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This Week on Stadia: Rev up your engine

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This Week on Stadia: Rev up your engine

The knuckle-whitening, pulse pounding excitement of competitive motorsports comes to Stadia this week. Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 3 debuts on Stadia this Tuesday.

Supercross 3 challenges you to build a career and join one of Monster Energy Supercross’ official teams. Perform death-defying leaps across a variety of iconic arenas. Create chaotic online multiplayer races or play co-op with friends in the Supercross Test Area. Design your own dream courses with the versatile integrated track editor.

Supercross 3 lands in the Stadia store February 4 for $59.99 USD.

The Joker arrives in Mortal Kombat 11

The Clown Prince of Crime is coming to the Netherrealm. The Joker is now available to Mortal Kombat 11 players on Stadia, harnessing his signature sense of twisted humor with violent moves, sinister style, and brutal new fatalities.

If you’ve already purchased the Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack, then you can start playing as the Joker immediately. If you don’t have the Kombat Pack, you can grab the Joker as a stand-alone add-on for $5.99 USD in the Stadia store, or pick up the Kombat Pack for $16.00 USD for a limited time (offer ends on February 5, regular price $39.99 USD).

Destiny 2: Empyrean Foundation is coming

Today at 9AM PST, the Empyrean Foundation rebuild effort begins with a brand-new Destiny 2 drop. Saint-14 asks all Guardians to contribute to building a beacon that will be a foundation for things to come next Season. The Tower Obelisk is the focal point of this event, so make sure you have it unlocked and ready to go as it’s going to have some hefty benefits to take advantage of.

Players will need to come together and contribute resources towards a common goal. To participate, players can donate their Fractaline using the Tower Obelisk. The event will have seven stages, each requiring increasing amounts of Fractaline to progress through. There will also be a hologram at the Tower Obelisk where you’ll be able to track the community’s progress in game.

Of course we aren’t going to ask you to fork over your hard-earned Fractaline without providing some benefits. Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Contributing to the Empyrean Foundation costs 100 Polarized Fractaline.
  • Contributing generates a 25% flat progression for all Timelost weapon bounties in your inventory.
  • Your Tower Obelisk will generate Polarized Fractaline for you each week equivalent to its Resonance Power.
  • Increase its Resonance Power by upgrading other Obelisks
  • Players who donate more than 5,000 Polarized Fractaline before the end of the Season will earn a Triumph and emblem.

Everyone in the community will also receive a shader when all stages are completed. Here’s a look at community goals for the seven stages:

  • Stage 1: 400,000,000
  • Stage 2: 700,000,000
  • Stage 3: 1,200,000,000
  • Stage 4: ???
  • Stage 5: ???
  • Stage 6: ???
  • Stage 7: ???

Everyone is welcome to contribute. Remember to claim Destiny 2: The Collection with your Stadia Pro subscription if you haven’t already.

That’s it for this week. For the very latest on what’s happening with Stadia, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Until next time, enjoy racing toward the finish line, trading fisticuffs with the Joker, and hanging with your friends in Destiny 2: The Collection.


By: Stadia Team

Community Member

This is awesome! Can't wait for Doom Eternal.

Community Member

Hopefully this Destiny event will rev up some activity! Looking forward to the increased playerbase!!!

Community Member
Another nothing update.
Community Member

That's it?

Community Member
Forget the negative members. This is a great update. New game to purchase. Awareness given on events within games. Look forward to the update on wireless Stadia controller on PC/phone, and the eventual 4k on PC. Thanks for the update!
Community Member
I just love seeing updates from Stadia, whatever is in it! Wish you guys decided to stick with the weekly updates, but I understand there's not that much to say at the moment.
Community Member
I appreciate this type of update! I feel bad for the Stadia community team. People complained about the lack of updates. Now we’re getting updates and people are complaining.
Community Member
My store says 69,99€ for Monster supercross So ...77,26 USD.
Community Member

Yay, games and content! 119 more games to go for 2020!

Community Member
and 10 more exclusive titles to go!
Community Member
I want Fifa 20 on Stadia.
Community Member
wow a 2nd motorcycle game. I should renew my pro subscription...
Community Member

Why does the game costs 69,99€? Your update states 59,99$ and euro is more than dollar.

Community Member

@Anarchy I Know I won't be. The problem is just destiny 2 in general, it's just really not that great if a game and def a bad pick for Stadia. In terms of the game is already so far ahead, stadia players have to start from zero/scratch. So unless you're some hardcore D2 player (who has high leveled characters in multiple platforms and that's why u were able to speed rush ur Stadia account to get high as well) u most likely are like me, low leveled still, confused as **bleep**, because there is just WAY TO MUCH in the game to grasp, n u can't do pretty much ANY of these "events" because again you're low level and haven't unlocked the requirements etc.


All I know is for the longest time all I've wanted was an assault rifle in the game (because I made the error of taking a trash hand cannon as my primary to try it out and it sucks major balls come pvp when ur facing people with assault rifles) and I never get an assualt rifle drop. No idea where to buy weapons or if u even can, cause most people u talk to in this game u just pick up "quests" from. The ui/navigation. In the game is an absolute mess it reminds me so much of Warframe (a free to play game) n truthfully coming from the makers of Halo. Idk how this game is as big as it is. Really don't.

All they literally needed to do was make another Halo pretty much. Instead u just have a mess, too much to navigate through, literally no clear direction in the game (why I've lost all interest in it, I have no idea what I'm doing,supposed to be doing, or if I'm even playing the game right or wrong) it's trash games like this that can take some notes from simplicity, nmaking games just straight forward and "linear" ,just put me into my game, let me play my mission, keep the rest of the junk, that just causes confusion and adds just more cluster to the game. It's like trying to be an mmo and sorry that's just BAD to do with an fps. Stop Making SIMPLE fpses into something they are not.

So like many, they prob can't even participate in this event, because they are low level, so I highly doubt this will increase the player base, just cause u hardcores enjoy destiny 2 it really is just a bad game for new players. Just way to much going on and little direction to help you out and actually understand the game. It's just a bad pick. All they needed was CoD truthfully (n hopefully that partnership they just did brings it to Stadia) because the Stadia crowd truthfully just isn't made up of "a lot" of hardcore gamers, sure there are some but most of those hardcore are the ones bashing on stairs and sticking to their PC's or consoles. Most stadia players are casual gamers or not gamers at all (and that's why Stadia intrigues them because of the EASE of playing games) and I'm sorry a game like destiny 2 when it's so far along already is just a BAD idea to give to non gamers/casual gamers. 

It's like telling someone go play WoW (who has never played it obv and is not a gamer) you're taking about a game that's been around since 2003, has up the A content and you expect someone who has never played games to just get thrown in and adapt to that? They would be lost, lose interest and most likely just never play again. 

Literally how destiny 2 feels. Just way to much when the game could literally just be simple, more like Halo (with direct missions etc) and just less confusing BS. I know I play this game every now and then and it's for pvp but truthfully it's just not a good game. Least not for a casual gamer such as myself, as I said just way too much going on in it. I don't do MMOs for that exact reason lol just wasn't expecting it in an fps and from the guys who made Halo. I was just expecting another Halo lol 

Community Member
We need this kind of update every week with a new game every time
Community Member

Love the update 

Thank you Stadia


Community Member

Counting the days down to get Baldur's Gate 3!

Community Member

@Geraldo couldn't agree more

Community Member

@Geraldo @Ranger Couldn't agree more with both of you ☺

Community Member
Great update, thanks for compiling this info. Keep it up! P.s to all the neg-heads. As more games get released on the platform, this style of update will get beefier. The format is great, and constructive feedback is always better than outright negative reinforcement.
Community Member

@ShoI understand where you're coming from with Destiny 2 because I was the same way at as a single player Halo fan, but since then I have come around to really enjoying Destiny 2 as a solo player. By "assault rifle", I assume you mean either an auto rifle or a pulse rifle, and the easiest way to get one and also level up pretty fast is to just play through the first Destiny 2 campaign, which is actually a lot like Halo. Before you know it, you'll have plenty of assault rifles and just about every other type of weapon pretty quickly, and it won't be too long till your leve willl be caught up with the average Destiny 2 player. My time is taken up with the equivalent of 2+ jobs and I play very casually just a few minutes here and there when I can, and I am already at level 906, which is considered to be higher level grinding territory. What I've been doing is just slowly doing research on the different parts of the game as I play and it hasn't taken me that long to become pretty knowledgeable about its systems, and I'm really enjoying it. Since you sound a lot like me as a player, I would encourage you to just play all of the way through the campaign and tinker with the rest in between and I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

Community Member

It would be nice if Motocross 3 was competitively priced. Better yet, even lower priced then the competion, you know, to entice more people to buy on your platform. That's usually how competive markets work. I guess you are trying to get people to stick with their PS & xbox's.

Community Member

@MyFS well def thanks for the feedback, honestly though, going back to what I said, with the confusion stuff, I have no idea how to even just start/resume/continue the story, because it's all this whole pick this place to go then talk to the right person etc, Halo was just you're out into a scenario/mission and pretty much just kill things room to room, simple sure but it did what it needed to do. (Imo) so truthfully I've just given up on destiny 2 I mean aye to each their own I just personally dunno how anyone can see that this is better than Halo. Honestly I can see where it's better if you're again hardcore into gaming, as in, you like to grind, you like to customize up the A you like a million guns etc. I just like simple fps games lol destiny 2 really is just too much but def thanks man.

Community Member

I'm not sure that Destiny 2 gameplay counts as real communication from The Stadia Team. I know about the Empyrean from many sources, but mostly YouTube content creators.

What I would like to hear from 'The Stadia Team' is when all of the features will be in place. I still can't chat using a supported controller while playing Destiny 2 on the Chrome browser.

Community Member
@Sho it takes like an hour to get your first scout rifle. I literally started in november and almost maxed my light by the end of November and it was my first time playing. It's a fantastic game, you just don't understand games more complex that CoD and that's not Bungie's fault.
Community Member

@GioP  aye no hate glad you like it. N when I was younger,had no life and could do that kinda stuff (same reason I avoid story based games that are hours long, or GTA type open world endless kind of games)maybe I would have liked destiny 2 more (or 1) just atm my current point in life, I do not have that kind of time, I'd rather just hop in, hop off, as I said before even when I DID play destiny 2,It was mainly the pvp aspect, because at least that reminded me of Halo mvp (to a degree they are def different) and it was jump in and out/on and off.

I also never "blamed" bungie or said it was their fault lol, I simply just avoid the game. All I said was coming from the team who MADE HALO (a more simple game) "I" just personally don't see how destiny 2 is better. Or good for that matter. That's obv just my opinion and why I said I just don't play it. Don't hate it either. Just not my cup of tea, guess I'm too "stupid" for such complex games 😛 u can keep em. They r trash. It just proves that simplicity still beats "complex" TRASH 10/10 times lol (again just my opinion).

Glad people out there ARE enjoying the game though and there are some out there who do find it fantastic. I have a few friends who I see pretty much playing that game all the time they are on (so, not saying it's "not good" just not for me).

@Perps that's for the devs to set the prices and make their games/allow them to go on sale. Google may have "some" control over that stuff but ultimately it's up to the devs/pubs, on what they do with their games, sales wise as well as allowing them to go "free" (part of the Stadia pro sub of course) and obv the base price (what it's set at, if they ever perm drop it etc.).

Community Member
Last news gave free games that i already bought so no new news there. THIS time we get ONE game and some news about games we already have. If nothing significant happens by the end of this month, i'm cancelling my pro subscription in favor of paying for GeForceNOW! ...To think how i obliviously supported you and held on for since the very beginning, only for this outcome. I had real hopes! I saw major potential! You're wasting it. You're destroying yourself
Community Member
Keep up the good work!!
Community Member
Is there a place where i can see all games coming to stadia with release dates? Would help with my game purchases of other game systems. I like stadia to be my main place to game. Also when can i play on my phone like seen in the E3 release? Currently can only play on tv with out issues. I tried pc but controls suck with keyboard and currently can not connect controller to stadia on my pc. I hope my membership doesnt run out before i get what was advertised.
Community Member
J'aime j'adore avoir l'impression de m'être fait volé 120 balle en ayant fait confiance a la firme la plus honnête pour moi merci Google je vous kiffe vous êtes trop lent nvidia vous met un tour d'avance avec un plus gros catalogue et leur applis fonctionne sur réseau mobile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Community Member

Please bring out the free base stadia so i can jump into Stadia!