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Interview with Croteam on Serious Sam Collection

Stadia Employee
Stadia Employee
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Get ready to follow Sam “Serious” Stone in his quest to destroy the alien overlord, Mental, when Serious Sam Collection launches on Stadia next week! You heard right - on March 3rd, fight against wave after wave of invading alien hordes in the action adventure shooter.

Ahead of its launch on Stadia, we chatted with Davor Hunski at Croteam about Serious Sam Collection.


Hi! Can you introduce yourself and Croteam?

I’m Davor Hunski, one of the founders and the Chief Creative Officer at Croteam. It’s humbling and exciting to say that we’ve been creating games for over 27 years, making us the oldest game development studio here in Croatia.


What kind of games does Croteam create?

Since the very beginning, our mission has been to have fun while developing games that we can share with our players. Although we’re well-known for the chaotic Serious Sam FPS series that we created 19 years ago, we also developed the award-winning puzzler The Talos Principle.


Serious Sam is a long-running series, but can you describe what first-time players should expect to experience?

With every game in the Serious Sam Collection, players should expect nothing short of epic chaos. It’s more than a first-person shooter - it’s an international adventure filled with high-adrenaline action and face-offs against nightmarish warriors like the Headless Kamikaze. Who doesn’t love playing around with a huge arsenal of deadly weapons while fighting off hordes of monsters?


What inspired Croteam to create Serious Sam Collection?

The Serious Sam Collection gives us an opportunity to let players experience everything special about our beloved series. Every enemy, environment, and game mechanic in these games is important to capturing the feeling of playing a Serious Sam game.


In your opinion, what’s the most exciting moment when playing Serious Sam Collection?

There are too many individual moments to count, but the game is full of big, memorable fights that always get my blood flowing.


What makes your game unique within the FPS genre?

The Serious Sam series is unique in terms of its focus on huge arenas filled with dozens upon dozens of nasty beasts coming at you at the same time! The core gameplay is based on finding the right balance between smart movement, weapon switching and recognizing enemy behavior patterns. The game will keep you on the edge of your seat from the moment the fight music starts until there’s no one left but you on the battlefield.


What can you tell readers about the quality of the gameplay experience that's unique to Stadia?

Playing on Stadia is unlike anything that has been experienced before because you don’t need to worry about your computer staying up to date or having a machine that’s powerful enough to play. You need your controller, a screen, and a good connection. It’s simple. That’s why I like it.


What makes Serious Sam Collection a game that players will continue to come back to?

The game offers endless unfiltered fun, so that’s the main attraction. Blowing up enemies never gets old, and from my experience, it’s a perfect way to relax after a hard day at work. It allows you to let off some steam, whether you play alone or with a few friends. There’s also a fun narrative within our story and a lot of potential for players to uncover and explore the world.

Community Member

Nice insight. I love the fact that we're getting so many updates now. Keeeeeeep it going! 🙂

Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

I love these interviews! Keep them coming!

Community Member

I am ready for some mindless fun!  Always been a fan of these games and can't wait to hop back in.

Community Member

Nice keep the updates coming please doing great this month 😆

Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

I remember watching my college buddy played through the Serious Sam games back in the days. Never got to play it myself, but it looks like a lot of fun. So excited that it's launching next week 😄

Community Member

Thanks for this, always nice to have some insight into the creative process.

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Great 🙂 I could think about some live streaming... 🙂

Community Member

Will be picking this one up for sure 🙂

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Never played it. Might give it a try now though. Although I still have to finish spitlings, metro exodus, and keep up on my farm in fs19, not to mention i havent even started wolfenstein yet. You guys are killing me.

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Today is March 3rd and this title is not listed for sale/play on Stadia Store yet.  Did the release date get pushed back?