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Interview with Unit 2 Games on Crayta, Arriving July 1

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Stadia Employee
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Crayta, the game that allows you to create, collaborate, share, and play multiplayer games, launches First on Stadia on July 1! Available free for Stadia Pro subscribers, Crayta is also available for purchase on the Stadia store as Crayta: Premium Edition and Crayta: Deluxe Edition.

Crayta launches with State Share Beta, an early version of the Stadia feature called State Share. With State Share Beta, you can simply create a link within Crayta and share it with other players, sending them instantly into your game to collaborate and play. See below for more details and a trailer on how State Share Beta will work at launch!

Ahead of Crayta’s arrival on Stadia, we talked with Andy Shenton at Unit 2 Games to learn more about what to expect for players.


Hey! Could you introduce yourself and Unit 2 Games?
Hi, I’m Andy Shenton and I’m one of the Technical Directors here at Unit 2 Games. We’ve been developing Crayta, our multiplayer game creation and sharing platform since 2017 and we’re excited to be bringing it First on Stadia on July 1.

Why are you excited to develop on Stadia?
I’ve worked on a number of cloud gaming projects over the last 20 years, and none of them fulfilled the potential I saw with Stadia. I was just blown away - they’ve got the experience and technical know-how to really reinvent how people play.

By bringing Crayta to Stadia, we’re able to remove the vast majority of barriers to game development, whether that’s equipment, software or experience. Anyone can make games and we can’t wait to see what people come up with to share with the world.

Can you explain how to play and create within Crayta?
Crayta allows you to make and play games live with your friends. Moving between creation and play is as simple and easy - it’s all tied together within one universe that grows as you do. We see Crayta blurring the line between players and creators - you can jump into one of the ever-growing list of games with your friends, but you can also hop in and out of your own creations just as easily.

What inspired the team to develop Crayta?
Most of the Unit 2 Games team have worked together for over 10 years, and we have experience building games that focus on player creativity. Crayta was inspired from this experience - it’s been incredible to see how players have innovated to create new genres over the years (like Battle Royale) and we think Crayta will help drive even more creativity in games.

What makes Crayta unique within the creation genre?
The end-to-end social collaboration is probably the biggest difference. Not only did we want the process of making games to be a form of play, but we also wanted that to be multiplayer. A whole group of people can be making a game simultaneously, each at their own pace and their own level. Take our multiplayer code editor for example, which allows multiple people to write and edit code simultaneously, seeing changes to their game in real-time.

Crayta is also unique because of State Share Beta, a Stadia feature and early version of State Share that allows game creators to be able to easily share whatever they’ve built with their friends, families or followers.

Tell us more about State Share Beta - what does this unlock for players in your words?

Discovery can be a big issue when it comes to sharing games, so State Share Beta’s ability to create and share a link that teleports players instantly into your creation is hugely powerful. It also gives YouTube creators and streamers the ability to involve their community in games too. We’re looking forward to seeing how everyone connects with their friends and communities within Crayta.

Why is accessibility important to Unit 2 Games and how is that true for games in Crayta?
Accessibility is something we’re passionate about, since even small changes to a game can make a big difference. To that end, we worked to not only make our menus and tool design more accessible, but also created functionality to help make games that work for players with limited mobility. For example, one of our launch titles is Crayta Sprint League, an obstacle race that can be played with just a single-button.


Could you tell us more about some of the games or templates that will be available to play at launch? Any specific game you recommend players check out?
Totally. On one hand we have ‘starter games’ which help give players direction with a simple game that they can easily experiment on and make their own. On the other hand, we have a few different ‘example games’ which are extensive, advanced titles all built within Crayta that show off everything you can do in-game. For example, Vault Heist is an example game based on our Capture the Flag starter game, but set in a snowy urban environment with two intricate bank buildings with vaults filled with jewels.

In addition, there’s also a selection of fully playable games in Crayta that will be available to play at launch. These have all been created using the same toolset that’s available to players, so they really provide great inspiration for what can be achieved.


Tell us about the tools or capabilities players will have in Crayta? How should beginner, intermediate, or advanced creators approach creating games?
We’ve built Crayta from the ground up to be accessible and welcoming to anyone with any level of game-making experience.

  • A beginner player can use Crayta’s starter or example games as building blocks to edit gameplay parameters, tweak the look of a game, or make other changes.
  • An intermediate player can take it a step further, using design packages to change the environment and other deep controls.
  • An advanced player can treat Crayta like their own canvas, using code and writing scripts in Lua to edit and construct the world as you see fit.

Any tips or tricks you can share for a beginner to get started building a game?
The best advice I could give is to start small and iterate. Just changing minor rules and objects in pre-existing games can make a huge difference, so experiment and see what you can create!

In addition, regularly previewing your game is the key to working out what you’re doing and the impact it’s having. Just remember that you can always undo or rollback anything you don’t like or that doesn’t work.

What else should players know about Crayta?
We’re really proud of what Crayta will already offer at launch on July 1, but players should know that we also have plenty of content and new features planned for years to come. We’re dedicated to nurturing a strong and supportive community too, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what you all create.


By: Stadia Team

Stadia Player
Stadia Player

I like these frequent updates. It's good to see you maintaining the communication with us, your community. Keep it up.

Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hypeeeee. Making it a free pro game was a great decisio.


I really hope contents creators will give this the success it deserves 


Im ready to start creating my own game on the platform let’s get started !!


Looks like good fun. Looking forward to trying it


I'm SO EXCITED for Crayta!  The devs have been super reactive in Discord and it's been great fun watching it all come together.  The final product is looking like so much more than I had even though from original release previews.  Can't wait to get hands on and build some worlds!!


Sweet! Been looking forward to this.

Community Member

I'm very curious to try this particular game, and try to create new games and play the creations of other players !! 

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Cool! It is going to be somecsome months with Stadia.

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Sounds really intriguing.  I'm terrible at the create/share part of play create share, but this looks a game I'll spend some time in.

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Accessibility! I love it I have aphasia!!! 😀