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Stadia Community Round-Up [12/20/2019]

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hey everybody, 

Stadia Community team here to bring you a quick recap of all things Stadia (that we can get our hands on!) from product updates to community highlights! We wanted to drop a post into the community before the holidays and are hoping to have more regular updates starting next year. We can’t promise that we’ll always have changes or updates to announce, but you will get more regular notes from us!

What we need from you is your feedback: do you like these types of recaps? What should we change?? What else would you like to see us talk about? Your feedback will inform how we communicate with you in the future, so please take a look at the inaugural edition below and let us know what you think! 



Lots has been happening this month — hopefully you’ve caught our Stadia Savepoint update on The Keyword covering the latest Stadia updates, including:

  • All Chromecast Ultra devices received an update for Stadia compatibility, giving you access to another TV to play Stadia on.
  • Second Buddy Pass for Founders this holiday season!
  • New games coming to Stadia!


And, we’ve got two more updates for you here on the Community:

Ping! Achievements are here!

As of 12/19, our first version of Achievements are live on Chrome browser and Chromecast, and players can check out the following features:

  • On both Chrome browser and Chromecast, players can open their own profile to view the last three achievements earned for the last game played. Clicking on one of these achievements will open a detailed Achievements page.
  • On Chrome browser, players can open a full view of all games played by the player. 
    • Selecting a game will open a detailed page containing all Achievements for a game, status of each achievement, and progress if provided by the game.
  • Players can view the Achievements of other players who have chosen to make them visible by selecting the other player’s profile. 
    • You can control who can view your Achievements in your Stadia Settings, under Friends & privacy.. 

Mobile app users, hang tight! We have more in store for Achievements in 2020, including mobile support.

New Stadia Pro deals (as of 12/20)

Check out the Stadia store for new Stadia Pro deals. You can find the end date of the sale along with additional details on individual game pages. 

    • Borderlands 3 Standard (35% off)
    • Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition (22% off)
    • Borderlands 3 Deluxe Edition (35% off)
    • Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (50% off)
    • Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Gold Edition (50% off)
    • Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Ultimate Edition (50% off)
    • GRID (60% off)
    • GRID Ultimate Edition (60% off)
    • Just Dance (40% off)
    • Shadow of the Tomb Raider (60% off)

Community Updates_Newletters.png

Introducing the Stadia GuidesGraceFromGoogle_1-1576885471862.png

You may notice a handful of users on the Community Forum with the custom rank of “Stadia Guide.” These users have gone above and beyond to be helpful and valuable contributors to the community. As such, these users have been distinguished with a badge icon to signify their achievement. We'll have more information about how you can earn this distinction soon. For now, simply be a helpful and positive contributor and we'll keep you posted. 

Community Username Requests 

We’ve been seeing a small number of requests come in asking for the ability to change Community Forum usernames. We won’t be able to fulfill those requests - our policy is only to change usernames that are clearly abusive in nature. So pick that username carefully - you’ll be together for a long time!



“Last added” filter not sorting games correctly -  When a user attempts to sort a list of games by “Last added”, it will not show the games in the order that they were added to Stadia.  Good news - we’ve made a lot of progress on a fix for this issue, and I’ll let you know when we are able to roll it out.


Accepting friend requests - Some users are reporting that they've "hit the friend cap.”  The user is able to send friend requests to other users on Stadia, but they’re unable to accept incoming requests. We have a fix in the works for this issue as well - stay tuned for further updates.



Aurora borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the internet? Localized entirely within your controller?

On Friday, December 13, we crowned the winner of the “I Made This” Play it Forward Community Event on r/Stadia. Shoutout to u/patlon for their phenomenal design, and you can catch them on our subreddit sporting the “Sweet Victory” flair. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

… and that about rounds it up for this week! We’re hoping things will be pretty quiet so we can all play Borderla--- I mean, spend time with our loved ones... Don't expect too much news until we're all back in January, but we’ll be keeping our eyes open for any new bugs or issues and we’ll casually check in to see how you all are doing. Happy Holidays everybody~ 



Grace and the Stadia team

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Community Member
Great update 👍 See you in D2!
Community Member
That's nice and exactly what I personally was looking forward. Great job Grace, Chris and all the team behind Stadia. Have an amazing (and deserved) holidays! 🙂
Community Member
This is the stuff we like. Great update!
Community Member
I would like to know if we will be seeing mobile stadia being opened up to all mobile devices, not just pixels. Is this coming in January 2020? I would like to actually be able to play on all my screens please. This is the one thing I really want to see the most.
Community Member

Awesome updates. I will send a huge feedback during the holidays so hold on tight to something :)) 

Love you Google. 


PS. I just won a Google Mini Nest because of...i dont know why but im happy :)) 

Community Member

I wish you would rep the YouTube channels that are all about Stadia. 😁 😉 Founders of Stadia. 

Community Member

Thanks!  Great update

Community Member
Yo, this is dope. Looking forward to more of these in the future!
Community Member

As long as we get consistent updates with as much information as you can give us I'll be happy. This was a great update! Keep up the good work and enjoy the holidays!

Community Member
Many thanks
Community Member
Loving the achievements being live, great update, Stadia is really starting to take shape, can't wait to see what the future brings.
Community Member


Communication is key and I love these kind of Stadia News.

Would love even more to have them right in my Stadia APP, or in a "community" tab on the browser version.

That'd be dope.

Thanks for the update and merry Christmas!

Community Member

Thanks for the update, appreciate it.

Community Member
Thanks a lot for the update. It's great seeing Stadia becoming better week after week..And actually having been there from the (Founder's) start. I guess that's what a lot of us signed up to. And the fact that you nailed the streaming tech day 1 was really pretty much what sold me right then. What I would love to get from you is more insights into actual technical improvements along the way. Like changelogs if you will. Let us know when you fix bugs, when compression improves, when the controller gets some parameters tweaked, when you patch a certain game, and what was patched. Let us know when certain features make it to Chromecast preview, Chromium, Chrome Canary or whatever. It really helps us understand what's going on, and after all we get much closer to the platform. Happy holidays everyone!
Community Member

This was great! A demonstration that the Stadia team cares about its community. Keep up with the great work. Changing the industry one update at the time!!!!

Community Member

Great update, keep up the good work!

@chiller made a great recommendation about adding changelogs. Steam/Valve's changelogs would be a good example of this.

Community Member
I really like how often you guys post updates. Loving the stadia experience! Keep it up!
Community Member

Yes. Definitely keep the communication open and coming.

To start, i think it would benefit you guys if you had a way to get feedback on which features the fans (customers) want most. Some sort of list showing which features you have plans for and a way for folks to vote which they would like first or something. maybe some way to add feature requests. Perhaps some folks have ideas you guys have never thought of.

Achievements were one of my two biggest features I've been wanting. The other is save state. Similar to the PS4 sleep mode. It would be extremely awesome to save a state and jump right back in later. Without saving and without restarting the game menu. Even if it's just 1 or 2 save states at a time. Or even if it's a pro only feature (I get it, uses long term storage). I dont care, this would be a great feature to make it even easier to quickly hop in and out of games. No need to find a safe place to save, no need to work your way through menus to reload etc.

Thank you guys for everything. Keep up the good work 

Community Member

This is great, I like this kind of update. Keep 'em coming!

Community Member

Thanks, Grace, and yes, this is just the kind of update/news I'd love to see on a regular basis. Wishing the best of holidays to you and the Stadia team! 🎄🎅💯👍

Community Member

Very nice! Keep 'em coming stadia team!

Community Member

@GraceFromGoogle Best. Update. EVER! Forward looking statements are not something Google is good at - in fact it is one of their weakest points. Kudos to you and the Stadia team for breaking that mould - and keep it up! Clearly the dedicated gamers love it too based on the hugely positive response to this update 😎

Looking forward to going live in 2020 - Stadia Let's Go!

Community Member


Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Thank you very much for this update and the information! Merry Christmas everyone!

Community Member

I really like the updates and I'd also like them more regularly. But why are there multiple 'official' sources for updates?

There are these "Community Announcements" and the "Community Blog" and now I learn about the "Stadia Savepoint". Why isn't there one official place to get ALL Stadia news and updates? The former two got RSS feeds, the third one not. Therefore I cannot gather the news in one place even on my own.

I mean, there's already an exploration section in the Stadia app which could be used for this. This could be expanded to the website as well, directly next to the new "Store" section.

Please continue the great work, but also give us ONE place to get informed about it!

Community Member

Cool 😎 

Community Member
Amazing update Grace. This is exactly what we need!
Community Member
I will definitely give my honest thoughts on the new updates and hope it helps Stadia grow. I love the achievements and personally they'll motivate me to play on Stadia more. Achievements are one of those things I absolutely love. The game library is growing which is nice but most of the new games I won't be buying since I own them elsewhere already. And I just don't want to buy them again some it'd be my 3rd time buying. Also most of my friends don't use Stadia so playing through Stadia often leaves me a lone gamer or with my not real life friends which is unfortunate. I hope more cross play is available in the future. I know there's hurdles with that but multiplayer games I won't purchase simply because I prefer my friends over convienence. I'm looking forward to new releases and additions later on. If I wanted to buy Ghost Recon Breakpoint or Borderlands 3 again the deals are really good. Deals have been good considering too much of a deal I'm guessing could be hurtful to Stadia if it wasn't making much back so early in its lifespan. They're not Steam sales but I can understand why and think they're still good. I'm not a fan of the extra buddy pass for founders. I'm happy founders got something extra and cool because I'm not going to wish someone misfortune or anything. I just wished that it was a present to all Founder and Premiere users for the holidays. We paid the same price and Premiere users already accepted that we were getting a few things less already. It would've been cool if Founders got 2 buddy passes and Premiere ended up getting 1. It would've been sweet if Premiere users had a pass to let a friend buy the monthly plan earlier even. I just find it a bit agitating it was said to be for the holidays but excluded the majority of users that support Stadia. Once again, I'm happy for Founders, but it does bite a bit and I was personally unhappy about it. One thing I'd also love to mention is about indie developers. I think if someone on Stadia addressed if indie games are viable on Stadia or allowed and how that'd be handled would be helpful. I know some indie devs who treat Stadia like the plague and I can't assure them of anything since I don't really know much about how developers, specifically indies are handled. Also wireless controller usage would be great to have soon. I know it's coming but a little update on it would ease my mind a tad. My chrome cast doesn't work in my dorm sadly so I have to play in the Chrome browser. If anyone feels annoyed by my post I just want to repeat that I love Stadia and want it to grow. I don't feel entitled or attacked or anything; but I want to give my honest feedback in order to help Stadia grow. Even if it's my personal opinion, I want it to be there for them to take into consideration or to dismiss as they see fit.
Community Member

you all are doing an awesome job, i personally would like to see something at least once a month could be simple updates to games coming or features wanted by the community ect....i wished i would of got a founders edition so my gamer tag didnt have them ugly numbers behind it everyone have a great holiday and see you in 2020 

Community Member

Nice infos. 

I like to have more infos about settings for the control :example adudio in party play so you can have only party sound in headphones and still have the gamesound on tv and labels for that.

Second: more crossplay abilities infos. 

Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

This is soooo perfect! Honestly the only thing I would like to see added to these updates is a small little thing of what's to come (what's on the horizon so to say). The achievements going live for example. I'd argue that I would've loved to know they were coming in advance.

It adds more clarity and I think that's always a positive!

Community Member

Great update. Thanks a lot!

Community Member

Hey 🙂

Just wanted to say thanx for all your work. Have a nice holiday/xmas and relax. Thats what we are all doing (hopefully).

Community Member

thx 4 ur great work 👍

Community Member

Nice update, so happy to se stadia growing week after week! I think it's a part of what some of us signed up for, It's like when you try a new game and after some years you look back and think "gosh i hard to crouch jump to vault obstacles what a blast but a mess It was"

Anyway back on track, what I personally would like to read in these updates:

- A roadmap for 2020, not something like "jan, march etc." so you dont have fixed dates, but like: "in 2020 we will focus mainly on"

- Someone said  It already but i agree too much: technical updates, on what you can say of course, we don't want you to give your juicy tricks to xcloud

- What games, or what studios, are we gonna see at least Q1 2020, would help to build the hype and keep some form buying those games on other platforms 

Out of the communication field, i would like to (in order of importance):

-be able to chat with my friends from the stadia app

-be able to share my captures from stadia app

-a cleaner shop, UI there is pretty messy compared to how clean is everywhere else

-bluetooth support on Android for stadia controller

-claw grip back in store

Anyway Merry XMas to everyone, pretty hyped to see what you will bring in the future! 🥂🥂


Community Member
Nice. Thanks grace for the info. Might need to buy a few more chromecasts now. Does this also extend to tvs with chromecast built in?
Community Member

Thanks for everything stadia team. Couldn't be happier with the service. #deathtoconsoles

Community Member

Nice communication ! Thanks a lot 

Community Member

If this kind of update came on a regular basis, with a named date to look forward to more info, most of the "lack of update" complaints would probably go away.  The only problem most folks have is that once info is released, you're excited and want more, because Stadia is an exciting platform.  Naming a date (even one in weeks rather than days) would keep the anxious folks at bay.

Looking forward to what you guys are going to do next year.  Given what you've accomplished this year, 2020 is going to be an exciting time!!

Great work with the community!  All the best to you, yours and all at Stadia!  Happy Holidays!!

Community Member

We are waiting things like chat, like streaming twitch/youtube, etc 

Please! 😄

Community Member

Hi @GraceFromGoogle, can we expect that all Android TV devices running Android 11, be able to run Stadia? I heard Google is releasing something called a "Hero device" which will be compatible with Stadia and Android 11, but that isn't supposed to drop until mid next year or later. I'd like to possibly buy an Nvidia shield, but if it's not compatible with Stadia, that money will be wasted.


BLUF, I really want an Android TV device that supports Stadia. Any help is appreciated.

Community Member

Thanks good update!

for the future could be great, if we could have a way to vote the features to add to stadia platform as a way to have a develop roadmap between users and developers


Community Member

No word about being able to save and share screenshots and clips from the app. 😞

Community Member

@GraceFromGoogle Such a improvement in short time I am so impressed and I feel you guys are listening!:)

This report is very well put together but it's my opinion having it also in a stream/video format would be nice and modern.

Grace for president!

Community Member

Great update, please keep them coming!

Community Member

Can we get some of the stadia swag for people who don't live in the 3 biggest city's please? 🙂


(Like that stadia hoodie with the lights on it plz stadia I beg you)

Community Member

I would like a level system for achievements.@gracefromgoogle

Community Member

Hey don't mean to be a downer, but has anyone been able to unlock the avoid conflict achievement on gylt? It isn't working for me...

Community Member
Excellent, but I'm really excited about when I can play in my iPhone, Android, etc...
Community Member

@AlbertoGlez476 You can play on Android with the Stadia app, not sure about iphone.