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Interview with the creators of Spitlings, arriving First on Stadia

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Stadia Employee
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Spitlings, the arcade platformer, is coming to players everywhere First on Stadia on February 25! That’s right - next Tuesday, you’ll be able to instantly hop into the chaos with up to three friends locally. But beware - if one player fails and gets hit by a bubble, everyone will need to restart!

To celebrate Spitling’s launch next week on Stadia, we sat down with Milan Pingel at Massive Miniteam, the developer of Spitlings, to learn more about the game.


Hey there! Can you introduce yourself and Massive Miniteam?

Hi! I'm Milan, one of the founders of Massive Miniteam, the developer behind Spitlings. I’m the creative producer and level designer on our small team of nine people based in Cologne, Germany. We're super excited to work together with our publisher, HandyGames, on our first game release on Stadia!


For those who aren’t familiar with your team, how would you describe the games you create?

At Massive Miniteam, we want to create experiences that lead to memorable moments and let players laugh together. We're always looking for something new in our games, giving players a breath of fresh air and keeping ourselves inspired as well. To us, games are about finding the fun moments in chaos!


Tell us more about Spitlings in your own words. What’s it all about?

To put it simply, Spitlings is an arcade platformer that challenges up to four players to work together and destroy constantly-changing patterns of bouncy bubbles. We made sure to develop a simple control scheme and a one-screen level design, so that Spitlings is "easy to pick up, but hard to put down." As a child, did you sit on the floor in front of a TV with your friends, playing simple but exciting games for hours on end? We created Spitlings to bring that experience back for players!


How did you and your team come up with the idea to create Spitlings?

The inspiration for Spitlings came from our desire to bring the experience of old arcade games into the modern days. We adopted the framework of original arcade games but really honed in on the gameplay and level design to make it as colorful, juicy and fun as it could be!


What are the most exciting parts of Spitlings that players should experience?

There seem to be two incredible moments in each game session of Spitlings:

-   Everytime there’s one final bubble to hit, it feels like the chances are doubled that players are going to hit each other by mistake.
-   When a player comments that one of their friends is failing too often, they are unfailingly the next one to mess up and cause a restart for everyone. You'll see. We put it in the code. (Ha!)

What makes Spitlings unique within the arcade platformer genre?

Spitlings is a game about community and overcoming difficult challenges together. If one player fails, everyone restarts. We abide by this because we think it creates a much more engaging experience. It may be frustrating at times, but players learn to adjust - they communicate as a team, develop strategies and try to keep an eye out for each other.

What makes you excited to develop Spitlings on Stadia?

Stadia gives us the chance to share Spitlings with more players across different devices. Since we needed to make sure that playing with friends worked flawlessly, low latency and fluid gameplay on Stadia were huge factors for us. Additionally, we have some great new mechanics and features in the works that will be available post-launch. 🙂

Why will players continue to come back and play Spitlings?

We filled Spitlings with dozens of hours of gameplay content, including one hundred Spitlings to unlock and a super-difficult B-side version of every level in the story campaign. Plus, once you've finished the story, the party mode contains even more unique levels and some spicy mutators that change up the game completely! Aside from the in-game content, Spitlings is hard to put down because the characters are super loveable, the gameplay is plain fun, and it’s a very easy choice to start up and play when you have friends next to you.

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Hype hype hype
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Release date?  Sounds exciting!!

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Woooo!!  Thank you for confirming the release date of Tuesday the 25th in addition to the informative post!

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I realized my question was stupid.  It is in the post -_-

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Thanks for the news! @tbombahh the beginning of the article says Feb 25th.

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Cant wait.

Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

If Milan Pingel is any indicator at the others behind Massive Miniteam then I must admit it seems like a pleasant little company!

Very happy to have your game on Stadia! I'll be playing it for sure!

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@Errhoss yeah I missed it the first read >.< Thanks for following up though!

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Not a game which excites me, but thanks for the update. I'm hoping for news of kart racing or sport games soon🤞

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I really like the Stadia news frequency lately. Also the contents are great - loads of games and new features. Keep them coming!

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Next week cannot get here fast enough!!!
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Great news! I can't wait to try this with my gf x)
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Love info like this! Please keep up the good work and continue with developer interviews!
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An awesome game coming to stadia (thank goodness for a local multiplayer game) really looking forward to this! Thank you so much for giving us a release date, can’t wait to purchase this on the 25th!
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Keep up the local co-op games!! We need them badly! 

Also thanks Stadia for explaining in such detail the multiplayer modes (online / local co-op) in the games info on the store! 💙

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Star Citizen

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I gave all my buddy passes to friends to spread Stadia and now I have no more for my children in Family! So now what? Have I to buy new packages?
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@Gandalf63 Maybe you should have picked your own children over your friends. Just a thought. Idk what you're expecting though. That was your own fault. So if anyone is to "blame" for why you would "need" to buy more Stadia stuff (controller, premiere etc.) It's yourself.

Thanks for the update as well! Not really a game I care about and I won't be playing/trying it but glad to see more indie stuff and just another game in general added to stadia. Out of what got announced (recently) I'm pretty much just waiting for serious Sam collection and panzer dragoon, the other games out of those list of 5 were just ehhhh (again, for ME, hope others enjoy them I know they did nothing for me and I will be passing).

Just sucks cause I know I'm not the only one, right now I'm in the boat (like many others) where we love stadia. We HAVE TONS of money right now to give to stadia, problem is, lack of games. Just really sucks atm. N  no I'm not going to be one of those people to say, no games, no great games, no new games etc. Because no trust me plenty of NEW stuff plenty of GOOD stuff. Just guess what? Nothing "I" personally care about. Look at Red dead 2, is that a "bad" game? (It's won how many awards? Etc rockstar I mean 9/10 people will tell you it's a MUST have game, I'm the ONE person out of those 10 saying game is sh*t lol) not at all. Great addition, new game, n trust me TONS of people will be buying it, loving it, n happy it's in Stadia, me, I could care less.

The truth is, you could literally give me the entire stadia library right now for free (honestly because of what i just said with the whole HAVE $ n waiting to buy games and with how little there are I COULD literally buy the entire Stadia library if I wanted to) I still wouldn't care nor okay pretty much half the games that are on it. 

You have to understand with the sales that have been going on and how little the library is ANYONE could literally buy the entire Stadia library. Again, tho, why? When the problem is, the games themselves. Sure I can buy them all, but if they are Games I'm just generally not into nor care about, then they are just going to sit there being unplayed (like farming sim and thumper, two games we got for free, and why I'm saying give me them ALL for free it doesn't change the point I'm making. I got those two games for free and guess what? They just sit there in my library never being played or touched. N why? Cause just don't do anything for me, are they "bad" games though. Not at all just not my cup of tea) I can say that with pretty much every game on stadia right now.

Like look, sales going on right now no? For guess what tho? Games I don't care about borderlands 3 ,NBA etc. So again bad games? Not at all, n will these deals benefit someone, absolutely. Just the reality is as I'm saying plenty of people LIKE ME who just have TONS AND TONS OF MONEY and we really WANT to support and buy new games for stadia, we just can't. N why. Lack of games. 

It's really Stadia's only downfall atm. Just lack of games. My sub ends today. I'm happily renewing though (idk when I get charged tho because so far it's supposed to be auto billed today and I have not been billed yet so idk when that happens time wise) just please we need more games. Just like I said, put the games on sale ,give em to me for free, that's just not the issue atm. The issue is just simply lack of games. But enough games on Stadia to make people want to buy them. N I'm not just going to buy things to have them sit in my library unplayed I want to support Stadia but with obv games I want to play etc. So atm your deals do nothing for me, putting your entire library for free would do nothing for me (because as I said if "I" REALLY wanted all your games, I'd already have bought them all considering small library and the sales u have done for all the games. Honestly I'd be paying what? Maybe 300$ish give or take for the entire stadia library. Like one persons paycheck can buy the entire library, it's like I'm saying tho that's not the prob, why have "all" the games when none of them do anything for you?) So idk I just hope we get more games and at a more solid rate. That 120 stuff seems good on paper. How it's actually handled is a different story. 

Still love you Stadia and I re subed. I'm here for the long run nothing but love for you Stadia proud supporter I just want to support you more is all and to do that I just simply need more games (like many others out there like me) def more sports def call of duty because that's the f*cken no brainier game. It really is. That game should have been priority one truthfully.

Me love you long time ❤️

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What will be the cost of the game? I'm very excited to play it if I can afford it with the leftover money I have on my Google Play account

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Как получить образование??? 

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