sa ne vous inquiétes pas plus que sa alors que Steam avance a grand pas dans la même direction avec un très beau magasin très aguichant. Merci d'apporter une réponse à mon poste pour une fois
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How about through #announcements on the official Stadia Discord server? 😊

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Thanks for being our voice Grace
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Is there any hope of EA signing stadia?
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Nice news.

It would be better if you make the app more useful.

For example: I use the iOS app.

I can start Stadia Games without the App

(connecting Controller and Stadia starts);

 you could announce news via push Messages. I only need the app to unlock games. Give the app more sense.This blog is sometimes confusing, so its better to use Google News for News about Stadia.

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Do you have any information as to when The Division 2 will be available on Stadia?

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@Drill its March 17th with PC cross save and crossplay.

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While I appreciate the candor, it would be far more useful to give devs a single place in the Stadia platform (web, app, etc) to share directly with players updates, bug fixes, ect. rather than have us chase them around the net for details. Makes it hard for those that want to support Stadia to do so and easier for haters to say there's nothing here.

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@Tyger thanks for the answer 😃

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Are there going to be more Stadia announcements during Google's Game Developers Conference?

And if so is it happening this month? Possibly Monday, March 16?