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Interview with Funktronic Labs on Wave Break, Arriving June 23

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Stadia Employee
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Arriving on June 23 on the Stadia store, Wave Break is a First on Stadia game about SKATEBOATING! Compete to pull off the biggest tricks and combos and earn high scores in a game inspired by classic arcade skateboarding titles, with a splash of boating and combat across split-screen co-op or ranked online multiplayer.

To help prepare for the arrival of Wave Break on Stadia, we chatted with Kalin Houston at Funktronic Labs to learn more about its development!


Hey! Could you introduce yourself and Funktronic Labs?

Hello, I'm Kalin - co-founder of Funktronic Labs! We’re a small studio that likes to make super high-quality games blending cool art, new technology, and interesting design. Right now that game is Wave Break, the world's first SKATEBOATING game, where we went kind of wild with all those aspects of art+tech+design.

How do you see Wave Break paving the way for future games from the team?

I think Wave Break will foster a more vibrant community than our team has seen in previous games, where we can work closely with players and learn from them. Throughout development we've shared a ton of content, received help with early testing, and in general have been more open about everything.

It's been a ton of fun, with lots of design discussions, play sessions, and quality memes with players - we'll definitely be doing more of this in our future projects. At the end of the day, we just chat about & play games anyway, so it might as well be with people playing some of ours!

Why are you excited to develop on Stadia?

Have you ever picked up a console development kit?! Those things are heavy. But seriously, developing on Stadia within the cloud makes things much more streamlined - especially with our team working from home.

For players, it's pretty great to know that anyone can play our game across their favorite devices, without having to worry, for example, if their laptop is strong enough to run the game. Being able to hop in-game quickly, with less friction, is huge.

Can you explain how to play Wave Break?

Like classic arcade skating games, Wave Break is all about high scores, sweet tricks, big combos, and shooting (!). Basically, you're driving a boat around and once you're airborne, you can start pulling off tricks to start your combo. Each trick will increase your combo multiplier and add score. Keep going and comboing and your skill level is the only limit. Lose balance and you drop the whole combo!

Of course, you won't be playing on your own all the time, so you can aim & shoot at other boats. If you can do it while completing a trick combo of your own, the rewards will be even higher. Or if you can't, just chase down someone else and put a stop to their combo!


 What inspired the Funktronic Labs team to develop Wave Break?

Classic skating style gameplay has dwindled over the past few years, and since our team really likes those kinds of games, we were tired of having to go back to older games to play. Wave Break is our own fresh take on the genre, with cool technology and new core mechanics, adding more high-skill techniques and making everything a little more dynamic.

What’s your favorite gameplay moment in Wave Break?

My favorite moment is when you get some big air off a ramp, and in the middle of doing a kickflip, explode a barrel in slow-mo with just the right camera angle - it’s pure satisfaction.

Second place is when the round timer is just about to end and you land a huge combo to take over the 1st place spot from way behind. Revenge combo!

What makes Wave Break unique within the arcade sports genre?

Wave Break combines elements of some of our favorite games - a little splash of Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Rocket League, Wave Race 64 - with FPS mechanics to create a game that’s really unique. It’ll take skill to master the game and get really high scores, taking into account the dynamic water simulation, the extra degree of rotation, as well as attacking other players while doing combos.

What else should players know about Wave Break?

We do regular play sessions on our Twitch & Youtube channels, if you want to just come take a look at the game and see for yourself what it's like to play. If you like classic skating games, you'll have a good time. If you want to see development screenshots, silly bugs and gifs, or just ask us questions -- Discord is always open.


By: Stadia Team

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Keep them coming.

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I love it that you guys are shining light on more indie studios.

Also love the fact these interviews are awesome! 

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Stadia Guide

This game looks so fun. Excited to try it out one day, when I get bored of AC 😁

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Stadia, you're giving me too many games. please stop!

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This game actually looks really good. Buying it for sure. 🙂

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It looks great, but I'm really looking forward for DOOM 2016! Any release date yet?

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Very cool!

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Very freak game!!! XD

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Need for speed heat pleeeeease 😊

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Looks like Waverace 64 & Tony Hawks 😄