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This Week on Stadia: Free games headed to Pro … and much more.

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Stadia Employee
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Four more games are coming for free with Stadia Pro this July.

If you like the idea of making your own games, Crayta makes it easy. Use intuitive tools to bring your dreams to life, then share with other members of the Stadia community and let them play. With State Share Beta, you can simply create a link within Crayta and share it with other players, sending them instantly into your game to collaborate and play. Crayta helps game makers of all skill levels develop games and also allows players to collaborate in building games together. And it’s First on Stadia.... start playing July 1!

In Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, explore a truly gorgeous animated 2D world. Absorb the powers of creatures and become a monster to solve puzzles, find secrets, and overcome challenges in this startlingly fresh take on classic platformers.

Explore vast and secret caverns and uncover forgotten mysteries in SteamWorld Dig, the critically acclaimed platformer. Tunnel your way across a strange and fascinating Metroidvania-inspired world.

West of Loathing is a laugh-out-loud funny RPG from the creators of Kingdom of Loathing. Set against the backdrop of a bizarre Wild West populated with undead monsters and giant cattle, West of Loathing’s combination of wry humor and role-playing mechanics makes it an addictive addition to the Stadia Pro library.

All these games will be available for free starting on July 1 with Stadia Pro. Also, don’t forget that The Elder Scrolls Online is also available on Stadia Pro this month until July 16 … so pick it up right now. Once you’ve claimed a game on Stadia Pro, it’s yours to play as long as you maintain your subscription.

And remember, if you’re not a Stadia Pro subscriber, all of these games are also available for all players to purchase on the Stadia store. For more great games you can buy on Stadia, check out the titles below.

Wave Break is simply awesome

Skate … boating! Wave Break has arrived on Stadia. Flip, spin, and dive your way across obstacles performing impossible tricks in your custom speedboat, tearing up the waves, catching the perfect angle on ramps, and inventing explosive new moves in this fusion of marine racing and classic skateboarding. Wave Break is ready to buy on Stadia on June 23 for $29.99 USD.

Two Metro games hit Stadia today

Metro 2033 Redux  and Metro: Last Light Redux both just landed on the Stadia store. Get ready for awesome, hardcore single-player shooter action set against a gritty narrative. Metro 2033 Redux is the masterful retelling of the original Metro saga, a superb remake of a groundbreaking FPS with a story-driven focus. Buy it June 23 on Stadia for $19.99 USD.

Metro: Last Light Redux is the gorgeous, atmospheric follow-up to Metro 2033, returning you to the Moscow tunnels to face a new challenge. Wander shadowy subterranean passages, face unseen perils, and battle insidious enemies. Purchase Metro: Last Light Redux on Stadia June 23 for $19.99 USD.

Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood is coming

Time to restore justice to the frontier! The Devil Riders gang is terrorizing the town of Vestige, and it’s up to you to stop them. Hop on your new weaponized Jetbeast vehicle and track down your foes across the wastes of new planet Gehenna, home to new interactive objects that expand your exploration and combat abilities. Be sure to keep your eye out for new Legendary items, Vehicle Skins, Vault Hunter Heads, and more. Vault Hunters can pick up Bounty of Blood for $14.99 on the Stadia store starting June 25.

Stadia Pro deals for the week

Stadia Pro subscribers get special savings this week with these deals on the Stadia store.

  • NEW! Football Manager 2020 for $25 USD
  • NEW! Metro Exodus for $16 USD
  • NEW! Metro Exodus - Gold Edition for $26 USD
  • NEW! Metro Exodus - The Two Colonels for $4.79 USD
  • NEW! Metro Exodus - Sam’s Story for $14.39 USD
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Stadia Ultimate Edition for $39.60 USD
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Stadia Season Pass for $20 USD
  • Borderlands 3 for $30 USD
  • Borderlands 3 Deluxe Edition for $40 USD
  • Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition for $50 USD
  • Borderlands 3 Season Pass for $39.99 USD
  • Just Dance 2020 for $20 USD
  • Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition for $59.99 USD
  • The Crew 2 – Deluxe Edition for $18 USD
  • The Crew 2 – Season Pass for $20 USD
  • The Division 2: Warlords of New York Edition for $30 USD
  • The Division 2: Warlords of New York Expansion for $22.49 USD
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for $10 USD
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Ultimate Edition for $39.60 USD
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Year 1 Pass for $20 USD
  • Trials Rising – Digital Gold Edition for $16 USD
  • Trials Rising – Expansion Pass for $10 USD

Buy these games this week for less on the Stadia store

Everyone can save on these games, on sale for all players right now on the Stadia store.

  • NEW! Football Manager 2020 for $34.99 USD
  • NEW! Metro Exodus for $20 USD
  • NEW! Metro Exodus - Gold Edition for $32.50 USD
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Stadia Ultimate Edition for $60 USD
  • Borderlands 3 for $40.19 USD
  • Borderlands 3 Deluxe Edition for $53.59 USD
  • Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition for $66.99 USD
  • Just Dance 2020 for $25 USD
  • The Crew 2: Deluxe Edition for $30 USD
  • The Division 2: Warlords of New York Edition for $40.19 USD
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Ultimate Edition for $60 USD
  • Trials Rising – Digital Gold Edition for $20 USD

That’s the news for today. Don’t forget to follow Stadia on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for the most up-to-date info. See you on Stadia.


By: Stadia Team

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Community Member

Do not get steam world dig as a pro game its only 10$

Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

The amount of pro games each month has been very generous! Loving this!

Community Member

@Foso246 Why wouldn't you want to get it? Free is still better than $10.

Community Member

This looks like a great line up! West of Loathing is a game I've been looking at for a long time. 

Community Member

Keep it up guys, good to see stadia growing the way it has over quarantine, hopefully we get cyberpunk 2020 when everyone else gets it and stadia continues to evolve into the platform we all know it can be

Community Member

Fantastic , thank you Stadia team from behalf of all the dadia dad's!

Community Member

Man, I just spent my $10 for SW Dig, but I think it'll be a good purchase anyway. Thanks for sharing the news! Now if we could just get more info about Orcs Must Die...

Keep rocking!

Community Member

I refused to buy the Founders edition of Stadia, because I listened to my PC master race and console peasant friends.

How wrong I, and they were, Stadia is the future of gaming, all it needs to do is continue to increase its games catalogue, and I'm blown away by how good "Stadia Pro" has been, I've played and loved some games I never would of even thought of on my PC, and with the Stadia pro deals, I've amassed a pretty impressive catalogue that will last 1000+ hours of gaming for far far less than I would on the PC. 

And with MK11 Aftermath, I've even got back into Sub Zeros shoes, now if only there was a stadia release of Tekken, I could clean house as Paul Phoenix again. 


Much love to Stadia Devs and community, and keep up the good work. 


Add me ClassicRando#6222 

Community Member

Bummer on spending $10 on Dig because My OCD would not let me at peace having Dig 2 as a Pro game... I heard of worst scenario so I shouldn't complain...


My big question is that the two Metro games's prices are introductory or it is until next special pricing?

Community Member

@Foso246 Why would you not claim it? It's free. As a Pro subscriber, you are not limited in the amount of free games that you're are able to claim. 

Community Member

@TheGeeZus86 $20 is similar to PS4 and Xbox, so I don’t think it’s only introductory. 

Speaking of those other platforms, they had both games regularly on sale for $5 (like right now), so I wonder how long it’s gonna be until we see such discounts on Stadia. 

Community Member

Hype another amazing week 

Community Member

Nice! a good mix of new games, remakes, indies and good master pieces! I can't wait to play Crayta and continue the adventure in SteamWorld, fight for life in Metro.. just for appetizer!

Community Member

I'm really looking forward to Crayta. It has some good potential for all kind of gamers!

Community Member

Asqueroso, asquerosos juegos, asquerosas ofertas por segundo mes consecutivo normal que piensen que esto va a la ruina el mes pasado, tambien asqueroso, seguimls esperandl el 4k y la ayuda a los desarrolladores ya pensando en volver a ps4 porque ademas de no descargar parches, ultimamente, no estan dando nada NADA

Community Member

Monster Boy coming to Stadia is awesome.  I am currently playing the game on PC and thought to myself that it would be cool to see this game come to Stadia and now it is.  Its a very fun title and those who never played it before will enjoy it for sure

Community Member

So many games so little time... I was going to eventually buy Dig, but now I don't have to. Monster Boy looks really fun too. Crayta is amazing, but not my cup of tea, at least not the creation part of it. I will go in and check out games others have created.

Community Member

These look like great games! Can't wait to try Crayta.


Add me: spaceunicorn#2032

Community Member

Wow! Keep going guys! Keep making the plan for Stadia clear. This platform is the TRUTH, people are starting to notice. Great work!

Community Member

Been looking forward to Crayta. Also the deals on Metro are killer! Looks like I have some new games to stream.  Add me on Stadia Hexagram00#2934

Community Member

Still no DOOM 2016 😞

Community Member

HDR in Wave Break is not coming on

Community Member

Of course, cartoonlike games are free while the AAA games cost, even at rip-off prices. Those metro games should be free with pro at least. The games cost literally 5-6 € if you take look here for steam:  and here:

What is up with those prices google? It is awful marketing for consumers google!


And people dont tell me to go play on PC. I can do that with no problems of course.

What I want and that goes for majority of people here is to make stadia alot better by releasing better and more newer games at low or free with with pro prices,

I dont want google stadia to be releasing cartoony games for free with pro and put $20- $100 for a AAA game especially for a 5+ year old game... that is just ridiculous seriously...


Community Member

Interesting line up. I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks to Stadia I discovered some really cool Games in the past few months.

Community Member

this is great news i just purchase Metro gold edition. i have to admit gettinhg stadia was perhaps the best thing i could have done. i'm loving it so far. and because i use dex. it pretty much my only game console next to my nintendo switch. (same idea with a different approach )

Community Member

Thanks Google Stadia for making my dreams come true, I finally played Final Fantasy 15 without having to buy an expensive console. And with Stadia Pro I will continue to play many other great titles! I hope Final Fantasy 7 Remake will also arrive on Stadia!

Community Member

"I hope Final Fantasy 7 Remake will also arrive on Stadia!"


This, @StadiaTeam, please for the love of God make this happen! 

Community Member

I'm really looking forward to Monster Boy.

Community Member

Edo87: "What I want and that goes for majority of people here is to make stadia alot better by releasing better and more newer games at low or free with with pro prices"

Um... you understand how business works yes? They need to make money to pay their workers and thus produce content.  Metro 2033 is £5 on steam from cd keys?  Woop de do! How much was it on Stadia last year? What? It wasn't even a thing?  Well... I guess they must have done the work to get it onto the platform. I don't think the price is particularly unreasonable considering it's is new for the platform. If it had been $60+ then I'd agree it's overpriced.

All the whining about the lack of games is slowly being put right. Ubisoft have been phenomenal in supporting the platform already. EA are expected to be pumping their latest offerings onto Stadia in the next few months. FIFA 21, Madden 21, etc.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Rockstar follow up on RDR2 with GTA5. This Christmas will be the crunch time for the platform. Then we will truly see if the platform will fully take off. The prospect of Cyberpunk 2077, AC Valhalla, the EA franchises and other AAA titles coming at the end of the year will start putting Stadia on par with the other platforms from day 1. Being able to get something like FIFA 21 on the day of release literally from the moment of release without the 80GB day one patch will showcase one of the benefits of Stadia and give many players a boost in the Ultimate Team dealing and building. Just give it time.

COVID-19 and its associated problems have not been helpful in making progress with adding more content to Stadia but the work still seems to be progressing.The future is bright! 

Community Member

Add eso dlcs for pro too. Tyvm I know you will do the right thing. (nothing :P) jokes aside, thanks for the free games. Could we get free input lag fixes too? 

Community Member