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New Games Coming to Stadia Pro in December 2019

StadiaTeam Stadia Employee
Stadia Employee
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We are excited to share two new titles that will be available for Stadia Pro subscribers for the month of December.

In addition to being able to claim both Bungie’s exceptional multiplayer first-person shooter Destiny 2: The Collection and the stylized fighting game SAMURAI SHODOWN, starting at 9 AM PST on December 1st, gamers will also be able to claim:




Farming Simulator 19

Become a modern farmer and develop your farm on two huge American and European environments, filled with exciting new farming activities, crops to harvest and animals to tend to. Drive over 300 authentic vehicles and machines now including John Deere - but also Case IH, New Holland, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Krone, Deutz-Fahr, and many more. Grow your farm online with other players!




Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

The cinematic action-adventure that forced Lara Croft to grow from an inexperienced young woman into a hardened survivor has been re-built, featuring an obsessively detailed Lara and a stunningly lifelike world. To survive her first adventure and uncover the island’s deadly secret, Lara must endure high-octane combat, customize her weapons and gear, and overcome grueling environments. The Definitive Edition of the critically-acclaimed action-adventure includes digital versions of the Dark Horse comic, Brady games mini-artbook and combines all of the DLC.

In order to add these games to your library, open the Stadia app, click Store, and claim them under Stadia Pro Games.

As a reminder, you will have access to play the games you claim while you are a member of Stadia Pro. If your subscription lapses or you cancel it, you will lose access to those titles, though you’ll continue to have access to all the games you’ve purchased on Stadia.


By: Stadia Team

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Community Member

So are y'all releasing two games a month or are you just doing it once. Cause I thought y'all were gonna do 1 game each month for pro. 

I mean I ain't complaining lmao

Community Member

I've always wanted to try farming sim and tomb raider, now I can! Stadia is looking good!

Community Member
Nice to see a couple more games I guess ☺️
Community Member
Can someone joining Stadia next month claim Destiny 2 and Samurai Showdown?
Community Member
Thank you for the clarity. This is a good update. You do need to be clear about the way claiming works. People seem confused about whether games for past months will be available to new subscribers. I believe based on the claiming mechanism and past comments new subscribers will not get access to past months games. Pro subscribers whose subscription lapses do not get games from months they did not have pro, when they resubscribe. This is an incentive to stay subscribed.
Community Member

Guys, happy you are doing this stuff. However, I bought the tomb raider game a couple of days ago. Haven't played it yet. Can I get a refund please?

Community Member
A bit salty that I just bought Tomb Raider not long ago and can't get a refund since I've played it longer than 2 hours... but free is free I guess...
Community Member

I literally purchased Tomb Raider days ago.  I'm going to guess that there isn't any refund contingency plan for customers in my situation?

Community Member

Nice job stadia. Now all you need to do is add a feature to play free games if you have Pro. I love the free games coming.

Community Member

Excellent service from Google, purchased TR earlier today and just claimed refund after this announcement. Money back in my account instantly. 😁

Community Member

Just a heads up to those of you who have bought one of these games less than 2 weeks ago and have played for less than 2 hours: You can get a refund by checking your purchase history in settings and clicking on the game you want to refund. Should be pretty straightforward from there. EDIT: If you are above the limit, just contact support. They'll give you a refund anyways.

Community Member
Already purchased tomb raider. At least I can keep it without pro....
Community Member

Wait, you are making that game that was JUST in sale.for $10 your free game next month? 

What a kick in the balls. Of course it's the game to have most likely been purchased by most (I purchased it.)

Community Member

Great news.

Community Member
Literally just bought Tomb Raider: DE a few days ago, and now it's going to be free. Not holding my breath for a refund.
Community Member

Nice, except Tomb Raider is $10 and already available, and Farming Simulator is... farming simulator.

Would’ve been nice to see a better free offering for next month but it’s nice we’re getting two games instead of one I guess

Community Member

All they can do is complaining.. I'm happy with it! 😁

Community Member

Even if you have played 2 hours, if you're under 5 hours I'd *try* submitting the refund anyway, maybe even taking it to CS to see if you can get a refund.
Not saying I dislike that these games aren't worth paying for. Just anyone who bought it bought it very recently. It feels, not wrong, but like we shouldn't have to pay I guess. Sorry if that comes off as entitled.

Community Member

😐I've purchased Farming Simulator for 35$ on the weekend and already tested it for more than 2 hours. My luck. 😥

Community Member

Will people be refunded if they bought it already?

Community Member

A lot of people probably already bought Tomb Raider to beef up their library since it was only $10 with the pro subscription. I can see a number of people not being too thrilled with this selection, but I can't complain.

Community Member
@StadiaTeam, any update on when Destiny 2 may get a visual bump to put it on par with consoles?
Community Member

Great news thanks but if I have purchased either will I get a refund? 

Community Member
I'm a bit disappointed. It's good that we keep getting two games for free instead of one, but what was the point of the "pro" subscription discounts if the titles you put a discount on are given away for free next month? This is basically saying "be patient, stop buying games from us, just wait a few months and you'll get your desired game for free!". But now thinking about it, are these the least-bought games in your store? Because I've just realised, since the game selection is a bit limited at the moment, you can't discount games that sold well, that would make a lot of people angry (if let's say, most of us bought RDR2 and you gave it away next month for free). So instead, you're giving away the games that no one bought. Smart move, but hopefully this won't happen again with the discounted games.
Community Member
Awesome! I didn't expect four Pro games by December 1st. That's awesome. Great job team!
Community Member

My girlfriend is happy for Farm Simulator, thanks! And I like so much Tomb Raider Definitive Edition that I already bought the 19th November 😐

Edit: and I'm still happy to have bought it! good price for a great game on amazing platform!
Community Member

Great news?! is anyone kidding? Farm Simulator is ok I guess, but not my cup of tea, but Tomb Raider is a 2013 game. 

Destiny looks like crap and we don't "keep" it at all for being Founder's and now in month 2 we get an old 2013 game? 

I really thought Gylt, or maybe Grid with the Stadia exclusive mode would be given out even if only just 1 game. Or maybe throw in some new games since with so few in the store the Founders could've bought the ones in the store currently. 

This continues to be so disappointing. If Destiny is fixed and performs as promised without any tricks I might stick around and I hope Google makes amends for the crap launch and all issues. If not I am happily out after month 3 as this is just going nowhere for now.

Shame since the service does work. 

Community Member

I feel like it would have made more sense to offer the 2nd Tomb Raider game for free.  Get people to buy the first one on sale now, and hopefully hook them to purchase the 3rd later?  

Community Member
All people do is complaining... Good lord. Stadia don't have a big library. It's likely they would include something XYZ user has bought. Chill. Anyways, I am excited to try both games, thanks Stadia team! I'm looking forward to try some free RPG games in the upcoming month. I hope they come for "free" with Pro 🙂
Community Member

Wow $190 worth of games in the first two months that would equate to $20 of Stadia pro? If Google keeps this up I might have to never unsubscribe from Pro!

Community Member

I was so close to getting Tomb Raider, but I thought "There's few games and we'll be getting free games in a week, I'll wait and see". Thank goodness I waited!! Now I can buy the others

Community Member

Great, feel a bit hard done by having bought Tomb Raider though, I was gonna buy Metro but is it going to be Decembers free game?

Community Member

Just an update.  I've gone through the steps looking for a refund, though it is more cumbersome than I expected.  I bought the game a week ago, and played it for approximately 20 minutes.

Regarding refunds, I found this:

"If the Request Refund button is not present, then the item that you purchased is not eligible for a refund.  If you believe that the item should be refunded, please contact Customer Support by visiting"

To be clear, the "refund" button was not present for me.  Only "report a problem", which I did.

It says a "decision" will be made in 48 hours regarding whether or not my refund request will be approved or not.

Community Member

I bought Tomb raider already, I wish for my whole 10$ back

Community Member

Nice Job

Community Member

I'm enjoying the service a great deal, but I can't help but smh with the way you are releasing Stadia Pro claimed games.  There are other services that have hundreds of games to play in their library at this moment. You need to beef this category up ASAP. The only game I'm willing to purchase is Gylt because it's exclusive. And I feel for all those loyal Stadia customers who already bought these 2 titles from the very limited selection of games to buy as of right now. I find it bizarre that you would just pull two games out of the small selection and have it be claimed. I was expecting 2 new additional games added to your library & purchasing roster; not what's already available. 

I have high hopes for Stadia's service, but you can't be disenfranchising members this early on to keep them around. 

Community Member

the people who bought Tomb raider are going to be so mad lol - i feel like the games that are already available to buy shouldn't be be free to play it should of been borderlands 3/Darksiders, oh well.

Community Member

@Kai it is for that reason that it seems like a crap move for them to give our an old 2013 game that is on sale. With so few games don't you think some people would've bought it? They should've given a game that is not in the store. A game that is out "new" in the store.

This is such crap. 


@Jesdude are you for real? Destiny 2 is F2P, Tomb Raider is an old 2013 game that has been given out for free in every service available at this point. The other two are ok I guess. This seems like bad value for even $20 when we have so many other services that have so much more. Game pass has this game and hundreds more and it is $3 for 3 months


They need to do a lot better. Either you are totally new to gaming or I am not sure what value you see that i am not. 

Community Member

Hell yeah can't wait to see how a 10 teraflop hardware renders a tractor moving at 2 miles an hour in 4k.... how about Darksiders we were shown or even Gylt as others have mentioned. Push yourselves harder or just resign yourselves to being a retro gaming platform... maybe Png and Mrs PacMan for January.

Community Member

No matter what they do still gotta complain lol 😂

Community Member

These are both free on Xbox gamepass, even the next two installments of Tomb Raider. Actually I am not sure if you guys offer anything (even paid) that is not already free on Xbox gamepass.

Community Member

I am oddly hype for Farming Simulator. 

Community Member

Bunch of complainers. Get free games and you're still ticked off. I get it, you already bought the game, but it's not like that money is "wasted". You will keep that game if you move to Stadia basic, the rest of us wouldn't. 

Also, what were you expecting? Additional *new* games a week after initial release already? Give the people some time please. Game studios aren't going to invest heavily (time and money) on releasing a new game on an "unproven" platform (ROI wise), that would not be a smart business move. And this is exactly what we're seeing today. Given a solid business case (i.e. they can make money on Stadia) there will be more development for the Stadia platform, new games immediately launched on Stadia together with other platforms or perhaps exclusively on Stadia, etc. 

Have patience.

Community Member

Mhhh thx but was looking for a better game and especially not the cheapest sale game on Stadia this month.


Maybe a new game on Stadia. And farming simulator...  No comment.


Community Member
Just got the confirmation email for my setup! Super excited about farming sim and destiny 2. Hoping to use this along with my Xbox 360.
Community Member
For the folks who bought TR, remember that a free game is only available during a pro sub, if you bought the game you'll be able to play it on any sub tier
Community Member
Nevermind, my question has been answered already.
Mad_Dog_Bravo Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@DrDeathEMS : Gamepass only has the 17 version, so it's out of date and not a platinum edition either, plus games do get removed from Gamepass after time.

My kids will enjoy the Farming Simulator, and I've already got TR on Stadia earlier today, which for £8 I thought it was a bargain even though I too have it on XBox.  However, since the refund was only a click away, I got my money back....

Community Member
Well, I was going to pick up Tomb Raider this weekend... Now I don't need to pay for it. Excellent.
Community Member

I have already bought Tomb Raider coz it was on sale, Do I get a refund?