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Interview with HandyGames on the power of voice in One Hand Clapping

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Stadia Employee
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Change the world with your voice in One Hand Clapping, the 2D puzzle platformer that arrived July 14 on the Stadia store. While still an Early Access title that will continue to grow with new content, this unique indie title allows you to explore and sing into your headset to solve musical puzzles. Discover your voice as you explore the beautiful and musical world around you.

We chatted with Philipp Nägelsbach at HandyGames to learn more about the development journey of One Hand Clapping as an indie title on Stadia.


Hey! Could you introduce yourself, HandyGames, and Bad Dream Games?

I’m Philipp Nägelsbach from HandyGames - we’re a publishing studio celebrating our 20th anniversary this year. I’m the producer of One Hand Clapping, working alongside the dedicated development team at Bad Dream Games from Los Angeles, California. We just immediately knew that the game was something special, and are happy to be sharing it with players on Stadia.

Can you explain what One Hand Clapping is to new players?

One Hand Clapping is a 2D puzzle platformer where players sing into their microphone to solve musical puzzles and change a magical world around them. It’s a space for players to loosen up, have fun, and unleash a power that comes directly from their own body and mind. Players learn how to use their voice to create melody, rhythm, and harmony in a playful and intuitive way.


Why are you excited to bring this game to Stadia?

Everyone has a voice, so One Hand Clapping is designed to be a game for everyone! With that in mind, Stadia is a great fit for One Hand Clapping because it allows people to play the game from their favorite devices. Stadia also makes it easy to share how you solve these puzzles with your friends just by using gameplay capture. It’s really exciting to have seen the community react to our game since launch!

What inspired the team to develop One Hand Clapping?

The team at Bad Dream Games wanted to create a game that explored the joy of singing. Singing is something magical that everyone can do, but typically we don’t sing unless we’re in the shower or the car where no one can hear us. One Hand Clapping is a game that encourages players to use their voice to make a difference within the in-game world, and we think that’s really powerful.

Why is One Hand Clapping an important experience for players to see and play for themselves?

One Hand Clapping empowers its players in a really special way. Your voice IS the controller. Since everyone’s voice is unique and wonderful in its own way, the experience is different for every player. The level of freedom encourages players to be creative and silly, resulting in good, honest fun.
One Hand Clapping is an interactive game that combines music and singing with the puzzle-platformer genre.

How do you see games evolving in the future to be more interactive?

I think it’s great to use different input methods and experiment with what’s possible. We are fortunate enough that having a microphone or headset is pretty common, but I think that most innovation will come from exploring more ideas about how people can play together, share their experiences, and interact with each other.


As an indie title, did the team feel that One Hand Clapping had more ability to be creative during development?

Creativity is the main appeal of indie games, since developers can focus on a few unusual game mechanics and fully explore them with more freedom. Since One Hand Clapping is a very unique idea, there are lots of opportunities to get creative, even as we continue with its development.

One Hand Clapping released as an Early Access title on Stadia - could you give players a teaser into what you have planned for the future?

Last week’s Early Access release is only a small glimpse into what’s to come. We plan to release updates with new content and features every two months. Players will travel to new environments, meet new friends, and be challenged with mastering new mechanics based on rhythm and harmony.

Do you have any tips or advice for new players who are giving One Hand Clapping a try this week?

Don’t be afraid to sing! It’s less difficult and much more fun when you put your whole heart into it. If you change anything in your setup or let someone else play, make sure to recalibrate your sensitivity and range in the menu settings to make sure you have the best experience.

Anything else that players should know?

If you can believe it, One Hand Clapping started as a student project in 2016 before receiving some viral attention that transformed it into the game we’re playing today. The team over at Bad Dream Games talking a bit more about their experience working on the game within a developer diary vlog below - definitely give it a watch!

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Wow that's makes loads of since

Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Ngl 2.99 is a steal. Hoping to see more people try out this cute little game.

And while you're at it make sure to join their discord server, where you can submit feedback and join in on some banter with the devs/publisher.

Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

This looks like such a cute game!!

Nice interview as well, I like the ideas and actions behind it.

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What an incredibly unique game. Now if only I had a headset for my Stadia and alone time at home... I'd hate to offend anyone's ear holes within my household... 😂