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Welcome to the Stadia Community

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to the Stadia Community Forum!

Before you post a new topic in the forum, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about Stadia.  If your question is not listed below, please remember to search for your question using the search bar above this page prior to posting.


Getting started:

  1. Stadia Requirements and Availability
  2. Get the Stadia app
  3. Redeeming account codes 
  4. Creating a Stadia account
  5. Making purchases in the Stadia store


Getting the most out of Stadia:

  1. Games on Stadia
  2. Stadia-compatible controllers and screens
  3. Claiming free games with Stadia Pro
  4. Accessibility options 
  5. Kids and Family


Issues with Stadia? Check these troubleshooting articles first:

  1. Issues starting a game
  2. Troubleshooting connection and stream quality issues
  3. Bandwidth, data usage, and stream quality
  4. Factory reset your Stadia Controller
  5. Troubleshooting linking to screen/switching screens


For further help with Stadia, check out the Stadia Help Center, post a question in the Stadia Community Forum, or contact the Stadia support team. If someone provides you with a great answer that solves your issue, please be sure to mark it with “Accepted Solution” so other users know which solution has worked for you. 

Welcome to the Stadia family!



Grace and the Stadia Team

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I have not received my stadia invite code I pre-ordered September 20th. But things are hectic just wondering when I can expect the code through email.

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Hi, just wanted to share my feedback on stadia. Hopefully someone will read this. There's been a plethora of negative reviews and what I consider useless commentary. I have always felt that criticism should be at least constructive, saying "this stinks" doesn't really contribute to the improvement process (facepalm). Anyways, I consider myself very fortunate. I do not have some god internet connection and very much fall into your "average joe" consumer pool. With that said, my experience with stadia has been fantastic! No latency, zero percent (so far). The internet asks "who is stadia for?"; well it's for me. Married guy, dog, loves games, plays as much as he can (contingent on wife's mood). And it has the added luster of no presence in her mid-century/rustic home decor. "No smell" as the recent ad states (loved it lol). Thanks so much for the experience so far. If I had to make a small request, I would ask to bring the multi-player options as soon as possible and do your best to keep up with new releases. Also, the subscription fee currently does not seem "worth it", could that possibly be looked into. Otherwise, happy to be a founder! Go google!
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I see only 22 of the 42 games advertised WTH?
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Thanks Grace and the Stadia Team. Setting up Stadia was an easy and smooth process. Also I have had a blast playing on my PC (chrome browser) and on my TV (both in 1080p with no discernable lag or frame rate issues). I'm very excited to be one of the first on board for the Stadia experience!

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After reading what seems to be a plethora of negative statements from individuals whom, have alot to say about stadia, despite not having used it themselves. I'd  just like to say that my experience with stadia this far has been great. So sorry for those who are still waiting for their hardware or invite codes. I know this launch wasn't perfect,  but what other console in their origin stage has had 22 games available at launch? Give it time. And for those whom inquire as to "is stadia for!?"; Me, for someone like me. Married guy, dog, plays when he can (contingent on wife's mood and my the length of my chore list lol). I consider myself more than a casual player. I own all consoles and play enough to compete with master rank players, and follow some e-sport events. This still works for me, because I can discern how it will be when all features are up and running and when stadia is up-to-date on releases. Just be patient, this generation is to accustomed to instant gratification....a true micro-wave era, short attention spans. I for one am a #happy_founder , but that doesn't mean I'm ok with the current stadia business model *hint hint*


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Hmm how do I view comments

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I purchased multiple stadia controllers, The shipment confirmation email has all of the serial numbers and the controllers match the email. I also received the invite code email and at the bottom it mentions a serial number I presume is supposed to be tied to the invite code but the serial number doesn't match the box or receipt. Will this prevent me from setting up the controller?  I haven't just tried one yet as the other controllers are gifts and I don't want to open all of them. 

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Why can I not see comments on a community post?

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Hi How to change language for Destiny 2?
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Can't see the comments

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Almost all of the games including Red Dead Redemption 2 and Destiny 2 does NOT work both in 4k and HDR. We have to either choose 4k or HDR for image quality and even then its not true 4k, its 4k upscaled. This is frustrating and false advertising about the product. HDR quality makes the picture more blurry and pixelated so there is another issue there. Google needs to fix games that can run in actual 4K HDR and 60fps and release more games like they stated at their conference 5 months ago.

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I am unable to see any comments in the forum. Why is this?
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A bit disappointed I can't use my usb headset with the controller, I haven't been able to play destiny all day friday. And now I come to the community message boards and I can't even read anyone's comments.  Not a good start stadia.

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Can't see the comments!

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When is google assistant comeing please 


Keep up the great work guys! Stadia has been a delight, I have had the rare FPS drop or lag. But overall the Stadia is awesome!!!

However, it would be nice if we could receive some kind of notification that our Feedback that we leave inside the Stadia app has been seen or read. That way we know that it's not just going into a virtual shredder or something.

Also it would be cool it I could add a caption to my Avatar like "invite to group, invite to chat, want to Raid, etc. You could add it as a little bubble chat above the Avatar.

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Love stadia 

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A new era 🙂 love it!

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I'm so happy to be apart of a ever growing community that is Stadia let's have so Fun

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JustDance2020 Mobile Phone Controllers. 

has anyone played this game on Stadia and used mobile phones as the controller?  If so, was it a good user experience?

am considering buying but not seen any evidence that the phone apps are working with just dance and stadia.  Thanks!



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Game keeps kicking me off, excellent connection per Stadia connection test. Only device on my 5g wifi, using chrome on my gaming PC. 


Trying to play D2, very annoyed by garbage gameplay so far. What can I do to help the connection so I can stay on longer than 4 minutes before being booted?????