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This Week on Stadia: New free games coming to Stadia Pro

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August kicks off with four more games headed to Stadia Pro, including two games making their Stadia debut. Also this week: a new Stadia Experiment that lets you try out your games in more places than ever before!

New games coming to Stadia Pro August 1

We’re starting this Saturday off with four more games on Pro! The curses of ancient Egypt return to life in Strange Brigade, a cooperative action adventure for up to four friends. You’ll explore labyrinths prowled by undead guardians and hideous monsters. Harness traps to turn the tables on your enemies, or blast your way to the heart of Seteki’s temple. Strange Brigade is new on Stadia and ready to claim on Stadia Pro beginning August 1.

Embrace your inner detective in Kona, a chilling adventure set in a snowbound Canadian village. Something strange is at work at the edge of the world, and it’s up to you to solve the mystery and survive. Kona challenges both your wits and your nerves. Unravel a web of clues as you search a spooky, abandoned northern retreat in the midst of a deadly blizzard. New on Stadia!

Face the terrors of post-apocalyptic Moscow tunnels with Metro 2033 Redux, a story-driven, single-player first person shooter. Make your way through a post-war odyssey that challenges you to think quickly and move quicker to survive.

The rhythm pulses and the world changes in Just Shapes & Beats. Test your reflexes against the beat across dynamic levels that move and shift around you. It’s a completely unique musical experience.

Play all four of these games free with Stadia Pro starting August 1. They’re just a few of the games you can claim today and keep as long as you stay subscribed.

Rock of Ages III coming to Stadia Pro later this month

Later in August, the boulder-rolling action of Rock of Ages III arrives, launching straight into Stadia Pro. Crush everything that stands in your path, build your own levels, and share them with friends to spread the destruction! Look for it starting August 14.

Don’t miss Zombie Army 4: Dead War

The end of this month is also your last chance to claim the chilling Zombie Army 4: Dead War free with Stadia Pro. Pick up Zombie Army 4 before August 1 and you can keep it as long as you have a Pro subscription. After August 1, Zombie Army 4: Dead War will still be available to purchase in the Stadia store.

Climb the mountain in Celeste

Welcome to Celeste, the award-winning platformer about friendship, failure, and confronting ourselves. And also gathering strawberries. It’s simply one of the best video games in years, and it’s on Stadia right now. Purchase Celeste for $19.99 USD in the Stadia store beginning today, July 28.

Take a look at what’s new with PUBG

A reminder that PUBG Season 8 is coming July 30 and the Season 8 Survival Pass will be free with Stadia Pro. The new season will have new Loot Trucks, improved Jerry Cans, a massively updated Sanhok map, and much more. And be sure to spend your Survivor Pass: Cold Front Coupons before Season 8 goes live, or you’ll lose them!

Get Orcs Must Die! 3 free today with Pro

In case you missed the news in the recent Stadia Connect, the first new game from Stadia Games & Entertainment is free on Stadia Pro. Orcs Must Die! 3 is out right now. Team up with a friend and take on gruesome green gangs of orcs in this action/tower defense hybrid.

Try out Stadia with 4G and 5G!

Try games on Stadia using 4G and 5G with a new Stadia Experiment launching July 28. If you’d like to be part of this Experiment, you can opt in to cellular play by opening the Stadia app on an Android phone, clicking on your avatar in the top right corner, selecting Experiments, and then choosing Use Mobile Data. We’ll have more opt-in programs in the future as we bring even more helpful features to Stadia.

The Summer of Games sale continues

Special deals are waiting this week for Stadia Pro subscribers:

  • Assassin's Creed® Odyssey for $19.80 USD
  • Mortal Kombat 11 for $25 USD
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath for $27.99 USD
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath Kollection for $41.99 USD
  • NBA 2K20 Legend Edition for $25 USD
  • The Crew 2 for $15 USD
  • The Crew 2 - Gold Edition for $19.80 USD
  • Trials Rising for $10 USD

Everyone can save on these games, on sale now in the Stadia store:

  • Lost Words: Beyond the Page for $11.99 USD
  • Mortal Kombat 11 for $29.99 USD
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath Kollection for $47.99 USD
  • NBA 2K20 for $19.80 USD
  • NBA 2K20 Digital Deluxe for $24 USD
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 for $47.99 USD
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Special Edition for $53.59 USD
  • The Crew 2 for $25 USD
  • The Crew 2 - Gold Edition for $45 USD
  • Trials Rising for $12.50 USD

That’s the news for the week. Follow Stadia on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for even more updates.


By: Stadia Team

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Community Member

@Yodainmysoda1 Stadia controller uses wifi but you can use any other Bluetooth controller to play on your phone if you don't want to use on screen controls.

Stadia Player
Stadia Player



"@Classic-Rando yes they are different... That's what no one seems to grasp."


The difference is in the licensing costs, a good team of devs can port the game engine over in 5 minutes if you pay them enough. 

Community Member

@Classic-Rando 5 mins... I wish! 😅😅

Stadia Player
Stadia Player



"@Yodainmysoda1 you can't buy Stadia it's free you only subscribe if you want to, don't have to." 


As soon as you buy a game, you essentially "buy" Stadia, and the right to use it forever. 

Just because it isn't a physical console, doesn't mean you don't buy it, 


I have quite an extensive background in law as well as hobby knowledge of most forms of IT, if it went to court I'm pretty confident I would win a case about someone "owning" Stadia, if they bought a game. 

Stadia Player
Stadia Player


"Classic-Rando 5 mins... I wish! 😅"



Ever heard of hyperbole? 

Yes 5 mins is an obvious exaduratuion for comedy purposes, but they could have got a ton more games done since November!

Tell me I'm wrong, if you actually do understand what we're talking about, be honest, and tell me I'm wrong! 

Community Member

@Classic-Rando  I'll just say that it takes longer than you seem to think. Especially since stadians Linux servers are very different than what's in Xbox or Playstation

Community Member

@Classic-Rando  you own the game not Stadia

Stadia Player
Stadia Player



YYou own the right to play the game on Stadia, a case could very easily be made that you therefore own the right to the stadia platform.

It's a pretty standard contract clause when buying something entirely virtual that you "own the rights to the virtual thing", whatever it is, in this case a game, and the right to use the stadia platform.

So if you buy a game, and don't break contract, ie ToS, or another offence that could get you banned, you basically "own stadia". 

You can keep on arguing stupid points that you clearly don't understand, but you'll have to do it with someone else, it's midnight, I'm tired, and I feel like I'm picking on a toddler that doesn't understand what is going on around him.

Goodnight @JakeFromSF, and before I go, 1 tip, don't punch above your weight, I learned this early on physically and metaphorically, it's genuine advice, what you choose to do with it is completely up to you 

Community Member

I’ve quit pro.. games are old titles and boring. Lost a lot of interest with stadia at the moment,  Hope it gets better otherwise I’m going to carry on investing  my time and money back on PlayStation. 

Stadia Player
Stadia Player

Old games & no Ios support, it would be good to be able to play on IPad Pro. Please accelerate AAA release such as Jedi fallen order and make it available at a good price. It feels like we are playing games released 1 to 2 years ago.

Community Member


You are Just so right! 

Maybe Stadia is for other sort of games...

I Just dont understand the assiusiasm of many that are happy with what Stadia is offering right now. 

I have already purchased my shadow PC again.

Can play steam games almost every where and steam has Better games and Better deals for me.. I had so much expectation of stadia Due to googles Power. But developers arent even very interested in taking the effort in promoting Stadia. 

PS5 seems to be more populär by now than Stadia ever Was... 

To those enjoying stadia: 

Keep enjoying, everBody is free to choose what is best for them.

Community Member

@Streamer That's kind of what I thought, too. But, then, I started playing Farming Simulator 19, which was (and, maybe, still is) free with PRO.  I can't stop now.  Same for Orcs Must Die 3.  My son and I spend hours on that game.  You'd be surprised how good some of these games are.

Community Member

Is it just me or as a pro member are we just getting a bunch of second tier free Android games, and those that we pay for (LFD2) are so void of players the the player experience just kinda sucks....

Community Member

Any chance of adding Rocket League? It's on all the other platforms and would be great to have on Stadia.

Community Member

@RaRa I would love that!

Stadia Player
Stadia Player


"@Classic-Rando  I'll just say that it takes longer than you seem to think. Especially since stadians Linux servers are very different than what's in Xbox or PlayStation"


Seriously you take 12 hours and that's all you come back with? 

The money Google has access too, and the software devs already working for the company could be porting games over in their sleep, but they seem to have the same attitude that you do, in 2 or 3 years, we'll have lots of games. 


1, in 2 or 3 years, unless Stadia fix their business model, we won't have Stadia in 2 or 3 years. 

2, as another poster noted, Google barely seems willing to advertise the existence of Stadia. The sheer number of times I've heard "what's stadia" from decade long veterans of Wow, and people who have put between 5 and 10 thousand hours into Ark. 

These are people who are true gamers, they put more money into games and equipment than most people spend on a mortgage, and these are the people who Stadia isn't catering too, it seems to be a system set up primarily for children (lots and lots of "kids games", and the "pro" subscription seems clearly aimed at kids who can get their parents to drop a few dollars a month on a subscription, but don't have the money to drop on AC:Valhalla pre order (something I want to do, and at this rate I'll end up doing it on another platform). 


Stadia needs to decide what it wants to be, in competition with the big names in gaming, or a niche platform for kids who can't afford to buy real games. 


I'm sorry if these posts have come across as me throwing "shade" or whatever you want to call it at the "pro" games, but to me, and an increasing amount of people it seriously seems like they are there to make up the numbers in the games catalogue, and make it feel like I'm "getting something" for my pro membership! 

Community Member

Im only here because i keep forgetting to cancel my pro membership each month!

90% of the games are not to my taste/age range!

I wanted to enjoy Stadia, but its not easy.

I just cant wait to get my hands on the new xbox n Halo!

Community Member

Kona is great.. Problem is.. It was great 4 years ago.. and its still great on the PC where I can buy it outright for $2. 

The only good thing about giving away Kona is it was criminally underrated the first couple of times it came out on other platforms.. so at least a few more people will get to play it. 

Same for Metro 2033.. I mean.. it was already a Redux 6 years ago.. the original was 10 years ago.. everyone has already played this, so again.. just filler to fulfil the requirement to give me some value (debatable) for my pro sub.  


Did anyone at @StadiaTeam consider trying to get the developers (who apart from a VR port haven't done anything else for 4 years).. to actually make a NEW Kona game for Stadia?



Community Member

Orcs must die 3 is great fun. Can't wait to try the new games. 

Please keep them coming because I really want Stadia to be my next gen gaming solution. 


Community Member

Just grabbed NBA 2k20 and Shadow of Tomb Raider at a hefty discount. Thanks! 🙂

Community Member

Uh! I just finished the book and I cannot wait to play metro 2033 😍



Community Member

How on earth is Stadia going to compete with PS5? Stadia is looking like a last gen poor man's gaming platform. 

Community Member


So true, looks like Google rushed to market to get a foothold because xcloud was close to launch. 

The power of cloud gaming and the might of Google's billions no where to be seen. If I had thought I'd be playing retro games I would never of signed up to be a founder. 

I do believe in the possibilities of the platform, but it looks like the project is being run by people who haven't a clue how to deliver the vision. 

I've cancelled my pro subscription and buying a PS5... I already have a gaming pc, just wanted something to play on the TV, thought Stadia was going to be the perfect solution, found out it's a perfect potato! 🙂



Community Member

As with any thing new now or days breaking into the gaming industry is harder then it was 20 odd years ago. You're all missing the point to Stadia.

Yes most of the games are older and re released on multiple platforms. But your not seeing what's going on on the game markets . to play the New games coming out for next generation consoles you are going to be forced into buying a new system to play there triple A games. That just so happen to be coming to Stadia as well. Now with the exception of the games they own like halo and God of war and so on.yes all the other platforms have great games coming out. Also I might be tempted to get a console to try one of them out . I personally never thought I'd be playing RED dead redemption on my phone on long car trips or hell even elder scrolls online 

You have to understand some times you cant get the rights to some games because they are owned by Sony or Xbox or Nintendo. They're doing as good as any multi billion dollar company can do at this point and trying to fill the gaps in until the newer AAA games hit the market that are worth buying shared rights to. 

It's hard to understand but if a Gaming company gets bought out by a huge company like Microsoft they own anything that the smaller Gaming company makes or has made. So coming into a market thats as old as this one and trying something new takes guts . they have to go through so much red tape just to get some game's to us. But as you know they started buying up as many game design company's they could get in the past 10 or so years so give them some credit they have lasted this long in such a cut throat market. 

Community Member

I love that we get multiple games every month with the stadia pro .I love to subscribe and have some scriptions I'm not into paid subscriptions.

@Yodainmysoda1 ... don't give up on your game🐣 I have been playing for a long time this is how you can play with your tablet or wireless device without Wi-Fi as long as you have a USB controller or wireless remote.

you can use a cord/adapter it's called USB to  mini USB  it will allow you to plug a wire into your wireless remote whether it be a PC  PS3 PS4  Xbox  360 Xbox One excetera  or stadia they have a well-made remote have not gotten my hands on one yet .... I was on the pre-order but couldn't get one before lunch so  don't give up on the games.  try something different see if that works for you.

The kingdom is what you make of it .

Sincerely Lloyd

Community Member

I think the idea of stadia is still very much the future of any form of computing or gaming experience, and I appreciate they have to crawl before they can walk.

However, I think with the resources that google has this still looks too much like a small start up company with limited resources and why its not living out its full potential. I understand it is a trial project still and they dont want to waste more money then necessary, but come on google, you have a great opportunity here.

I also think its a double edge sword with fairly poor quality of the games being produced in general, I grew up with 8-bit consols all the way to what is today, playing games like super mario, zelda, age of empire, street figher, final fantasy and first ever FPS games. So many games that touched you and gave you memories forever, that is somewhat lost today.

Personally I only signed up for the trial and the only game of which I havent played yet was actually a free version, but I dont find any of the other options suitable for my taste. I hear Far Cry 6 will come to stadia, that would of course be a fantastic thing and I will probably sign up then. But Playstation still holds some of the better releases, and they are exclusive.

For now I will cancel after trial period and wait and see if they will offer more quality games from big names, and not only cheap indie weird ones. Going forward I will most likely sign up for cloud computing instead and play with my Steam account.