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New Games Coming to Stadia Pro in December 2019

Stadia Employee
Stadia Employee
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We are excited to share two new titles that will be available for Stadia Pro subscribers for the month of December.

In addition to being able to claim both Bungie’s exceptional multiplayer first-person shooter Destiny 2: The Collection and the stylized fighting game SAMURAI SHODOWN, starting at 9 AM PST on December 1st, gamers will also be able to claim:




Farming Simulator 19

Become a modern farmer and develop your farm on two huge American and European environments, filled with exciting new farming activities, crops to harvest and animals to tend to. Drive over 300 authentic vehicles and machines now including John Deere - but also Case IH, New Holland, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Krone, Deutz-Fahr, and many more. Grow your farm online with other players!




Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

The cinematic action-adventure that forced Lara Croft to grow from an inexperienced young woman into a hardened survivor has been re-built, featuring an obsessively detailed Lara and a stunningly lifelike world. To survive her first adventure and uncover the island’s deadly secret, Lara must endure high-octane combat, customize her weapons and gear, and overcome grueling environments. The Definitive Edition of the critically-acclaimed action-adventure includes digital versions of the Dark Horse comic, Brady games mini-artbook and combines all of the DLC.

In order to add these games to your library, open the Stadia app, click Store, and claim them under Stadia Pro Games.

As a reminder, you will have access to play the games you claim while you are a member of Stadia Pro. If your subscription lapses or you cancel it, you will lose access to those titles, though you’ll continue to have access to all the games you’ve purchased on Stadia.


By: Stadia Team

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Hey people that bought Tomb Raider:

They're gonna refund you regardless of normal policy. Contact them. Grace posted it in the community announcements. 

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Really nice, thank you !

Community Member

Wow! This is awesome! I'm very happy you guys aren't doing a staggered game release like Xbox live gold. And all on Dec 1!

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I'm sure this is the type of "Free" content we can expect going forward. 4K will be the only reason to have the pro pass. And is that even worth it? 

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@Mode A 1 year free game release plan doesn't solve anything. It would actually make it worse for people that bought a game right before the list was released. You'd also then have people not buying games for up to 12 months. That's not really a good business model if you're trying to make money. The service would die like that.

I could support an automatic $5 credit if you had already purchased the game within the last month or so. But at the same time no other service works like that. If you buy a game on Xbox do you get a refund when in becomes able on Gamepads? Or PS+? Or Epic? Or a refund when a Steam game goes on sale?

That's just the way sales works. You got to enjoy the product before the people who got it at a discount. It's the same as buying a movie only to see it released on Netflix or somewhere else shortly after.


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@Excog That was one way I mentioned that this could be solved. No solution is going to be perfect for everyone but you have to start somewhere. I disagree with you that a one year release would make it worse for people, otherwise the alternative would be to have people complain the entire 12 months every time a game becomes free. At lest people will have some sense of what will become free to them.

I'll tell you what's not a good business model. Making your customers unhappy, dealing with all the complaints/refunds, and people causing charge-backs on their credit cards. Credit card charge-backs are a HUGE problem for companies and in particular those who sell digital goods. It is very hard any company to win digital charge-backs --I know from first hand experience and you can look up the data as well.

Stadia is also a new service so why should they follow the old standards of other platforms? Just because other companies do something within the same industry doesn't mean it's the best solution nor one that other should follow.

For my last thought, I don't mind having my ideas or posts critiqued, but what I do mind is that if anyone is going to do so, that they present their own solutions as well. There is no point in posting back to someone's post without contributing something constructive to help the community --otherwise it's just more we have to filter out.

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i just bought the Tomb Raider 🤑 LOL oh well. 


If you bought Tomb Raider, then you get to keep it forever, whether or not you continue the monthly service.  So it's not a bad deal.

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Will there be some features added soon like game progress?achievements/trophies?

Some of us are huge completionists and they also show how much we have progressed and experienced in game this would be an amazing feature?

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Look, for everyone that's mad about the game choices, this wasn't a planned move on Google's part. They just realized that their launch of a major game platform released with 3.5 stars in their own app market, and this was heavily skewed with 5 star anticipation posts. This is a stop-gap answer to try to slow the bleed. They've had 6 months to get more titles for Pro and they haven't pulled it off yet. They definitely didn't get more during the week after their launch. 

So they picked two games out of their current catalog, paid the publisher, and threw them into Pro. As it is, unless they can find a happier user base, it's just going to get harder to bring in new games. 

Btw, Google, following through on your promises of high-quality games, at 4k res, on 'every device we play on' (not just google products), is how you get a better user base. Blaming developers, the media, and users won't work.

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Quindi se ho capito bene, verranno rilasciati gratuitamente due giochi. Ma puoi prendere tutti Ve due o fare una scelta come tra destiny2 e l' altro ? Grazie.

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@Mode Ignoring that there aren't enough games currently on Stadia for a full scheduled year of Pro games, I believe it definitely would be worse for people who bought games just before the list was released only to find out those games are going to be free later on.
First, it disincentivizes anyone else from buying the game until its free, making any multi-player functionality that much harder to find others to play with.
Second, assuming you're already past the refund time limit now you have up to 12 months to dwell upon and resent that you paid for something that others will get for free instead of it just happening and you getting over it.
Third, it disincentivizes people from buying any games at all until they find out what will be on next year's list, I don't want the service to die so this is bad, it needs to make money to be viable.
Fourth, for those that bought games, now instead of spreading the complaints out over a year, you're compressing them all into a single day/week, completely overwhelming customer service, and just degrading the general experience for all those using the service.

Yes, obviously making your customers unhappy isn't a good business model. Do you think the intent of giving games to Pro members was to make them unhappy? Someone is always going to be unhappy and complain no matter what they do, question is which action is going to make more people happy vs unhappy?

Yes, Stadia is a new service but again it also needs to be profitable and realistic. There's a reason other services use similar models, there's only so much you can give away before it becomes unprofitable. As the game library improves so will the free games and the less likely people will buy a game just before it's made available to Pro members. I've had this happen to me on a few other platforms, yes it kinda sucks, but you get over it and move on. Maybe they will find a solution that makes everybody happy and is still profitable but I am not going to hold my breath for perfection.

So critiques of your ideas are only valid if a potential solution to the problem is also provided? I already said, I think a $5 credit on your account if you purchased a game in the last month would go a long way to appease people's complaints. Still needs to be profitable though, so maybe that amount is dependent on the amount of time played or timed owned. But I guess that isn't offering solution if its building upon something you had suggested... so sure, I'll humor you and attempt to solve this regardless of how futile it is.

There's the option of only giving away games nobody has bought yet. I believe this is what the Epic store does every 2 weeks and then the games become available for purchase afterwards. I don't have numbers for people who actually buy the games after they've been free but I would imagine that it is significantly lower than services that have the games available for purchase before the games are free. Stadia also doesn't really have this option as developers need to spend time porting to the platform and there's no reason for them to port the game just to make it free. I am pretty sure the free games from Epic have already been on the PC for a while so there are no porting costs but I also have dozens of games from them that I'll never realistically play. I'll keep claiming them just because but I've kind of lost interest in the platform since the quality of the free games has just been so meh... people will complain about anything.

They could completely change the business model they have, actually make it a Netflix for games and pay developers based on the amount of time users spend playing the games. But then they would have to raise the cost of a Pro subscription which would make lots of people unhappy, I suppose it could be a separate tier but then you'd still have people unhappy about games they bought that are then made free to Pro users, which is what we're trying to solve. You could stop making games free to Pro members and reduce the cost but the precedent has been set and that would really piss off lots of people, they'd claim a "bait and switch" even though the cost is being reduced to compensate. Publishers also likely wouldn't be on board with a Netflix model despite there being evidence, according to OnLive, they can make more money with this model because people will try games they normally wouldn't purchase.

I could probably keep going but I think you get the point... it's impossible to make everybody happy but at least it seems like they're trying. I think that's all we can reasonably expect right now. It's a brand new service and from what I've seen they're working harder to make their customers happy than any other platform has at launch. I mean daily timestamped updates about the state of Stadia... does anyone else communicate even remotely this well? No that doesn't mean we should just be content with whatever they give us but let's try to be reasonable and not complain about free games...

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Free games are a good thing, no doubt, but it does mean that the current stance for many will be to hold off purchases in case their favourites go free in subsequent months. I realise this is not helped by the currently smaller catalogue. I'm a huge supporter of this service, but the games options need a bit of a review in my opinion.

That said, I can't imagine I'd ever have played a farming simulator, but it'll be on my schedule now.

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It'd be cool to open it up to votes for the monthly games, not interested in Farm Sim (who is?) and Tomb Raider is cheaper than the other games available on the platform. Literally can't give stuff away right? 😂
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J'ai déjà acheté tomb raider merci de me rembourser.

Stadia va falloir proposer mieux que ces offres gratuites sur des jeux déjà disponibles ailleurs depuis de nombreuses années pour que je reste  abonné.

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@StadiaTeam  hi guys how do I apply for a refund for tomb raider? Just to let you know I absolutely love the game but since you made it free in December 😉

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I've just ordered Stadia today on 27th, will arrive on dec guessing im not eligible for november games? Or how does this work?
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I really thought the point of Pro was to have a Netflix-like experience. 

Just to be clear, Pro only gives you 'access' to claim a game for the month you paid for? If you dont claim the game during tha month you lose the opportunity? If you ever have a lapse in your subscription, you lose access to every game you 'paid' for with Pro access?

Just want to make sure. There are a few things I wanted out of Stadia. One was console level gaming on my phone. (And no, I'm not one of the 3% of people who own a Pixel.) Another was enabling console level gaming for casual players. This is not casual gaming. I can't ever let my subscription lapse or I lose access to potentially years worth of content? That's a real kick in the teeth. 

Sorry about the language, I've been playing too many farming sims.

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Last thought, until Google says something crazy again. 

Google giving us, Pro subscribers, games for free (which they are not, we pay every month for them) is not the same as developers giving games away for free. Google pays each developer for every download or claim to their game. The tradeoff is that Google can, in theory, pay them less per purchase because of the increased volume of 'sales'. This way devs, the platform, and the consumer all win a little bit. That's a standard streaming service strategy. There are some exceptions, but that's the general idea. 

Unfortunately, Google isn't running a streaming service, they're running a long-term rental program and a game store. So the balance shifts heavily in G's favor.

At this point, there really aren't any benefits to the Founder status at all, is there?

$130/founder, 0 benefits, gg Google.

Community Member


"We know that some users have recently purchased these two games for their collection. Because of the proximity between the launch of the platform, and the announcement of these titles in Stadia Pro, we're happy to assist you if you'd like to request a refund if you have purchased either or both of these titles, even if it's outside of our normal policy."

Just got a refund for Farming Simulator even when I had over 5h played. Just contact Google Support and they will issue a refund for you. 

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Stadia pro is like Playstation plus.

- you get a free game every month during your subscription 

- when you pause your sub you can't play the games you've got for free during your subscription

- when you resubscribe you can play all titles again. 

- you only can claim free titles, when you are a pro subscriber at this point of time, you can't get the games later for free. 

- when you buy a game, you can play it with and without subscription forever. 

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I got into Stadia mainly because of Destiny 2. I play that game a lot and having it on the go while also having the newer content was the right choice at the time for me. But I was misinformed, Google kept hyping up Destiny 2 The Collection so much I sincerely thoughtit would be a game you got to own. Like all games are free to claim but we got Destiny 2 as our game forever for being part of the Founder beta. I was quickly disappointed to find out this is not true and to not find any info or messaging around the F2P version. 

Gaming on the go was still a good thing to have but Destiny 2 performs so bad I cannot bring myself to continue. I'd rather have it on Switch if it is going to look this bad. I want 4k/60 fps at least High settings because that is what Google promised us, but did not deliver because of technicalities that make so that they did not lie entirely about this point. 

Do I think we'll get there? Not really and not very close by the end of the Founders period. I already went through the disappointment of early PSN and XBL so there are zero excuses to have it here IMO. There are so many better games, one that is exclusive (Gylt) and one that has an exclusive Stadia mode(Grid). There is also some other adventures game but they decided to give us the lower denominator here and the oldest game that is there. They could've easily done so much better if they cared and I think they do not care at all. 

Right now the promise of portability you speak of is not there. It does not play well in the browser or in mobile devices that are not from Google at all. Another gatekeeping tactic that makes no sense for a new service you want to do good. They also do not have a lot of the features they promised active.

Your response seems genuine but even then you mention things that are not really really like the ease of portability. There are so many other fake-sounding comments with what sincerely seems to me fake enthusiasm and any comment of criticism I have seen have been criticized with a version of "be grateful it is free" which I disagree with. 

Right now these services needs a lot of work and downvoting or not being open to criticism is just baffling to me. So much positivity seems truly fake to me or makes me think most of the people playing are casual gamers that do not own any console. 

Google has so much work to do and they do not seem to care or acknowledge any of the issues they've run into. They've yet to even properly acknowledge the issue with the launch. YOu look at almost any gamin company going through an issue like this or server issues and you'll see a "This is where we are at and what we are doing to improve" even if it is not honest all usually do that, but not Google. 

I am so disappointed because the most important part of the service, the streaming, works perfectly, but they are handling everything else in such a bad way I just don't see this platform succeeding. We are about a year away from the next-gen on console gaming and right now the xCloud preview, which is free, is a lot better in every way you mention that Stadia. Once that is  out for  everyone else Stadia could be dead in the water,that without counting what Sony or others may do. 

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Just had full refund for Tomb Raider from google well done them

Community Member

@Maaseru Thanks for taking the time to read what I wrote and respond.  Good dialog is part of what makes a community great, so I appreciate it. 🙂

Your first paragraph implies that you were under the impression that Stadia was going to be a "Netflix" of games.  Apparently a fair amount of others were under this impression as well.  I can't find where this was ever stated and I do feel like their messaging on this specific topic has been clear since the beginning. (Specifically that you would have to buy games and that it would function like XBL/PS+ with requiring your membership to stay active to have active to the content for games provided as part of Pro. (Founder or not) but that games you purchased ARE playable if you drop down to base. I can definitely understand why this would come across as frustrating if that's the impression you were under.  

For the record, I ALSO want 4k/60fps, and as I stated previously, I think we'll get there.  Also, to be clear, we're still not sure exactly why we're not getting 4k/60 outside of a statement about it being up to "developers choice".  I don't really buy that reasoning, but I do suspect we'll see things continue to improve. Having worked in data centers before, that's a big bonus that Google has with the platform architecture.  They can modify configs/upgrade hardware on the back-end at will.

Your argument about being through the disappointment of early PSN and XBL and there being zero excuses for having any issues here is a fallacy of composition.  Even though those services struggled at first and you'd hope that there wouldn't be the same/similar issues here, doesn't mean that there won't be. 

As far as the free games go, it's a matter of choice.  Would those have been my two choices to offer the community- no.  Am I unhappy with them - also no. Like a lot of PC gamers, I have a HUGE backlog of steam games I haven't gotten around to playing yet, much less a backlog of console games to play through as well.  I've probably got that version of Tomb Raider on PC, Xbox One X, and PS4, but haven't gotten around to playing it yet, so I'll enjoy it on Stadia.  Again, it's the same thing with XBL or PS+.  You're going to get games that you've already played or already have.   There's no way for them to please everyone. Hell, they went ahead and offered refunds out of policy because it was the right thing to do for the people that already purchased it since they didn't have enough time between it going on sale day 1 as part of the Black Friday deals and the announcement for December's games with Pro. 

I would expect them to start publicizing the Pro games for the next month in advance going forward (OR allowing a choice between a number of titles, which IMHO would be a HUGE positive, assuming the choices are solid.)

I disagree with you on the promise of portability not being there and so do a large number of others out there on Twitter, Reddit, etc.  Taking a CCU with me traveling is simple.  Taking a netbook/laptop with chrome on a trip to play through the browser is simple.  Playing on my phone (Pixel 3) is simple.  Lots of options that will continue to expand to iOS etc. and for me, everything has been flawless.

I've had no issue on browser, CCU, or on my phone at all. I know that's not the case for everyone.  What Google is attempting is vastly complicated (streaming through chrome browser that could be configured with different add-ons, both system and network configurations, etc. IS difficult alone, not to mention varying internet speeds, data caps, and all of the other aspects they're supporting right now and what they will expand to in the future.)  so it's no surprise that there are potential issues that some users are having issues with. Thankfully the community has been rallying around to share info to try and sort out issues and help their community.

We can both definitely agree that the "be grateful it is free" is a poor response for any of it. None of it's free. You paid to be a founder. Your opinion matters just like mine and just like anyone else who paid to be a founder/premiere edition. I also agree that there's tons of room for improvement - heck, I'm disappointed I can't stream to YouTube already directly from the service. It'll come in time, but it's one of the things I was most looking forward to feature wise.

Google's first foray into Gaming definitely could've gone MUCH smoother at "launch", but I think we ARE seeing them take feedback and improve.  The better community communication from @GraceFromGoogle  the past two days is showing that firsthand.  I would hope that the next Stadia connect will have a road map and timeline, along with a bevy of new games.  The future remains to be seen, but I personally choose to believe that things will continue to improve and that Stadia is only going to get better with time. 

Happy Holidays!




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Can I have a refund then for the tomb raider game I just got for stadia???

Stadia Player
Stadia Player

I bought Tomb Raider from the PlayStation store and completed it earlier this year, but it is a great game that I will definitely replay, especially when I can pull out my controller and play on the fly whenever. Farming simulator has absolutely no interest to me...but it's free so I'm gonna get it and TBH I might play just for the sheer smugness of being able to whilst people whittle their time away playing FarmVille.

I'm impressed with that and also it answers the question I had burning in my head last night...when will the new games be available every month...and how will we know. My phone told me to come here and here we have the answers.

I for one am entirely, Impressed...pretty awestruck TBF with how well Stadia works at home for me...I'm still waiting for a day it's not raining aha (this is England) to take my laptop out and try and play tethered to my phone but so far this already feels like the best investment I've ever made...I can't wait to see what comes and where this goes

Community Member

I already bought Tomb Raider. Do I get a refund? 

Community Member

Finally a game that I love and the series!!!!!

@StadiaTeam  Great job guys!

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@Turtle The titles aren't running at 4k 60fps because the devs need more time to learn and optimize their games for the platform. Not sure why they phrased it as the "developer's choice". Every new platform has had moderate to severe performance issues until devs have a bit of time to get over the learning curve, fix bugs, etc. Like you figured, the performance will definitely improve with a bit more time. Though, they definitely could've been more straightforward/realistic about initial performance of the games, the difference between "supports up to 4k 60fps" and "everything is 4k 60fps" is far too subtle for most people to discern.

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when will destiny 2 leaves stadia pro? , i have thought to buy google stadia but not until middle of december, destiny 2 will be available?
Community Member

Ouch bought Tomb Raider on Monday and now seeing this announcement 😕


Come on guys! We don't need a refund! You bought a game, you own a game, and you enjoy it. If after some time Google give it away be happy for other people, enjoy your game and don't blame Google! 🙂

It is unthinkable that Google refound all games just because for some time they are free. 

Just enjoy your games and this amazing platform! 🙂


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Love this platform!
Community Member

Great news!

I hope stadia continue to grow and i really looking forward to it. 

The more games added for a monthly cost the more users are going to buy stadia. It’s so cheap so every gamer should have enough money to buy one.

Exclusive games also sell. Gylt is a great game and i hope we can buy more exclusives in the future 🙂

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One game is lame, the other is old. That is just great. If I want to play Tomb Raider, I can just use my Steam account. I've already paid there anyway, a long time ago. 

Stadia Player
Stadia Player

@Terran  there are 22 games at launch...of an entirely new platform and you can now play 4 of them...will be able to play 5 or 6 for £119 or $119 which is less than you could choose to pay for the Chromecast Ultra £69/$69 and the controller £59/$59 totaling £129/$129. Bare in mind this isn't like a PS4/XBox where you can buy 30 online games and then discs by physical media too. Bare in mind also that in its 6 years since release that people that chose solely to pay for PS+ or XBox Live would have 144+ games at no more cost than subscription fee...many arguably old, previously owned or poor, but free and mostly to very little complaint.

Stadia is breaking entirely new ground and giving you all the titles it could charge for, is simply not a business in or quite frankly bugger off because there is little to quibble at from what's on offer/been offered for a very reasonable price, whether you want the games on offer or not.

The way I see it is, when people start to get it free and pay £40 for assassin's creed Odyssey for example...well I will have, destiny 2, samurai showdown, tomb raider, farming sim 19 and assassin's creed Odyssey...controller, Chromecast and whatever game/s January brings for less than £149 and as I turn off my 4k TV and take Odyssey to bed on my laptop...there is no way I can call that bad business.

Community Member


Community Member

A2D: That is very true. First i was sceptic to stadia because of so much mixed reviews. But i see that it really works great, playing rdr2 without lagg and the new Tomb raider grapics is very close to High end PC grapics. No need to have a noicy console around, no more deleting games to get space for the new one, no need to wait to download/install or upgrade the game.  This idea of stadia is definitly the future of regular gaming. Like when did we bought a bluray disc drive and the movie on CD last time? Streaming movies in 4K is very great, streaming games when this is up for full with a big collection of games is going to be even greater, for us avarage gamers that is not doing esport. You can also get REFUND for your purchase within the first two hours if you dont like it. Thats what i call service. No need to waist money on games you regret purchasing. The cromecast is a Nice unit also to use with your TV outside stadia. So if you need a cromecast you are only paying for the controller, that is the same price as one new releasetitle, then you get 4 games and a 4K sky console 🙂 Im convinced, but i keep my console for the exclusives. Not expencive to own both. Why cant i get space between my text everything is in one even i made a few spaces....

Community Member

AD2: thats true.

First i was sceptic to stadia, but then i realice it really works.

This is very cheap to buy vs what you get. No need to pay 1000 dollar for a PC or 4000 for a console to play in 2k/4K.

Shadow of Tomb raider looks almost like a High end PC that cost 15x time as much. 

For 129 you also get the cromecast unit that is great for streaming movies and TV series, connect your phone and much more. So basicly the controller itself is the only cost here, then you get 4 free games in return plus a place to play 4K, no need for upgrade the hardware or the game, no need to download and wait,  this is future of an avarage gamer that not doing esport or pay 20x more for the little extra. 

Like everyone now stream movies and TV series gaming would be the next, because it’s like with movies, so much easier and cheaper.

Best off all you can get refund within first two hours if you didnt liked the game you purchased.

Anyway i keep my console for the exclusive titles. Not to mention all games i bought in the past.Not expensice to have two platforms when stadia is so cheap, and recieve doble up with monthly games.

Community Member

Hey guyz.

So im ProGoogle, since i touched a keyboard and made my first search on

Im really excited about Stadia. Have no money for Christmas but i had order the premium now 🙂 

Disappointment is, i dont play FPS games with controller's, nor i play  fighting games.

I dont want to buy RDR2 again, just bought it 3 months ago on ps4 and Elder scrools too. Maybe i will buy ESO when its out. I dont have Google pixel either anymore. SO cant really use Stadia for now, just waiting 🙂 

I do believe this will be a sort of Netflix but for games. Would be awesome to play while traveling.Gaming on the plane or in the that would be awesome...

Anyways, thumbs up. I believe in you Google. 🙂 

Stadia Player
Stadia Player

@Raymond87 I  get what you mean, but personally I was never skeptical of Stadia...when Google told me this is what they were doing...I bought in from the first second. Google is exactly the people I would want doing this...when I ordered the Premiere edition...(the Founder editions sold out the day I went to buy it =/) however, I was skeptical that it would play seemless 4k at me being a founder of premiere meant being part of a massive live Beta where you got the equipment cheaper and a few months free. This is a service slated for its release in 2020...people are getting too hung up on the 3 months free pro subscription. So they want the promised 4k/60FPS that you will pay your pro subscription fee for...WHEN YOU ACTUALLY PAY IT. But you aren't yet haters!

If Google had marketed Stadia this way and said you would get 3 months early access, games to play and features up to Pro offerings whilst we scale up and iron out bugs and release features for launch...when you can buy games and play free with a PS4/XBOne pad...people would not be having the same gripes.

But, it was obvious...and clearly and repeatedly stated, service would be dependent on your connection. 720p being a minimum and requiring a measly and achievable for most 10mb/s all the way to 4k 60FPS requiring a quite frankly, miraculously low 35mb/s. So part of me really feels that people are giving Google grief for their own shocking internet because I have played Stadia for over 5 hours a day, every day, since I got my invite code on Monday (before the hardware arrived on Tuesday) on my home Wi-Fi, anywhere in my house and I have had 2k on my phone and laptop and 4k on my TV practically flawlessly I might add...occasional lag or frame stutter, but like once an hour if that, and actually mostly it just dropped the resolution as I went so it lost a little visually but my gaming continued unscathed, I think only once has it actually lagged and I teleported a few feet. Basically I have had less issues with lag and skipping running Stadia for 6 days than I had playing the last 10 minute match I had in CoD and my PS4 is hardwired...I just realised that as I was writing and it has further blown my mind to what Stadia is actually achieving.

I'm not dropping my PS4 because I have a Pro and 120+ games both discs and through PS+ and the store. Also...FFVII Remake was on Stadia's list of coming games...but no longer is, that's ok I have all the games I kinda want to own it anyways...the thing is...I will now pay £8.99 for stadia monthly and start building this catalogue up and only pay PS+ when the free games suit me

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It's December 1st, 11 AM.. where's my Tomb Raider? 😒

Community Member

@A2D yeah sure i will only pay for psplus the rare time they release something i like.

Yes many of us gamers only play online, so it’s familiar with some issues from time to another when playing or loosing connection anyway.

Im in the same boat i also have a lot of games on ps4pro, i would refuse to pay again for rdr2 and start a new online account. But for the upcoming games it’s definitly going to be purchased on stadia.

While waiting for new games i can play the monthly games and gylt. 

I really belive in stadia and hope this is the future of gaming. 

Wonder  why stadia isnt announced all over YouTube or Google? They have a lot of marketing options but they choose not to use it. Maby they dosnt want everyone to get it in a early progress?

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Stadia Player

@Raymond87  Absolutely it's no contest now, new games will be bought on Stadia so Stadia just has to make sure it gets those games. FFVII Remake really needs to find it's way back there because SquareEnix are working on an FF for PS5...and I will be forced to buy one possibly exclusively just to play that...and that's what Stadia needs now...for this not to fail, it has to have same-day releases as PS/XBox exclusives aside...and obviously roll out its own exclusives too...but I don't think they have to worry about that until this time next year...cos they could cause some pretty big disruptions if they drop a monster exclusive for the festive period 2020 when we can expect to see a PS5 and XBox "Scarlett" launching. I think a fully operational, feature full Stadia with 100 games to its name dropping a Triple A blockbuster exclusive...could really make people think twice about dropping $/£400 on a console

I didn't buy RDR2 so I may look to invest but I simply won't pay £55 for it especially after dropping for Premiere edition already...and with Christmas looming. I did buy Assassin's Creed Odyssey because I thought, quite correctly it would keep me entertained and busy for many hours. For £24.75 and knowing I will easily put 100 hours into this game it's money well invested...since it has 2 different protagonists it has replay value too so I'm really happy at that and tbh it's bigger, better and more beautiful than I'd expected so it's wins all round for me.

Will do me nicely between farming haha because I like many would never play farming sim...I would add it to my PS catalogue but never waste the storage to download it or subsequently play it...but thanks to Stadia I will...I still might not like it...but I will give it a chance I never otherwise would.

As for advertising...well I've said before I think the premiere and founders well that's early access. So when they sold out of founders the premiere is as much to meet demand as anything. They could probably suffer not having the traffic until they are fully scaled. Also people that bought in to these editions are either reviewers or the people that want it so it isn't in their interest to ram it down people's or worse skeptics throat to come and bloat the server's whilst they find their feet and subsequently think badly of it.

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December 1st, 1 PM, still no Tomb Raider..