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This Week on Stadia: New free games coming to Stadia Pro

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Stadia Employee
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August kicks off with four more games headed to Stadia Pro, including two games making their Stadia debut. Also this week: a new Stadia Experiment that lets you try out your games in more places than ever before!

New games coming to Stadia Pro August 1

We’re starting this Saturday off with four more games on Pro! The curses of ancient Egypt return to life in Strange Brigade, a cooperative action adventure for up to four friends. You’ll explore labyrinths prowled by undead guardians and hideous monsters. Harness traps to turn the tables on your enemies, or blast your way to the heart of Seteki’s temple. Strange Brigade is new on Stadia and ready to claim on Stadia Pro beginning August 1.

Embrace your inner detective in Kona, a chilling adventure set in a snowbound Canadian village. Something strange is at work at the edge of the world, and it’s up to you to solve the mystery and survive. Kona challenges both your wits and your nerves. Unravel a web of clues as you search a spooky, abandoned northern retreat in the midst of a deadly blizzard. New on Stadia!

Face the terrors of post-apocalyptic Moscow tunnels with Metro 2033 Redux, a story-driven, single-player first person shooter. Make your way through a post-war odyssey that challenges you to think quickly and move quicker to survive.

The rhythm pulses and the world changes in Just Shapes & Beats. Test your reflexes against the beat across dynamic levels that move and shift around you. It’s a completely unique musical experience.

Play all four of these games free with Stadia Pro starting August 1. They’re just a few of the games you can claim today and keep as long as you stay subscribed.

Rock of Ages III coming to Stadia Pro later this month

Later in August, the boulder-rolling action of Rock of Ages III arrives, launching straight into Stadia Pro. Crush everything that stands in your path, build your own levels, and share them with friends to spread the destruction! Look for it starting August 14.

Don’t miss Zombie Army 4: Dead War

The end of this month is also your last chance to claim the chilling Zombie Army 4: Dead War free with Stadia Pro. Pick up Zombie Army 4 before August 1 and you can keep it as long as you have a Pro subscription. After August 1, Zombie Army 4: Dead War will still be available to purchase in the Stadia store.

Climb the mountain in Celeste

Welcome to Celeste, the award-winning platformer about friendship, failure, and confronting ourselves. And also gathering strawberries. It’s simply one of the best video games in years, and it’s on Stadia right now. Purchase Celeste for $19.99 USD in the Stadia store beginning today, July 28.

Take a look at what’s new with PUBG

A reminder that PUBG Season 8 is coming July 30 and the Season 8 Survival Pass will be free with Stadia Pro. The new season will have new Loot Trucks, improved Jerry Cans, a massively updated Sanhok map, and much more. And be sure to spend your Survivor Pass: Cold Front Coupons before Season 8 goes live, or you’ll lose them!

Get Orcs Must Die! 3 free today with Pro

In case you missed the news in the recent Stadia Connect, the first new game from Stadia Games & Entertainment is free on Stadia Pro. Orcs Must Die! 3 is out right now. Team up with a friend and take on gruesome green gangs of orcs in this action/tower defense hybrid.

Try out Stadia with 4G and 5G!

Try games on Stadia using 4G and 5G with a new Stadia Experiment launching July 28. If you’d like to be part of this Experiment, you can opt in to cellular play by opening the Stadia app on an Android phone, clicking on your avatar in the top right corner, selecting Experiments, and then choosing Use Mobile Data. We’ll have more opt-in programs in the future as we bring even more helpful features to Stadia.

The Summer of Games sale continues

Special deals are waiting this week for Stadia Pro subscribers:

  • Assassin's Creed® Odyssey for $19.80 USD
  • Mortal Kombat 11 for $25 USD
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath for $27.99 USD
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath Kollection for $41.99 USD
  • NBA 2K20 Legend Edition for $25 USD
  • The Crew 2 for $15 USD
  • The Crew 2 - Gold Edition for $19.80 USD
  • Trials Rising for $10 USD

Everyone can save on these games, on sale now in the Stadia store:

  • Lost Words: Beyond the Page for $11.99 USD
  • Mortal Kombat 11 for $29.99 USD
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath Kollection for $47.99 USD
  • NBA 2K20 for $19.80 USD
  • NBA 2K20 Digital Deluxe for $24 USD
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 for $47.99 USD
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Special Edition for $53.59 USD
  • The Crew 2 for $25 USD
  • The Crew 2 - Gold Edition for $45 USD
  • Trials Rising for $12.50 USD

That’s the news for the week. Follow Stadia on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for even more updates.


By: Stadia Team

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Community Member

I don't know, perhaps it's just gamer's fatigue, but it just feels like a lot of games that no one will ever really play are getting added for the sake of expanding the library, while many features that current subscribers need are lagging behind and don't seem to be much of a focus...

Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

What a huge pro lineup and the ability to play on data to top it off!

I was so tempted to buy Just Shapes and Beats but had a hunch it would be a pro game. Wins all around today!

Community Member

It's really great to see these experimental features coming out to expand how we can play our games and how Stadia reaches new people and places! 

Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Wasn't aware Lost Words is on sale for $12. Been wanting to check out the game. Time to use the $10 voucher 🙂

Community Member

RDR2 is way too pricey. The most I've seen it for on any other platform is about £30-£35. The game is 2 years old. I wan't to play it again but not for release day prices.

Community Member

I'm excited to be able to play off my data elder scrolls everywhere now !!! Thanks you !!!

Community Member

I really am trying to fully commit to Stadia and I have seen huge improvements in communication but I am growing concerned about the quality of title on offer. As next gen approaches is Stadia going to able to stay relevant....I hope so

Community Member


Strange Brigade!! Thank you Stadia. 

Community Member

Hoping Stadia ramps things up for next-gen. Really happy with the Pro games, but it does feel similar to offerings in the past. 

Community Member

@Streamer I think you mean that they are adding games that YOU will never play. I've been playing and enjoying many of these games that I never would have played otherwise. 

Community Member

Friendly reminder that Ubisoft enables sexual, emotional, and physical abusers and should not get your money, even if their games are on sale.

Community Member

You guys know Stadia is bringing Serious Sam 4, Balder's Gate 3, FarCry 6, WatchDaogs Legions, Cyberpunk 2077, Avengers, Valhalla right?


This is great for Pro.


Thanks Stadia!



BTW OMD3 is awesome!

Community Member

Uh Metro & Kona 😍

Time to resub again!

Community Member

Yesss! Let the good times roll! Excellent lineup. Keep em coming. Cannot wait to try out mobile gaming with my Razer Kishi controller. Wondering when exactly that feature will go live... Overall, Excellent update on the community today. Question, when will friend messaging and other social features be added? I don't want to keep relying on social media to communicate with my new friends. 

Community Member

Thank u stadia team for listening to me I was hoping it will come as a pro game for more people I'm so glad it camed as a pro game just shapes and beats players rise up and rock the cloud gaming with our skills

Community Member

Any update on iOS availability?

Community Member


You need more AAA games, and you need them fast, I joined stadia a couple of months ago, I'm pretty sure I'm still on my free "Pro" trial. 


I'm lucky, I'm 42 and retired, my time is my own, and I generally spent my time behind shouted at for not paying any attention to the missus because I'm on some form of game. 

I've been a "gamer" since before the word existed, when I used to play Pong on my Atari 2600, or Spectrum ZX81 etc. 


When I first joined Stadia I was massively impressed I could essentially take my "computer" with me by clipping an Ozrly case onto my jeans or suit, and off I go. 


Trouble is, I've played through AC Odyssey, RDR2, half way through FFXV, then all I'm left with is doom and Xenoverse + MK Afterlife, ie, I'm eating my way through your catalogue way faster than you've been adding to it, as most of it is made up by first person shooters (not my thing, same goes for driving games) and games that I've admittedly enjoyed playing for half an hour or so just for laughs, but if it comes between Monster Hunter and a Steam world game, I know where I'm going (PS, it isn't Steam world Dig). 


So while Stadia has a few problems (no chat type function, extremely limited voice chat, and the controller can't power what I would consider a decent pair of cans (pretty much anything over £50, (out of my Bose, Sennheiser and all other headsets, the only ones with decent volume, are a pair I got free with a 10 year old Samsung phone) because they just can't power the drivers) I'm willing to stick with it, and even metaphorically "cheer" for it, I genuinely want this to be a success.



You need to be taking pre orders for AC:Valhalla and you need to be adding AAA games to the catalogue like the future of Stadia depends on it, because it does! 


Get more, better games, and get them fast, or lose your playerbase before it even has a chance to take off, and sort out wireless headset compatibility, the fact you haven't already is a disgrace. 


Apologies for the stern words, but they come from a sincere desire to see Stadia succeed! 

Community Member

alot of cool games and free pubg pass i hyped 

Community Member

Still waiting for news about Baldur's Gate 3...

Community Member

When is Destroy All Humans coming out for Stadia?

Community Member

Love the pro games this month but what happened to destory all humans the trailer says it launched today

Community Member

Although I couldn't resist buying MK 11 Aftermath Kollection with Stadia Pro Deals and the $10 credit, this is why I am extra careful with my Stadia's spending, been Founder and Pro since day 1 and no longer Stadia is the same without the Pro subs. 

Community Member

DrSpaceman it's coming in August as long as the devs don't delay

Community Member

Just waiting for Stadia on Android TV and Controller Bluetooth support...

But the Service is Amazing !! Thank you ❤️

Community Member

 More games I would never play.  Even Free.

  and Celeste.. really?

That game has been given away on so many platforms already. /yawn


People would get excited for a turd if it had Stadia stamped on it.

Community Member

I'm not sure how good of an idea it is to add games that have already been available for purchase to Stadia Pro. Personally it makes me hesitant to buy games on Stadia, knowing that it may just be a waste of money if it gets added to Pro. It also makes me wonder if I should even continue my Pro sub if it is going to end up full of games that I already paid for. I'm not mad about it, just concerned. As a man with near infinite patience, I am overall very happy with Stadia thus far and hope you folks keep up the good work. Thanks.

Community Member

Destroy all humans???

Community Member

I'm not seeing an option to use mobile data in experiments. I've got the latest version of the Stadia app and I'm in the UK. 

Community Member


Community Member

Thank you stadia team!!! Been waiting for 4g gaming finally its here!! Well done and thanks for the continued hard work!

Community Member

I'm very excited about this update! Metro is a big one for me and I'm glad it's going free for Pro. I've been waiting to play it! Exodus and it's DLC content we're excellent and have me wanting more!

Kona looks interesting too, as does Strange Brigade. I'm looking forward to both!

Community Member


Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Sounds really nice for me the new Stadia Pro games, so thanks to the team for this!

Looking forward to new exciting titles and also cool that the experimental feature of 5G has launched as well.

August will be a good month anyway I feel (heard that BG3 is coming then as well, question is just if on Stadia too then or later).

Community Member


Unfortunately they have no more.

For a time I thought it was a business strategy to get in quietly and in a while crush the entire market.

But Google has launched into the market empty-handed, wanting to compete at the same level as consoles or the PC and this cannot be.

Community Member

I really Losing fate in Stadia and thinking of quiting the service. I really Just getting games that i dont want to play... The liberary of games is poor and outdated. I really wanted to play ubisoft games through uplay plus.

Wanted to play Fifa 21,but thats comming out much later Then the other platforms.

I am Just Lösung Hope... 

Community Member

Some people are complaining but when you see what Xbox live gold and PSplus have to offer in August you're actually lucky to be here...

Community Member



You guys know Stadia is bringing Serious Sam 4, Balder's Gate 3, FarCry 6, WatchDaogs Legions, Cyberpunk 2077, Avengers, Valhalla right?


This is great for Pro.


Thanks Stadia!"


All those games have been coming out for ages, with the exception of BG 3, which is being kept hush hush, all those games are being released on other platforms too, with pre order bonuses in the case of games like Valhalla, why not give us the same options on Stadia? 


You're acting as if a few games that we've been told are coming out "soon" (which could realistically end up being several months) , and almost certainly later than other platforms is a good thing, it's not, it's the bare minimum, @StadiaTeam need to understand that the game catalog is what is keeping thousands if not tens of thousands of people from the platform.

I've shown off Stadia to all my friends, even talked a few into getting on board with it, they all left after the initial month of pro, I even had a friend come round at about 2 in the morning as they were impressed by RDR2 (even though they already owned it on PC), and had decided to buy more games, after looking through the games catalogue, they were convinced that they just weren't looking in the right place, and that the ENTIRE GAME CATALOG, were just games being promoted this month, when I told them "sorry, that's it so far, but BG3 and CP 2077 are due for release, they asked a question I simply couldn't answer," so what am I supposed to play till then, and then why not just buy it on PC" he's a graphic designer and upgrading his PC is part of his job, so basically Stadia is just a better version of Steam Link to him. 

Stadia needs games AAA games, good games, lots of them, now!

There is a clear division between the comments already, those who just say "wow pumped for" recent games on Pro" and for some reason get masses of "kudos" for saying the frankly mostly garbage pro games that I've never heard of, and will never play more than 10 minutes each, and those who point out actual problems with the platform, from a genuine desire to try and help Stadia grow and succeed who nobody seems to "kudos".

I've only been on Stadia for 2 months, and in that time, for me, the game catalog hasn't grown in any meaningful way, sure, there are more games, but am I ever going to play any of them? No. 

The only good games that are on the platform are at least a year old (the closest thing we have to a new game is MK Aftermath), I could open my steam library, and just randomly pick out 10 games or so, all a year or so old (so presumably licencing issues shouldn't be a problem) , and all of a sudden you have thousands of hours of gaming to keep people happy.

It's like this platform is being run by people with no experience with "hardcore" gamers, people who think BG3, CP 2077 and a couple of other games are going to keep people happy till the end of the year. 

I'll have blown through all the new games coming out, if they're good I may be on my 3rd or 4th playthrough when I ask "what can I play next, oh, this looks good, initial release date (which will be pushed back twice) 4 months from now, and that's where I just cut my ties with Stadia.


I'm going to say this one last time for the @StadiaTeam release a lot of games for sale, stop concentrating on "Pro" if you release more good games that are already out, I'll keep "Pro" just for the deals, that's where it's usefulness ends for me anyway, and if the Stadia business model is reliant on lots of people having "Pro" then the people who maybe can't afford to buy whatever they want whenever they want will continue to use "Pro" for the free games, in the meantime, I'll still have "Pro" because so long as at least one game I want is on a special "Pro" sale each month, I Save the money I spent on the subscription, but if there are no games then I want to buy, I'm gone, and so is anyone else with "spending power", and we're the market you should be trying to tap into, not people who weren't even born when BG and BG2 were initially released, people who can't afford to buy Valhalla on pre release, but can afford a small subscription fee for (and let's be totally honest here) mostly garage games, games that sold so badly or are so poor, that you can afford to "give them away" for a few dollars a month.


I could go on all day, but I think you get the point, get the licencing rights to sell top tier games, lots of them, concentrate on that, not "Pro" and the rest will look after itself, either do that, or lose members as fast as you gain them.


Community Member

I really appreciate these updates.

The numbers of games I have in Pro coupled with what I've purchased is growing nicely.

Really happy to have mobile data and I had a hunch about the possibility of the games releasing on Aug 1st may have been for Pro. Super news for Strange Brigade and Metro!

The service is steadily growing and with AAA titles on the horizon, this is a step in the right direction. Really looking to getting on with course designing in PGA Tour 2K21 in August...

I'd still like to see inventory management for the growing games library (being able to sort delete hide titles), but after the updates this month by Stadia, I'll survive another month for sure!

Keep up the great work Stadia 😉

Community Member

Random I simply think your expectations of what Stadia is and should be are very skewed. If you want AAA title right now and that's the only type of games you play. I feel sorry for ya.

Community Member

@Classic-Rando there are over 70 games on Stadia with Division Two, Breakpoint, PUBG, Doom, AC, Racing games, OMD3...

Community Member



"Random I simply think your expectations of what Stadia is and should be are very skewed. If you want AAA title right now and that's the only type of games you play. I feel sorry for ya."


1, that's Rando. 

2, Google is one of the largest companies in the world, if it doesn't have the buying power to get the licences for more AAA games, then I'm Jeff Bezos. 

3. It's just a case of the business model needing a little tinkering with

4. Why do you feel sorry for me, because I like to play good games? Odd, very odd. 


PS, also I retired at 38, I'll never have to work or worry about money again, don't feel too bad for me. 

Community Member

It takes a long time to port games over especially with Stadia being a new system. It takes time more than money in games. That's what most are missing.

@Classic-Rando I'm in development and am looking n track to retire about the same age 😅 life's absolutely not all about money though. Plenty of famous billionaires I feel sorry for. 

Community Member


"being a new system. It takes time more than money in games. That's what most are missing.


@Classic-Rando I'm in development and am looking n track to retire about the same age 😅 life's absolutely not all about money though. Plenty of famous billionaires I feel sorry for. "


Sure dude, I say something you don't like, so you try and whip out your epeen? 

Nice, nice, tell me more about how much better than me you are, 😅😅😅😅

Community Member

In 2-3 years time we will have all games day and date and exclusives coming out regularly. Stadia games and entertainment is only a year old and have only had that same time to work with supermassive and the like

Community Member

@Classic-Rando  and now I see exactly the type of person you are

Community Member

Also they've had since November to port games over, they manage to get a ton of crap done really quickly, but those pesky AAA games are somehow different? 



Community Member

@Classic-Rando yes they are different... That's what no one seems to grasp.

Community Member


Community Member

C'mon, I turned on "use mobile data" and I still can't connect my controller! It still says I need to connect to the wifi but I have no wifi where I live, I really want to play this console because I just bought it

Community Member

@Yodainmysoda1 you can't buy Stadia it's free you only subscribe if you want to, don't have to.